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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Lost Letters / Lost Love - 3. Chapter 3 Fun and More at the Lake

Upon hearing Gary’s invitation to visit the lake, with a smile on his face and no hesitation, Kevin replied, “Sounds great. What should I bring?”

“Nothing except outdoor clothes, swimsuit and your smile. However, the water may not be warm enough for swimming. I’ll bring food for lunches and snacks for the evening. We can get pizza for dinner and go to the Rocket Diner for breakfast.”

Saturday morning, Gary picked up Kevin. After meeting the parents, they started the one-hour drive to Eagle Lake. This was the first time the two had an opportunity to be alone for conversation. They started with baseball talk, both the Long River team and major league. They soon discovered a major difference of opinion concerning baseball. The Town of Long River was located in central Connecticut, about two hours by car from both Boston to the northeast and New York City to the southwest. Generally ball fans in western Connecticut were New York Yankee or Mets fans while those in eastern Connecticut rooted for the Boston Red Sox. In central Connecticut there was a combination of Boston and New York fans. Kevin was a devoted New York Yankee supporter while Gary favored the Boston Red Sox. For a while, and later on and off over the weekend, the two discussed the merits of their team. The discussions were good natured and the only topic on which the two disagreed.

Their discussion eventually turned to ‘girls.’ Kevin observed, “I saw you at the Junior Prom with Mary Beth Anderson. Been dating her long?”

Gary replied, “No, actually, she sort of asked me. I had no plans to go. My friends sort of pushed us together.”

Kevin then, with a smirk, “Did you get laid?”

Gary started laughing, “No, if the truth be told, I would rather jerk off then get involved with a girl. I saw you there with a cute red head. Any happiness.”

Kevin replied, “I am sure that I disappointed her. She was all over me. When we slow danced, she pushed her crotch against my dick and made sure her tits were against me and very visible from her low cut gown. One of my buddies was complaining that he was having a hard time, pun intended, to keep his hard-on hidden. No such problem with me. Right now, my hand is my sex friend.”

Gary laughed, “We don’t agree on what really matters: Red Sox and Yankees, but it does appear we agree on girl issues.”

Within two hours of arriving at the cottage, they had completed most of the yard work. They mowed, raked leaves, planted the annual flowers Gary’s mother had sent with them, and replaced broken stones in the front walk. After sandwiches and soda Gary, suggested they take the canoe out. Kevin had canoed and learned to swim at Scout camp. Since both were natural born athletes, they easily explored the lake. There were boaters on the water, including water skiers, guys fishing and a few boats cruising around the lake. “It sure is nice being here in the spring when there is not much activity on the lake. It is not as much fun canoeing with the summer crowds. We have a small boat with an outboard motor stored at the marina over the winter. Actually, I prefer the canoe. We can go places and have privacy not possible in a power boat.” As Gary said this, they paddled into a narrow, shallow inlet. “This is my favorite spot. Rarely does anyone come in here. It is difficult to hike here as we are surrounded by a swampy marsh. Power boats cannot go through the channel so even on a summer day it is almost always private. It is a great place to lay in the sun and think about life. Want to take a break?”

Kevin was enjoying the camaraderie. “Sure…looks inviting.”

They pulled the canoe halfway out of the water. Kevin followed Gary down a little used path and they came to a grassy area. “I sometimes come here and just lay in the grass, watch the clouds go by and contemplate life.” As Gary said this, he laid on the grass. Kevin laid next to his friend.

After a few minutes of silence Kevin said, “This is the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. We can forget about school, baseball and family drama, and as you said, just watch the clouds go by.”

Their conversation continued as they discussed school, guys on the baseball team, what pizza to have for supper, gripes about parents and their plans for the future. Kevin planned to go to university and major in some area of business. While he had not chosen a school, he hoped it would not be near Long River. Gary had already talked to US Army recruiters. He planned to enlist in a year, soon after graduation.

Following their relaxation, they paddled around the lake. After going out for pizza, they watched an episode of Hawaii Five-O. Then Gary had a suggestion: “Rather than taking showers, would you want to have a quick dip in the lake? Since it is dark out, we won’t need suits.”

