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  1. frosenblum

    Chapter 21

    I hope it doesn't come back to bite Will that he told Johnny about Paris & Rome, pretty personal stuff Will wouldn't want spread around.
  2. frosenblum

    Chapter 7

    @weinerdog, no need to worry about the gay issue or the old-fashioned way. Relshek told Adam in Chapter 4 that Puritans are all male and "On Purity, we join two sperms of two males, fuse them and then incubate them until the organism is three of your earth months old." I wonder if we'll get to see how they collect sperm from Adam. 😉
  3. Were-creature stories are not my usual cup of tea. It's personal taste: I'll read almost any SF, but the "were" stories don't grab me in the same way. This story though grabbed from the start and pulled me in more and more as it went along. Because of the high quality of the written, the fully-developed and interesting characters and their relationships (family, friendships, business, societal, sexual, romantic). And the warm-hearted inclusiveness of the folks in this pack. Plus mystery and adventure and lots of woo-woo fun. An all-around great read.
  4. frosenblum

    Chapter 83

    How old is Gerry? There are so many boys, I have trouble keeping track of their ages.
  5. frosenblum

    Chapter 24

    The whole chapter is repeated verbatim, as if Brian and Davey are living the Russian version of "Groundhog Day."
  6. frosenblum

    Chapter 71

    Marie was out of bounds,in violation of medical ethics and the law, to share Ann's medical info with Adam. Doubly so if Ann happen to be under 18.
  7. frosenblum

    Chapter 22

    The young men base their plans on the Russian time traveler not coming back before 1988. In one of the other timelines, when Davey made the same assumption, hadn't Chinese time traveler(s) unexpectedly come back to a time before Davey did? I hope they kill the scientist soon rather than waiting. If the scientist is already experimenting with time travel and developing theories, he would be documenting what he's doing. The explosion wouldn't necessarily completely destroy his notes, especially if he keeps them in a safe. And others -- say, the government -- could continue the research.
  8. frosenblum

    Chapter 46

    When Adam came to the school, I was impressed that the Headmaster of a boys school was a woman, a needed breaking down of gender barriers. I hope Arlene's replacement is also a woman. And that some of the replacement board members are women.
  9. frosenblum

    Chapter 45

    How did Adam come up with $1.17M? I seem to remember that he would get 3 years salary if they fired him. Was his annual salary $390,000????
  10. frosenblum


    Good point, dughlas. I can see it now ... the superyacht, then the auxiliary yacht, then the dinghy, then me in the tow. Do you think Jeff will lend me a life saver, so I don't have to hold onto the towline with my bare hands?
  11. frosenblum


    And some of those fools resent feedback even about typos or sloppy English.
  12. frosenblum


    Good point. The Black Pearl is rumored to be owned by a Russian oligarch. It was built by the same company that is building Jeff's superyacht. I guess I'm helping pay for it every time I order something on Amazon -- maybe Jeff will give me a ride on the yacht.
  13. frosenblum


    While I'd also love more stories, I vote for quality over quantity.
  14. frosenblum


    And it's hybrid, generating electricity when under sail so it's motors rarely need to use fuel. It's 350 feet long, cost $200,000+, has room for 12 passengers, and is rumored to have a Louis XIV style dining room, swimming pool and hot tub. All Ritch got for his dads' $200K was a measly sports car.👅
  15. When your posted the first chapter of Summer on GA, I checked it out. If I remember correctly, there were a lot of gay teenage drama stories on GA at that time (2014/15), full of angst and drama. Or occasionally a happy fantasy. Summer was well written, CJ was believably real, and the story had a refreshing angle: a gay throwaway taken in not only by his loving gay father but also by the father's community of gay men -- all of whom were realistically drawn, believable, and positive influences. It was hopeful without being pollyanna. Every character was realistic and fully drawn. And you followed the maxim: show rather than tell. That's what hooked me.
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