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  1. frosenblum

    NB Houn Chapter 2

    Very sweet story. Thank you.
  2. Great end to the Henry saga.
  3. frosenblum

    ADC Chapter 3

    A fun chapter. However, that's not how the legal system works in the United States. What you wrote is a wonderful fantasy. It would take years to resolve any legal suit. Also, the federal government can't tell the individual States what to do. Devon would have to negotiate a separate contract with each state building a prison.
  4. frosenblum

    ADC Chapter 1

    Am I remembering correctly that in the original it was U.S. prisons that illegally used the plans of a young Australian architect?
  5. frosenblum

    Chapter 22

    It's like a high school reunion dance, all your old friends and enemies turning up. Who's missing to walk in in the next chapter?
  6. frosenblum

    Chapter 1

    Great start. Pulled me right in. And so many mysteries already. Bravo, encore.
  7. frosenblum


    What I wish is for you to return to the universe and characters of the “Atlantis Shift” series. Your writing wasn’t as accomplished back then as it is now, but I found the ideas intriguing. More, please.
  8. frosenblum


    I got hooked on CJ in the very first chapter of “Summer” and have looked forward to every chapter since. Your writing and character development has become so accomplished and the characters seem so real that the time has swept by (or it’s just that I’m getting much older) that it’s hard to believe it’s been over 4 years. I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve published on GA. Some authors keep telling similar stories, with different names, places and costumes; while I enjoy their writing I already know all the elements that will show up in their next series. You, Carlos, on the other hand, have a varied imagination and I never know what to expect. I loved the final two chapters of GMA, all warm and cuddly feeling. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for giving us CJ’s (along with 249 others) story!!
  9. frosenblum

    Chapter 2

    It'd enjoyable to read these stories again. They still feel fresh encountering them again after several years. Are these the same versions that are on Awesome Dude?
  10. frosenblum

    Part 3, chapter 1

    Don't forget Damien's mind control powers, which Roxanne doesn't know about. How's going to keep him for several days, hurt him and kill him when he can make her do anything he wants?
  11. frosenblum

    Lon Chapter 3

    We've met the cast of characters and now the play has started with a mystery. Good story so far I suspect we'll soon learn all about what an Aussie country farrier and vet does. I enjoy when you teach us about stuff that has become unfamiliar to our "modern" lives.
  12. frosenblum

    Lon Chapter 1

    Good chapter, an interesting start to the story, with a lot happening. The Grammarly program is already making a huge improvement in making your writing easier to read, especially with dialog. Thank you for using it.
  13. frosenblum


    Great job, as expected. The only thing that could have made it any better was if "here were naked studs as far as the eye could see" was the chapter's opening line. The Easter egg hunt's gonna be fun, what with how chock full of people and happenings this chapter is.
  14. frosenblum

    Chapter 12

    Very sweet. Yum. Sam's lips taste like rain -- could he be the Water Guardian but not know it?
  15. frosenblum

    Chapter 11

    Another fun chapter. The story is labeled "Thriller/Suspense, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance." It feels like it's finally moving beyond romance, with lots of little bits beginning to inject a bit of suspense. What's with Eve, is she using some siren's power of allure on Sam? Was she flustered by Sam's rejection so that she got all clumsy or was she faking that whole business for some unknown reason? Who is it that's visiting Blair? Is he really as innocent as he seems or does he have sinister plans for Sam? What's going on with Desmond and Rayhe? Did they do a 180 from who they were in "Spector's Gamble" and turn into super laid back dudes only want to fuck? You've definitely got me hooked, Katya.
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