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  1. frosenblum

    Simba Ch 23

    The story is definitely moving along briskly. I'm a little confused about their participation in the Royal Show. In the last chapter, Jacob said they'd missed getting a spot at the Royal Show yet now they're planning for it.
  2. frosenblum

    Grand Opening

    Yes, I agree. I thought the story length was fine. Your story is a truly great introduction to Colt and Woof. My badly-expressed point was that the "shortness" of a story often depends on our own expectations, including those based on the number of chapters in your other recent short stories. For example, an NBA center's "tiny" endowment might look "huge" on a jockey's body.
  3. frosenblum

    Grand Opening

    I enjoyed learning how Woof came to be. And how Colt's matured in the personality we know from the CJ stories. The story wouldn't feel so short if it were a chapter in a book. Then we would see it as part of the flow of Colt's life. Or of Woof's, if the book stories about the gym. It could even include CJ's times at Woof, only told from Colt's POV. It could include Sean stories, too. Or it could be from Woof's POV, like your Melvin Ford story.
  4. frosenblum

    Grand Opening

    Yay! I'm a fan of your dolphin shifter stories. And I wished we'd seen more of Richie's growing up in the CJ stories. I'm a happy puppy ---- okay, okay, at age 77, I probably should stop claiming to be a puppy ---- I meant to say I'm a happy seniordog.
  5. frosenblum

    Nailing Studs

    Ah, Sean. Just hearing his name reminds me of the wonderful impact he will have on CJ's life. BTW, did you mean "max" or "mass" here: "There was a max exodus towards the sidewalk."
  6. frosenblum

    Chapter 5

    A delightfully different take on a first contact story.
  7. frosenblum

    Lifting Weights

    Kudos, Carlos. Many (most?) authors don't have the skill to write scenes that are hot and sexy without including all the explicit details.
  8. frosenblum

    Lifting Weights

    The advert that's at the top of the page when I opened Chapter 1 is a bare-chested hunk from RealJocks. A different jock each time I open the chapter (of course, only for research purposes). Thanks for arranging this for me.
  9. Carlos, FYI, the CJ: Stories link took me to the site's Newest Stories page rather than CJ stories.
  10. frosenblum

    Simba Ch 5

    I was surprised when Jacob said, "On arrival at home, Chris and Will were there waiting for our arrival." Chris and Will were at the airport with Jacob; how did they get home before him?
  11. frosenblum

    Simba Ch 5

    How many children does Anita actually have? Jacob says, "Lance, Travis and three other youngsters came charging into the house," which adds up to five. But Anita says it's four, "That lot was all of my children, Lance and Travis you already know, the other two are twins Rebecca and Oscar."
  12. frosenblum

    Simba Ch 5

    This story is quite enjoyable so far. Although there's always tension for your dedicated readers as to when you will have calamity strike.
  13. frosenblum

    Simba Ch 2

    If Jacob had remembered their names, he'd have known there are four, rather than three, countries south of Mali. Interesting story. I wonder if it will tie into others of your stories about ecological work on islands.
  14. frosenblum

    Chapter 15

    More interesting??? The story has been way beyond interesting for quite a while now. Aaaahhh, you're using the old magic 8 ball (or is it that old black magic). This explains why the story has become almost continuous twists and turns and loop-de-loops. It's been giving me whiplash. Fred
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