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  1. We found out why Virginia was crying in the last chapter. She is still grieving, many years later, for her lost baby and for not trying again. And for Jonathan's lack of emotion and support at their lost son.
  2. Another great chapter. Ritch is turning into a statesman. Things that would have become major blowups he now uses his power and finesse to handle discreetly. The brother-banter was fun. As was Ritch's becoming gooey around or talking with Lucy. As usual, your mastery of providing just the right amount of detail makes the people and the action real.
  3. frosenblum

    Chapter 39

    Who is telling the story in this chapter? In Do Over and Do Over Redux before this chapter, the narrator is original Davey. In the last chapter, Davey tells the President that he's having headaches again and it means that soon he'll permanently lose all his memories of original Davey. Then he blacks out. When Davey blacked out a few chapters ago (because Davey #4's brain was too young to hold the memories of the adult original Davey), we lost four years of the story -- because the narrator (original Davey) was not present to tell us what was happening. Once again, original Davey
  4. I wonder what we can do to attract some extraterrestrials? Carlos, it sounds like your characters have infected you. And you're embodying CJ, Rich, Owen, Brett, and Cesar in how much you've taken on. Keep on expanding your horizons, brother. We have so much great reading to look forward to. Take all the time you need to keep up the quality and depth of your writing.
  5. "Before tickets went on sale to the public, Ritch bought fifty of them. He had told the Academy he would personally underwrite his squadron and his friends attending." I hadn't realized how large a squadron is. Commanding and being responsible for 50 people is very big job, especially for a 21-year old full-time college student. That's a larger management responsibility than CJ had at that age. Ritch is even more impressive than I'd thought.
  6. I hope you have a few small stories written to tide us over the summer. Four more chapters of Cadet will take us through May. Then it'll almost four months till the fall. That long a wait would be cruel.
  7. frosenblum

    GMA XX

    Definitely satisfying! Ritch is 21 as the end of the Ritchie spinoff nears. He has grown into an amazing man, friend, brother, son, and leader. CJ and Ritch are both jewels -- different in the same that way a ruby and an emerald are -- each brilliantly shining in his own unique personality. Bravo, Carlos.
  8. frosenblum


    The conversation is confusing. There seem to be (at least) three people talking: Jim, Chaz and Pete. I've reread it several times and still don't know who's saying each line most of the time.
  9. frosenblum

    Chapter 48

    Granger continues to surprise. Who else, on the spur of the moment, would be willing and able to sound advice to the Emperor of a foreign country. He is fortunate to have had great political tutors, starting with Caroline.
  10. Oh, no, please take care of your complaining brain 🧠. Deep breaths. Walks on the beach. Your readers want your brain at 100%.
  11. Judging by the small glimpse we got of the of kids in HTTC -- and there are at least two more we haven't seen yet -- I doubt two stories will be enough to give full due to their personalities, escapades, and shit-raising.
  12. One thing the story has shown is how Ritch hasn't grown up to be a CJ clone. On the other hand, this particular chapter highlights the ways Ritch is like his brother. Doubting himself yet still taking action. Passionate. Taking advice from others, especially the dad's. Making big requests of others. Leading the pack without being obnoxious. Using humor. Not being daunted by others' rank or fame, or being on TV. Kudos to Brett and Cesar.
  13. Yes yes to the list of stories. Might take a little while to write them all, so live long and prosper. Happy Birthday 🥳🎉.
  14. This is a sweet series of stories. You're posting a chapter every other day, Altimexis, so how come the series is flagged as "Long-Term Hold"?
  15. The CJ saga started in May 2013, when CJ was 15 and Ritch(ie) was 11. You created each character so fully and related so many adventures, it feels like we've been literally living with them for over 10 years. On the one hand, "no way can it be that long"; on the other hand, "no way is it only 10 years." Lucky us, we get to ride with their lives almost twice as long as we've gone so far, at least till 2041.
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