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Deep Space Adventures - 6. DSA Chapter 6

“I have… chose the… name Isaac as my Earth name, mother,” Isaac said in English, “That is a nice name Isaac, now I have packed everything that you are taking with you, and it is a three day journey to Earth, leaving tomorrow, so go wash up as we have a banquet to attend,” Mrs Otterman said.

As my newly appointed Protector, Isaac sat beside me at the head table, where I sat next to my uncle, with my mother seated on the other side of him, and my father and brother seated beside her, and I had Isaac continue to speak in English so he can get back in practice, and by the end of the evening, he was getting back to reasonably fluent English, which I was pleased with. I discovered that in England the date today is the 10th of January, so I had only six days before I am due back in England for the commencement of classes.

On Earth, Ambassador Lucas Durham was making a trip to England to make the arrangements for the inclusion of a new student to the Winchester College, along with 460 ounces or 13.02 kilograms of gold bullion, that is worth $1,060,000 NZ or £520,700 UK, to pay for school fees for Isaac to enter the school.

Having arrived by Sahndrol shuttle from the islands, Lucas had arranged for a Limousine to collect him at Heathrow Airport, after passing customs, with a Diplomatic passport, so his two heavy 6 ¼ kilogram crates had to remain unopened, as he was driven south towards Winchester, Hampshire, which is a 80 minute journey by road.

Lucas had contacted the college earlier, to arrange an urgent meeting with the Headmaster, Second Master and Under Master of the college. Dropping Lucas off at the front entry to the college, along with his two crates, he was met at the front gate by the Head Porter, and Lucas presented his passport as Identification.

“I have an appointment with the Headmaster for 1600 hours, can me direct me to his office and can you mind these two heavy crates for me please,” he asked the Head Porter, “Very well sir, they can be store inside my office, where they will be locked away safe. Please follow me,” the Head Porter replied, after assisting with the heavy crates.

“What may I ask is the Untied Republic of Planets have to do with this private school?” the porter asked Lucas, as they walked through the very old hallways, of which are dating back to the late 1400’s. “I represent the parents of one of your students,” Lucas replied smiling, and the Porter stopped walking, and he looked a little shocked.

“One of your people is in our school?” he asked, “That is correct, but I would like you not to spread that news to anyone but the headmaster, who will be informed shortly, and he is half Human and half Sahndrolian,” Lucas said.

“Very good sir, follow me please,” the porter said as they headed up some stairs, and a few minutes later the porter knocked on a big heavy door. “A Mr Lucas Durham to see you, headmaster,” the porter said, “Yes thank you, he is expected,” the headmaster said, as Lucas was allowed to step inside and the door closed behind him.

“Now Mr Lucas, what is this business that is so urgent? I asked the other two senior staff to wait until I have spoken to you first,” the headmaster asked as he indicated for Lucas to take a seat.

“Sir, maybe this may give you an insight on who I represent,” Lucas said as he retrieved his diplomatic passport and placed it on the huge desk in front of him. “Diplomatic, I see, and…. Well this is a big surprise. Does this mean that one of my students is actually from your homeworld?” the headmaster asked.

“That is indeed correct Headmaster, but his is also half human, even though he was born on Sahndrol. His father is like myself, one of the original crew of the Star Voyager expedition into deep space those many years ago,” Lucas said, “I see, and your visit today is because there have been some changes of some kind?” the headmaster asked.

“There has indeed headmaster, your student is a year eight student, so he only joined the school at the beginning of first term, and I am here to make an unusual and special request, that goes against the usual standards of the school. “Your student, the person I am representing is the Crown Prince of Sahndrol, and as such it has been decided by his Imperial Majesty, that he should have a protector.

A boy of the same age as the prince, who will be at his side most of the time day and night,” Lucas announced, “I see, and what does the Emperor expect us to do to allow this to take place.

“His royal Highness the prince, would very much like to continue his studies here at this college, but if you are not permitted to allow an extra student into the college as his undercover protector, then we will have to find another private school that will permit this to happen.

His Imperial Majesty has also authorised a forward payment of 280 gold billion bars, currently worth 520,700 English pounds, to cover the first two years of tuition fees for the Princes protector, to attend the college,” Lucas said, and the headmaster coughed when he heard the amount.

“Well, that is indeed a generous amount of gold, and how would you be delivering this as the tuition fees?” the headmaster asked, “It is already here at the college sir, I brought it with me, and they are in two large crates located in the Head Porter’s office,” Lucas replied.

