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  1. Jondon

    Settling Dust

    Bugger, just as I was starting to enjoy the life between Corbin & Troy, the story ends, James we need a book 2 for this story.
  2. Jondon

    Chapter 171

    CL of all your storties I have read, I think I like and enjoyed this one the most.
  3. Jondon

    Chapter 171

    I am so sad that the story has come to an end, I have enjoyed reading every single chapter. CLJobe keep up the good work, we love following your stories.Bravo.
  4. Jondon

    Volc Ch 1

    This looks like it could be a good story, I am looking forward to Carson's adventures in Oz, and it is good that he came out to his mum before he left for Oz.
  5. Jondon

    Chapter 49

    There would be a lot of people that have died in the night from "natural causes" like a heart attack from stopping breathing while they slept. I myself suffer from sleep apnoea, and used to drive throught rural areas in Australia and would have trouble with narcolepsy in early evening.
  6. Jondon

    Chapter 48

    Wow, he is really getting stuck into the staff and cleaning the place up. Looks like the Financial Director may be skinning with a Handling Charge from the meat supplier. Gets better every chapter.
  7. Jondon

    CoF Ch 1

    IPreston I was beginning to worry when our next story was coming from you. In fact I was going to email you yesterday and see if all was ok as we have heard nothing from yoju lately.) Now I don't have to. It looks like being a good long story ( hint hint) and look forward to reading of Mitch's adventures and mayb e a love life somewhere along the line.
  8. Jondon

    NF Chap 15

    Looks like they have a winner with Jake, and good on him purchasing all that Tassie alcohol. I wonder if Jake is gay??? hint hint.
  9. Jondon

    NF Chap 12

    Preston, what a bugger this is, I just arrived back from Strahan this afternoon, and last night had dinner at the Regatta Point Tavern, directly across the road from the Wilderness Railway Station. I do so look forward to reading more about my adopted home stat of 3 years as of tomorrow ( Monday) week. So it also looks like you doing some matchmaking between Anton and Edwin.
  10. Jondon

    A Diva is Born

    This chapter seems to reming me of someone in Sydney by the name of Sandy Bottom, Marriage Celebrant and transexual drag performer.LOL.
  11. Jondon

    NF Chap 5

    So Quokka, we are back to writing about my new adoptive home state again, I look forward to this. Friday week my housemate and I are going to Strahan for a few days and doing the Gordon River Cruise while we are there. Just trying to see a bit more of our adoptive state while I am still able to get around.
  12. Jondon

    Chapter 86

    I was sorry to see this story end CL, it has kept me on the edge of my seat all the time. As I mentioned in an earlier chapter I was involved in Sydney,Australia many years ago with a group called Twenty Ten which was the Zip code of the suburb of Sydney it was started in, and it is still going to this day, although it is mainly for gay and lesbian teens that have no home for one reason or another. I hope that there will be a sequel at some stage. John Launceston,Tasmania, Australia.
  13. Jondon

    TWB Ch 6

    Quokka, just a small correction, you mention Hunters little brother as both Fraser and Fletcher in this Chapter.Just saying. LOL.
  14. Jondon

    Western Skies

    The Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs is a great place, the Chapel there in 1992 when I was visiting from Australia was magnificent, in a beautiful City.
  15. Jondon

    Chapter 34

    This is a repeat of Chapter 26 ??????????
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