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  1. frosenblum

    CDMX • XVI

    Another great chapter. And your fan club, including me, sure likes to add to the reading material. At the risk of being torn to threads by your bloodthirsty readers 🧛‍♂️🧟‍♂️I'm gonna show some sympathy for Mr. Northman. It must be super frustrating for Northman. Every four to eight years, along comes a new ambassador, a political appointee who thinks they know better than career employees like Northman who are doing the "real" work year in, year out. On top of that, for the past nine years, it's been revolving door Secretaries of State, each one rearranging the State Department. It's enough to drive Stephen up the wall. No wonder he only pays lip service to the ambassador. As if that's not enough, along comes this rich kid just out of college who seems to think he already knows better than Northman and thinkgs can do whatever he wants, who goes out of his way to garner publicity for himself, etc., etc., etc. Somebody needs to swat some sense into this kid. I'm not saying that Northman is a good guy 😇, but he's also not an evil villain 💀.
  2. frosenblum

    CDMX • XVI

    The key word is "about." If there were exactly 5 years between each of them, CJ would have been born when Cesar was only 15.
  3. frosenblum

    CDMX • XVI

    Yay, we'll get a little more time with Ritch in the next chapter.
  4. frosenblum

    CDMX • XVI

    Julia Child's CIA/OSS webpage (I included the link in another comment.) says "The repellent was a critical tool during WWII, and was coated on explosives that were targeting German U-boats. Before the introduction of the shark repellent, curious sharks would sometimes set off the explosives when they bumped into them." Stupid sharks!🙄
  5. frosenblum

    CDMX • XVI

    When we do we get to read that story?
  6. frosenblum

    CDMX • XVI

    Here's the CIA (public) page on Julia Child. https://www.cia.gov/stories/story/julia-child-cooking-up-spy-ops-for-oss/
  7. frosenblum

    CDMX • XVI

    Let's hope he has a nice body. One worthy of that 1982 VP campaign button.
  8. frosenblum

    Chapter 18

    Another excellent chapter. Lots of info and planning. The calm before the storm. A good few days for your readers to chill on the beach. Because high tension is rising on the horizon.
  9. frosenblum

    Chapter 18

    Those pesky von Helmuth Molkes, the Uncle, known at "the Elder," and the nephew, known as "the Younger." The Elder, Helmuth Carl Bernard von Molke, died in 1891. The quoted saying originated in an essay he wrote in 1871. (The original quotation was shortened over the years to the current version.) The Younger, Helmuth Johannes Ludwig von Moltke, was the one who was the head of the German forces for the first fifty days of WWI was. BTW, the Younger's nephew, Helmuth James von Molke, was executed by the Nazis for treason during WWII.
  10. President Biden pledged to appoint a black woman. Would Michelle Obama satisfy you? You could claim you just noticed a slight typo in HTTC.😁 I bet she'd make a kick-ass (literally) Supreme Court justice.
  11. frosenblum

    Chapter 17

    "little white lies"???? Like these: "Who us? We're completely harmless. We're only here to bring down your multi-million dollar criminal enterprise and destroying the corrupt shifter global power structure. Nothing important. Don't mind us." Is that what you were referring to?
  12. frosenblum

    Chapter 17

    I found Sebastian's explanation about the scents a little confusing. It was like being back in a college organic chemistry class.🤕😴 So let be check what I think Sebastian said. Wayne & Sandi are going to smell like garlic & oregano 24/7. That's is to mask the I'm-lying-in-your-face scent that wolves give off. Is that correct? Of course, to avoid suspicion, they will actually have to eat Italian food for almost every meal.😁 Next. Elijah is going shapeshift into a pubescent wolf. He'll regularly swallow butt stink bills so he smells all the time like he's at first-shift age. Is that correct? Why will his pills also include oregano and garlic. Reilly's tea was hiding his male scent, yes? And maybe his lambda scent? What scent will Elijah be trying to hide? Thanks in advance for an explanation.
  13. frosenblum

    Chapter 17

    Um, @Carlos Hazday , did you forget about Lola? It'd be a no brainer for you to to get a gun into your MC's hands.
  14. frosenblum

    Chapter 83

    AM was acting in interests of safety. The trauma of rape is huge. Even if it was her husband, being forced to have intercourse when she doesn't want it would be repeated rape.
  15. I just this book over the weekend, based on local library monthly newsletter. It was one of the best books I've read in a long time. Totally absorbing, with surprising twists and turns. I also thought this was no just a YA book, sophisticated writing, complex people and relationships, and intriguing sci-fi. I recommend it to any sci-fi fan.
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