The headmaster picked up his telephone and dialled a number. “Yes, get four senior boys down to the Head Porter’s office and get them to carry the two heavy crates that were delivered there, and have them brought up to my office right away,” Lucas heard the headmaster say.

“Very well Mr Durham, I guess we can allow this, as it is very special circumstances, but in our conversation, you have not mentioned the boy’s name?” the headmaster said, and before Lucas could reply, there was a knock on the door, and the headmaster called out for them to enter.

Two men entered the office and closed the door behind them. “Mr Durham, this is the college Second Master and the Under Master. Gentlemen, this is Mr Lucas Durham, Ambassador of the United Republic of Planets, based here on Earth,” the headmaster said, and Lucas saw both men stagger a little at this news.

“Excuse me Headmaster, but what is this space ambassador doing here at our school? one of the men asked, and Lucas chuckled at being called the space ambassador, “I may be the space ambassador as your call it, but I am 100% from Earth, and one of the original crew members of the Star Voyager flight.

As I was saying to your headmaster, I am here on behalf of his Imperial Majesty of Sahndrol, as his nephew, the Crown Prince, has been a student at this college for the past term,” Lucas announced to the two men, of which one sat heavily in the chair behind him while the other missed his chair altogether and ended up hitting the floor with a loud thump.

Lucas tried not to laugh as he went to assist the man to his feet, before he took a seat. “Thank you, err, Ambassador,” the man said. “Now before these men entered my office you were about to inform me of the student’s name,” the Headmaster said to Lucas, who smile, and once again before he could answer, they heard the sounds of heavy footsteps approaching, and one of the master’s stood up and opened the door, where four senior students looked exhausted from carrying the two heavy crates.

“Whatever is in here sir, it is extremely heavy,” one of the boys said as they carried them inside the office, placing the against the back wall about two metres in from the door. “Not a word to anyone about these crates, do you understand,” the headmaster said to the students. “To late sir, I had a group of class mates following and taking it in turns carrying these crates,” the most senior boy replied.

“Damn, ok that is all thanks, you can go now,” the headmaster replied. As the boys looked over towards the stranger, who was standing near the window facing away from them. Once the door had closed again, the two masters were staring at the two heavy crates.

“What on earth are…?” one of the masters began to say, “That is payment for allowing the crown prince to have his protector attend the school,” the headmaster explained. “Payment? Are you saying that in there is gold?” one of the masters exclaimed. “That is correct sir, payment for two years of college tuition and boarding, for an extra student, plus a bit extra,” Lucas replied, and both men whistled in amazement.

“When we are done in here, Mr Finch, can you please contact one of the Armoured Security firms, and arrange for these two packages to be transported to the bank for safe keeping please,” the headmaster asked. “Your student, the Crown Prince is Mason Lenegan, his protectors name is Isaac Otterman, who is a little rusty with his English, but he is quickly learning the language that his late father began to teach him,” Lucas announced to the three men.

“Lenegan. Yes, I have him in my English class, quite a bright young man, I would not have suspected him. I believe he lives in Bermuda with his parents,” one of the masters said.

“That is correct, now I request that his true identity and that of his protector remain top secret, no one outside of this office is to know who Mason and Isaac really are for their own safety, is that understood?” Lucas said to the three-senior staff in the room.

There was a bit of noise happening outside the office and a knock on the door, and the headmaster called for them to enter. “Excuse me for the interruption sir, but I found this senior boy, who would know better, listening at the key hole,” a lady said who had a firm grip on the school boys ear.

Copyright Preston Wigglesworth, Jan 2020 All Rights Reserved
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Chapter Comments

Preston, I'm really enjoying this story.  I am not surprised that an inquisitive school kid would be listening at the door.

The adventures of Mason and Isaac should get more and more interesting, with all the rumors which will be flying around the school as a result of the strange activities. However, 13.06 kilograms is less than 29 pounds in weight, so it would not take four students to carry the load -─ unless ─ extra weight is built into the crates to crates for misdirection.

Also, it seems to me that Lucas is being overly open in revealing the identity of Mason to the Head Porter, even though the name of Mason was not mentioned.  I'm guessing that Lucas is more used to the society of Sahndrol,  which seems a bit less inclined to the subterfuge of earthly society.  I look forward to seeing how the student listening at the keyhole is dealt with.

As Benjamin Franklin said in the 1700s, in Poor Richard's Almanack, "Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."


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Great chapter. That's one way one of making sure that Issac attends schools with Mason, give them a big payment in gold. Will be interesting to see what happens to the senior boy who was eavesdropping.

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