Kevin readily agreed. He had seen Gary naked in the showers in the locker room and for reasons he did not understand, he wanted to be naked with him here in the privacy of darkness. Without hesitation, the two took off what little they were wearing. Gary grabbed towels and ran out the door. Kevin followed, splashing into the cold water behind his friend. As it was only the first week of June, Eagle Lake was not warm enough for an enjoyable swim. Gary splashed Kevin; he splashed back. Gary lunged at Kevin and a playful wrestling match followed. Each seemed to enjoy grabbing his naked friend. During their underwater play, Kevin’s hand accidentally (or maybe not) brushed against Gary’s dick. He felt its hardness which caused his already rising piece to grow. When each realized what was happening, the playing stopped. Both were embarrassed and hoped the other had not noticed. Gary ran out of the water and quickly grabbed one of the towels they had left on the beach. He did not wrap it round his waist as he realized the tightness of the towel would reveal his predicament. Kevin waited a moment and followed his friend. By the time they ran the hundred feet (30 m) back to the cottage, each dick was soft.

Gary went directly to the bathroom. He had been caught with a hard dick. He was horny and needed to take care of the situation. Taking his dick in hand he vigorously stroked it. With difficulty, he aimed the hard dick that was pointing almost straight up toward the toilet bowl and with a few strokes shot his load. Relieved, he returned to the kitchen where Kevin, now dressed, was drinking a Dr. Pepper. Looking up he stated, “That was invigorating. Wish the water had been warmer.” He then went to the bathroom, pulled out his dick and repeated what his friend had done minutes earlier.

Gary had set up a game of Yahtzee, a dice game, on the kitchen table. They played about an hour and decided to go to bed. They were sharing a bedroom with twin beds. As each stripped to his underwear, each pretended to ignore the other. They separately went to the bathroom to brush their teeth and piss. Kevin said, “Good night. This was really a great day. Thanks for inviting me.” Each had the same thought as he thought about his buddy across the room. These thoughts were sexual and each fought off the urge to jerk off again, assuming the other would notice and understand his movements.

Kevin woke with his usual morning woodie. He was relieved to see that Gary was already up. He adjusted his dick so as not to be too apparent in case he met his friend on the way to the bathroom. With relief, he did not see Gary. Behind the closed bathroom door, he took the woodie in hand. Only a few strokes were needed to satisfy his immediate need. He found Gary outside stretching in preparation for a morning run. Following a thirty minute run, they went to the Rocket Diner for breakfast. The day continued with more yard work, canoeing, resting in their special place and an afternoon swim. This time there was no splashing or water wrestling. That evening, back home, Kevin laid in his bed, totally satisfied, thinking of the fun weekend he had with his friend. He chastised himself for replaying the dick touch. Those thoughts resulted in his reaching for one of the socks he had taken off and pulling it over his now hard dick. He fell asleep with the moist sock still in place.

Meanwhile, Gary laid in his bed reliving the fun he had with Kevin. Being a horny teenager, he soon had a tissue in hand as he wondered if the dick touch had been an accident.

The school term soon ended. Both boys had full-time summer jobs: Gary worked at the contracting business owned by his father and uncle, while Kevin mowed lawns and performed landscaping services at Town Lawn Service. If they did not meet up in the evening, they talked on the phone. Three weeks after their first lake visit, Gary invited his friend for another outing. Kevin borrowed his mother’s car and they drove to the lake Friday evening. Gary’s parents arrived Saturday morning. After helping with yard work, they took the canoe out. Eventually they were in the secluded inlet. After beaching the canoe they did the short hike to the same hidden grassy area they had gone to during the first visit. Again they laid next to each on the grass gazing at the clouds. The warm sun felt good. After talking about their jobs, the Red Sox and Yankees there was a lull in the conversation.

Eventually Gary started. “When we drove up here the first time, we talked about our prom dates. You said that your date was all over you, pressing her tits against you and pushing into your crotch. You then told me those antics did not cause you to get a hard-on like some guys bragged about. Then you said ‘Right now my hand is my sex friend’. Do you jerk off much?”

“If I told you every day and sometimes more than once a day, would you consider me a pervert?”

“Hell NO! I would consider you a guy like me. If that makes you are a pervert, we are both corrupt. Right now, I am in the mood. If you do not want to do it with me, I will go behind the bushes.”

