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  1. frosenblum

    Chapter 19

    We now see that Luca's plan included: Stefano looking directly into the grocery store ATM camera, so that Harris would change his own plans and rush to Hailey to fit into Luca's time line? Genoa installing video cameras in Corbin's living room, so that Luca now has a video of Harris confessing to murdering Liam, framing Stefano, and intending to murder Corbin & Paul? Robin spilling the beans to Timothy, so he'd go on up to Corbin's, so that Harris is caught on video putting three bullets in a fellow FBI agent? Methinks Harris will soon be in federal prison.
  2. frosenblum


    They could get it directly from Harley...or his granddaddy.
  3. frosenblum


  4. frosenblum


    Great chapter. I also love Harley, though he's been the squad member who's changed the least since we first met him. I'm glad he's finally maturing and you are adding more layers to his personality. What a great couple of sentences, an example of how skillfully you reveal who people are without a lot of blah-blah-blah: "It reminded CJ he needed to send the star diva a text or e-mail. He had not spoken to her since right after the wedding." Yore amazing is that CJ still thinks of himself as just a normal person like you and me.🤔
  5. frosenblum


    Thanks, Preston, for your entry and the photo. The California Zephyr starts its run five blocks from my apartment in Emeryville, California (across the bay from San Francisco). The Zephyr runs from Emeryville over halfway across the United States to Chicago, Illinois. I've taken the train as far as Truckee, California, which is just east of the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountains and a 20-minute car ride to beautiful Lake Tahoe. Emeryville is less than 100 feet above sea level and the Sierra pass is about 7,800 feet. The trip has magnificent scenery, especially in winter.
  6. frosenblum

    Chapter 11

    What a great couple of chapters. Many changes in Jeremiah’s life and relationships, ranging from the details of his sex life to how cranky he gets when sick. I’m an oldest child and could relate to Janice’s jealous feelings towards her younger siblings. I wasn’t close to my sisters, so I was touched by how close Jeremiah & Janice are and how he was there for her when she came to him for support. I look forward to what’s next, and next, and next.
  7. frosenblum

    GA's Newest Classic Author: Mike Arram

    Welcome to GA. I'm looking forward to rereading your stories. I've enjoyed them, although I don't remember which site they were on.
  8. frosenblum

    Chapter 6

    I enjoyed this story very much when I read it two or three years ago and I'm enjoying it even more the second time around. I hadn’t realized how well plotted and written the story is. You paint a full and detailed picture of this world and give us fully realized people. I'm also noticing many little pieces of information which I didn't realize, the first time around, hinted that there is more than meets the eye, not only of the reader but of our heroes.
  9. frosenblum

    GMA XI

    Another well-written chapter, Carlos. Bravo! Olé! It was a treat to once again have a chapter (after a long hiatus) that had a single focus. (Thank you, Mann!) The single focus increased the emotional intensity. (I’m pretty sure at least a few people in the café I was at wondered what bad-news texts I was receiving that had me crying for so long.) It was also a relief to have the l-o-n-g foreshadowing finally over and to find out you hadn’t kill off Brad. Though I have a tingle of foreboding about what else you have in in store for us before the book title is fulfilled.
  10. frosenblum

    GMA X

    Your writing skill is of the highest quality. You breathe life into every person in the story. This afternoon, as a friend and I were catching up on what’d been happening in our lives over the past week, I caught myself as I was about to share a snippet from this chapter as something that had actually happened to people I knew. Masterful writing, Carlos, masterful.
  11. frosenblum

    GMA IX

    Another great chapter. I know you've been keeping any info about CJ & Ozzie's baby on the down low, Carlos. But am I hallucinating or did you try and slip a miscarriage by us in this chapter? If so, I would have expected it to be more of an emotional bump for Gina and the boys.
  12. frosenblum

    Surv Chapter 15

    Another interesting chapter. Keep them coming. There's a name mix-up about halfway through the story, where it says Bailey arrived shortly after lunch -- but Bailey was at home covered in calamine that day.
  13. frosenblum

    GMA V

    Hey, Carlos. I've made my list and counted it twice. I count 9 men with Taisha on the train. Did you forget to count yourself, er, CJ?
  14. frosenblum

    Not receiving story notifications

    I follow several stories. When I log on to Gay Authors, I receive notifications from only two of those stories, not from any of the others. There are two stories that post chapters almost every day that I don't get any notifications about.
  15. frosenblum


    I've loved this series of stories since the very beginning and have reread them all several times. Thank you, Carlos, for your great writing and the many fully created characters. They come in many varieties of good-hearted and loving. Please, more of CJ's regular life: as a college student, his volunteer job with the athletic department, on the community council, being with his family. In particular, since we met CJ when he was 15, Richie has been very important to him. Please show us more their relationship. The final chapter was delightful. One thing was missing, though: while driving up to the B&B and during the balloon ride, CJ & Own would have seen evidence of the October 2017 fires that devastated many wineries in the Napa Valley. I look forward to what CJ and Ozzie will be up to in 2019.

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