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  1. frosenblum

    Lon Chapter 3

    We've met the cast of characters and now the play has started with a mystery. Good story so far I suspect we'll soon learn all about what an Aussie country farrier and vet does. I enjoy when you teach us about stuff that has become unfamiliar to our "modern" lives.
  2. frosenblum

    Lon Chapter 1

    Good chapter, an interesting start to the story, with a lot happening. The Grammarly program is already making a huge improvement in making your writing easier to read, especially with dialog. Thank you for using it.
  3. frosenblum


    Great job, as expected. The only thing that could have made it any better was if "here were naked studs as far as the eye could see" was the chapter's opening line. The Easter egg hunt's gonna be fun, what with how chock full of people and happenings this chapter is.
  4. frosenblum

    Chapter 12

    Very sweet. Yum. Sam's lips taste like rain -- could he be the Water Guardian but not know it?
  5. frosenblum

    Chapter 11

    Another fun chapter. The story is labeled "Thriller/Suspense, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance." It feels like it's finally moving beyond romance, with lots of little bits beginning to inject a bit of suspense. What's with Eve, is she using some siren's power of allure on Sam? Was she flustered by Sam's rejection so that she got all clumsy or was she faking that whole business for some unknown reason? Who is it that's visiting Blair? Is he really as innocent as he seems or does he have sinister plans for Sam? What's going on with Desmond and Rayhe? Did they do a 180 from who they were in "Spector's Gamble" and turn into super laid back dudes only want to fuck? You've definitely got me hooked, Katya.
  6. frosenblum

    GMA XX

    “RITCHIE!” What a great way to start a chapter, calling out the name of one of my favorite characters. I remember how concerned I was about Ritchie when Lourdes and Rich died suddenly, and CJ lived far from him. At the funeral, CJ swore to himself to look after Ritchie and never allow him to feel rejected or abandoned. CJ and Ozzie decided they’d give Ritchie gentle love to balance the tougher kind of limit-setting love from the dads. And it sure worked. Ritchie has grown and blossomed, confident, funny, following his own goals, lots of friends, at ease with adults. He used to idolize CJ, yet at 17, has already turned out to be his own man, not a carbon copy of CJ. Carlos, thanks for giving us glimpses of Ritchie in the last few chapters. My heart's aflutter with happiness.
  7. frosenblum

    GMA XX

    "the Tesla always attracted attention." That's no longer true here in the East Bay. I see a Tesla at least once a week as I walk and bus around the Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley are. I see them driving by, sitting in a driveway, and once, parked on a busy street!!! It's become no big deal to see a Tesla here. How about you, Carlos, do you see many Teslas in your neck of the woods? I don't live in a particularly upscale neighborhood, although it has definitely been affected by the gentrification of the San Francisco Bay area. You can see this in the change the car demographics. Nowadays, when I walk down my block and check out the parked cars and pickups, I see only one or two American-brand cars. The rest are Asian, mostly Toyotas. And with the Green ethos here in California, a lot of Priuses (or is it, Priusi?) and other hybrids or all-electrics. (Where have all the Fords, etc. gone?) Is this also the case in mid-America cities?
  8. frosenblum

    GMA XX

    An enjoyable mix of laughter and tears, with a little wisdom thrown in.
  9. frosenblum


    "Even when the discussion revolved around a serious matter, levity remained within reach." Brilliant, Carlos. Wonderful guidance for all of us. And especially needed these days in politics, diplomacy, and religion.
  10. frosenblum


    Another great chapter. This story has built slowly, focused mostly on the quotidian, so I didn’t notice how deeply Erica, Andy, and Adam wormed themselves into my heart. Until this morning, that is, when “Never Too Late” was the GA story I could hardly wait to read first -- rather than the series that’s been my first Friday read for years. (Sorry, Carlos.) Thank you, Northie, for compassionately exploring the life of an older man, as well as the challenges and rewards of (non-sexual) intergenerational relationships. As for Felicity, I wonder if her husband’s over-the-top behavior at the wedding will be the catalyst that precipitates her breaking free. I sure hope she doesn’t wait and suffer that long before she leaves him.
  11. frosenblum

    Alo Chapter 20

    Like most of your stories, the main guy goes from one crisis to another pretty quickly and keeps us readers on the edge of our seats. You Aussies sure are major braggerts. Here in the Americas, 20 meters high are not mountains.😮 Another typo? Lloyd tells Greg that Greg is keeping the Colorado, but it's Matt. Keep the chapters coming.
  12. frosenblum

    Chapter 19

    We now see that Luca's plan included: Stefano looking directly into the grocery store ATM camera, so that Harris would change his own plans and rush to Hailey to fit into Luca's time line? Genoa installing video cameras in Corbin's living room, so that Luca now has a video of Harris confessing to murdering Liam, framing Stefano, and intending to murder Corbin & Paul? Robin spilling the beans to Timothy, so he'd go on up to Corbin's, so that Harris is caught on video putting three bullets in a fellow FBI agent? Methinks Harris will soon be in federal prison.
  13. frosenblum


    They could get it directly from Harley...or his granddaddy.
  14. frosenblum


    Great chapter. I also love Harley, though he's been the squad member who's changed the least since we first met him. I'm glad he's finally maturing and you are adding more layers to his personality. What a great couple of sentences, an example of how skillfully you reveal who people are without a lot of blah-blah-blah: "It reminded CJ he needed to send the star diva a text or e-mail. He had not spoken to her since right after the wedding." Yore amazing is that CJ still thinks of himself as just a normal person like you and me.🤔
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