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  1. Jondon

    Oce Chapter 1

    Looks like more adventures for Trenton.
  2. I have enjoyed reading this story and will miss a continuation, Aloha from Down Under.
  3. Jondon


    Carlos, thank you for a wonderful story. I have enjoyed every chapter. I look forward to a new story in the future Best wishes from Down Under ( Australia)
  4. Jondon

    Lon Chapter 11

    What a bummer, just as we get entrenched in a new story it has come to an end. When will you have a new story up Preston, soon hopefully, or maybe further instalments of previous stories.
  5. Jondon

    UJ Chapter 10

    Good chapter, thank goodness Matias overheard the two homophobes and booted them off.
  6. Jondon

    UJ Chapter 1

    This is a good one Quokka, makes me remember my time in Norway in 2000 travelling with my Norwegian penpal. I loved the country, travelled around the middle 1/3 of Norway, looking forward to a great story with this one.
  7. Jondon

    Alo Chapter 31

    What about Greg???
  8. Jondon

    Alo Chapter 28

    Definitely I D TEN T type of people, that translates to complete IDIOTS. But another good chapter.
  9. Jondon

    Alo Chapter 24

    Don't eat any loaded Easter Eggs over there in the West Quokka, I only eat Lindt ones, as Cadburys are not called Easter Eggs. ( They are trying to be politically correct I think.
  10. Jondon

    Alo Chapter 24

    Another great chapter, just wish there were going to be more than the 36 mentioned.
  11. Jondon

    Alo Chapter 14

    Great chapter, unfortunately more homophobia in the west. Not good for Greg and Matt his straight brother.
  12. Jondon

    Alo Chapter 12

    Yes. Lloyd now has the future of the property in his hands, And would have Jem and Angela over a barrel because of that idiot of a son of theirs.
  13. Jondon

    Alo Chapter 10

    Great Chapter Quokka, looks like Lloyd is there for the long haul, and may be a romantic interest with Greg somehwere along the road.LOL.
  14. Jondon

    Orc Chapter 11

    What has happened to Xander??
  15. Jondon

    Orc Chapter 9

    Great chapter, hope this story goes on for a while .
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