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  1. frosenblum

    PS Ch 19

    Another interesting chapter. Your stories always include one lesson of life most of us have had to learn: plans are made, then things happen and the plans change, and change again and again. Edwin handles the changes with grace and ease. And thank you for answering my question about the the number of crew members. Fred
  2. frosenblum

    PS Ch 18

    Robert keeps showing how much he appreciates having found a new cousin in Edwin through his very great generosity. Edwin handles having so much new wealth extremely well, very level-headed for a mid-teenager. There is a mystery, though: How large is the Calamity Jane crew? The Captain names 7 crew members, including himself, and says there are 9 others, for a total of 16. On the other hand, Elizabeth tells Edwin the nationalities of 18 crew members.
  3. frosenblum

    Chapter 7

    "Commander, you will be in charge of checking them on board, Lieutenant you will escort them to their assigned areas." Didn't the Lieutenant just get promoted to Lieutenant Commander?
  4. An atmospheric, mysterious snippet of a man's life. Good reading.
  5. frosenblum

    President's Day

    I don't think I'm ready to give up this particular addiction. I haven't reached bottom yet! When will see your next story? Will it be next weekend?
  6. A very enjoyable, fun story. I highly recommend it.
  7. frosenblum

    President's Day

    I second that emotion! Three sentences really jumped out for me this chapter. The first two had me groaning, followed by rolling on the floor laughing: "The kid was on his way to becoming an Air Force officer; it was time to let him spread his wings and fly." /// "When I die, I wanna be cremated. It’ll be my last chance for a smoking hot body." The third is great advice for living a happy live, stated in your usual down-to-earth way: "The conclusion I came to was to try and accept the past as what it is: the past. Sometimes memories will bring joy, and other times sadness." Carlos, like many of your readers, I'm a Hazday addict. Whenever you complete a story, I go into withdrawal until the first of the following month, which is when you usually drop your next story. Lucky us, August 1 is only a week away!!! Fred
  8. frosenblum


    Over the last month, I read all 16 books of Mark Arbour's Chronicle of an Academic Predator series for the first time. (The folks in CJ's extended family seem almost conventional compared to the CAP extended family!) I wonder if Brett and his parents knew any of the Shluter/Cramptom family, which had two houses in Malibu.
  9. frosenblum


    Another Friday, another entertaining/interesting/fun chapter. I particularly enjoy meeting lots of new people in each chapter of Malibu.
  10. An intriguing and yummy start. More, please.
  11. Another great story in the Rothenian saga. Great characters, lots of excitement, lots of laughter, lots of the supernatural. A must read story.
  12. frosenblum

    Chapter 9

    Toby was refreshing, with so much he doesn't know about this world and humans and bodies. In most stories, supernatural beings know every little details, as if humans and our world are so interesting that, of course, higher beings would be interested in us. Thank you for imagining another (more realistic?) possibility. Fred
  13. frosenblum

    Chapter 2

    A deliciously complex tale, with many intriguing strands.
  14. frosenblum

    Chapter 1

    Hooray! The next Rothenian story! I also have read this before and, thankfully, forgotten the plot. I'm looking forward to reading the story again. Will you be posting two chapters a day? Fred
  15. What happened to Jake? Is he okay and back at work?
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