Kevin replied, “I’m ready. Let’s kneel and face each other.”

They each pulled down off their shorts and kneeled. Being shirtless, they were naked except for sneakers. As the stroking began, each intently watched the other. Kevin admired Gary’s seven inch thick cut cock with a big mushroom head. Gary was mesmerized by Kevin’s uncut natural similar size piece. He watched as Kevin pulled the skin back and then up over the head. He had only seen a couple of uncut cocks and never a hard one.

Kevin spoke, “Need to stop. Watching you has me so horned up that I could shoot my load just watching.”

Gary replied, “I’m too close to stop.” As he said this the juices began to pour out. A couple of strokes later, Kevin started cumming. His first spurt landed on Gary’s dick.

Gary, in jest, “You fucking whore, you came on me.” As he said this, he gently hit Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin fought back and the two wrestled. Eventually Gary pinned Kevin, who gave little resistance, to the ground. As he straddled Kevin, he took his own dick in hand and squeezed the last drops onto Kevin’s chest. Kevin just smiled up at his friend. Eventually Gary rolled to the side and the two were again laying on the grass next to each other. Neither spoke.

Finally, Gary spoke, “That was fun but too short. Just laying here next to you has me all horny. I want to ask you something. When we were playing in the water the evening during your first visit, you touched my dick. Did you do that on purpose? Or, was it an accident?”

Kevin laughed as he replied, “Truthfully, it was an accident. I did not plan to do it. But as soon as I realized what I had done my head was embarrassed while my hand was very happy. You can be sure that if it happens again, it will not be an accident.”

Gary replied, “That touch made me so horny. I was embarrassed to have you see me hard. I ran back to the cottage and jerked off in the bathroom as soon as I got there.”

Kevin: “As soon as you came out of the bathroom, I did the same.”

Gary: “Yours is the first uncut dick I have seen up close. Actually it is the first hard dick, cut or uncut, I have seen since I was about 12 years old and learned the joy of jerking off at summer camp. Now it is soft and the head is hidden. Very interesting.”

As he leaned over to inspect the natural piece it quivered. Soon the two were on their knees facing each other stroking their now hard dicks. By unspoken agreement, they edged, paused, stroked, edged, etc. Eventually Gary stated, “Cannot hold back any longer. He purposely leaned forward so his cum would hit Kevin. Kevin did the same. Following a rest in the sun, still naked, they returned to the beached canoe. After splashing the dried cum off, they put on their bathing suits and paddled back to the cottage.

That evening, after watching Hawaii Five-0 with Gary’s dad, Gary suggested they go out for a night swim. Dropping their clothes on the beach in the darkness, the two ran and dove into the lake that was warmer than three weeks earlier. Splashing each other was followed by playful wrestling. This time dick grabbing was not an accident. Following an invigorating swim there was more play (or should it be called foreplay). With raging hard-ons they ran out of the water. Finding a space between two bushes they kneeled facing each other. Stroking in the night slightly illuminated by the stars, they each soon shot their loads on the others dick. This was followed by a quick splash in the lake to clean off their friend’s spunk.

The following morning when Gary woke, his friend was still sleeping. He quietly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Normally he would have taken care of his morning woodie before getting out of bed, but this morning he hoped to share that experience. When he returned from the bathroom Kevin was awake. Kevin smiled at his friend as he pulled down his underwear and proudly displaying his rock hard woodie as he rolled out of bed and knelt on the floor. Soon each was covered with spunk of the other, with a few splotches on the hardwood floor.

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A special thanks to my friend, pvtguy, for his thoughtful suggestions that clarify what I am attempting to say.  Also, I thank him for his careful review with resulting edits that make it appear I have mastered the English language. 

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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The two boys are having great fun exploring themselves with each other. 

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Poor Kevin has been the victim of unwanted female "attention" in 1974 just as he was in 2015 at the school reunion, and may have well experienced it on occasion(s) in between. It seems he has always been too polite or reticent to speak up. I guess in 1974 "back off bitch" would no doubt have led to him being labelled a faggot and made life difficult. Going forward if he is groped again I do hope he has the courage to stand up for himself.

I am liking the direction of this story and its leisurely pace very much @Tallguyct

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