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NB Huon - Afterlife - 2. NB Houn Chapter 2

I drifted aimlessly for a few years as Kyle completed his high school education and started studying Medicine at University, thanks to a scholarship, which had been set up by Sebastian. I was sitting in my usual spot in the rectory, when Kyle went to answer the phone, and when I heard Kyle say the name Sebastian, I was on full alert.

The call had been put on the loudspeaker, so I was able to hear both sides of the conversation, as I listened to my cousin asked Kyle and Annette if they wished to make a trip to the Falkland Islands to visit my grave.

I travelled with Kyle and Annette as they flew all the way to the Falkland Islands, and they were greeted by Sebastian and the twins at the airport, and it had been three years since I had seen my cousins, and the twins had grown quite a lot in that time.

On the minibus ride back to Stanley, Sebastian announced that I had an unexpected ten-year-old son, from a brief relationship on my first year on the Falklands, which would have bowled me over if I was still alive.

I was both shocked and also pleased that I had a son, and I was looking forward to seeing him. After they, settled into their accommodation rooms, Margaret handed over a bouquet of flowers to Sebastian and suggested they go and visit my grave, and I watched them closely, as they accepted the flowers, and along with the twins, Annette and Kyle, they headed to the cemetery to visit the grave.

After nearly six years, this was the first time that I would see my grave since my body was buried there, and when we arrived, there was a beautiful marble headstone.

‘Huon Alexander Devonport. Loving son of Mathew and Julia Devonport (Deceased) and loving first cousin of Sebastian, Louis and Joachim Wagner, and best mate of Kyle. Gone too soon, aged 24 years. Rest in Peace, you are in pain no more.’

Everyone gathered was in tears now, including myself, as I was still angry that I had died so young, leaving behind my best mate Kyle and my three cousins. After so long, I still had no answers to why I had died. As they walked away from the grave, I spotted the small plaque that had been added at a later date, and I stepped closer to read it.

‘Loving father of Alexander Hugh Devonport, I am sorry that I didn’t get to know you dad, Rest in Peace.’ I burst into tears when I read this, as I turned and saw two other people had joined us.

“Hello, you must be Mrs O’Malley and Alexander, I am Reverend Annette Davies, and this is my son Kyle” I heard Rev say to them, and I immediately looked at the boy standing nervously next to his grandmother. I had seen many photos of me when I was young, and this boy was almost exactly the same.

My son! Wow!

I watched as Sebastian and the twins introduced themselves to the lady and the boy, explaining that they are my first cousins, and the boy raced into the arms of Sebastian and began crying.

I watched as the group headed into town, where Mrs O’Malley and Alexander would join them for lunch, and I watched the interaction between them during the meal, as they talked about my life here on the Falkland Islands, and how Sebastian would be happy to take over guardianship of Alexander, to take the pressure off Mrs O’Malley, and she happily agreed to this, as she was finding it difficult to bring up a growing boy on her own.

Alexander had grown quite attached to Sebastian in such a short time, and a phone call soon after returning from lunch resulted in Sebastian dashing back into town, as Alexander was all upset and afraid that he would be left all alone. I decided to remain with Kyle and when I heard a very distinctive sound of a ship's horn, I smiled, knowing that it was the Southern Explorer, announcing its arrival back in Stanley.

I headed to the ship and saw Sebastian carrying Alexander, as they and Mrs O’Malley approached the ship, and I followed them, as the visitors were given a grand tour of the ship, and I was so pleased to be able to be back onboard again. When I heard Sebastian tell Alexander, that he acted so much like me, I smiled broadly, and proudly.

Later when Sebastian asked Kyle if he was contributing to the church service in the morning, and Kyle shook his head no, I was a little disappointed, as I had always loved hearing my mate singing.

The next morning inside the beautiful cathedral, that Kyle and I had sung in together, and I was pleased when it was Reverend Annette who was leading the service, and she introduced herself, and explained that one of my hidden talents was singing, and that along with her son, we had sung at many churches around the state of Western Australia, as part of a television Sunday morning service programme.

As soon as Annette had finished speaking, the cathedral filled with the beautiful voice of my best mate, Kyle, but wait there is a second voice, a much younger one. Could it possibly be?...

The singing was heavenly, and I could feel myself floating upwards, and I could now see Kyle and my son Alexander, standing in the loft, singing beautifully together. I continued to float upwards, and the cathedral began to fade, as I realised that I was now heading to a better place, now that I had seen my son and heard him and my best mate sing together.

The End

Copyright, Preston Wigglesworth July 2019 All RIghts Are Reserved
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I loved it too, very uplifting, also made me a bit teary. It explains Xander appearing in OCEANIA.


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Excellent chapter and story even though it is a short one it is beautifully written. Huon was able to see and hear his son singing with his best mate in the Cathedral at the end of the memorial service for him. As soon as Huon heard Kyle’s voice he knew it then he heard a younger voice as well, after hearing Xander’s angelic voice along with Kyles he just kept floating up and he knew that he was going to a better place of peace and tranquillity. Thank you for the opportunity to read about Huon once again. 

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Posted (edited)


After posting the death of Huon, I felt that I had made a big mistake doing it, so this short story is a sort of fix to that mistake.


Edited by quokka
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A beautiful ending - and you're right - it brought closure to Huon's story.  Thanks for this.

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An interesting story, although I am a bit confused as Xander was 10 when Huon died but in the story of New Life on the Swan Xander was 8 years old? 

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On 7/25/2019 at 3:32 AM, Bft said:

An interesting story, although I am a bit confused as Xander was 10 when Huon died but in the story of New Life on the Swan Xander was 8 years old? 


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