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Forget the Moon! - 15. Chapter 15

A few yards away, the god Ra comforted a saddened king while the queen cooed all over Honey. "You don't have to come to see us all the time. I would love to go visit you, as well," she suggested as she subconsciously raked her hand through Honey's soft hair. The woman was tall and elegant. She had long, dirty-blond hair and violet eyes that were a shade or two darker than Jedrek’s own. "And you mustn't leave until I get you dressed. I want to challenge the royal tailor to find fabrics that match your stunning eyes!"


"I mean, I wouldn't mind not wearing torn up pajamas, but you don't have to go to all that trouble. You're very kind," Honey said, sincerely, giving the queen a shy smile. "Visiting here sounds nice, as long as it's safe."


The Omega was still reeling from everything that had happened. He had been kidnapped, hurt, and healed by the great god Ra. The wolf had been told that he was precious to the gods, that they watched over him. The blond found out that his mate was a very important dragon, and, finally, he'd been thoroughly cuddled by his very sweet mother-in-law. And Honey wasn't even wearing proper pants.

Honey looked towards Jedrek. His mate had come for him; he wanted him. Not someone like Regan, who was so fierce, strong, and clever. Jedrek wanted him. Honey was never going to let him go.


Before they went any further into the conversation, several tailors rushed in. But, Jedrek growled at the one who approached Honey with a measuring tape in his hands. The royal tailor stumbled back in a startled manner. If they honestly thought that Jed would allow anyone to touch the golden-haired Omega after having nearly lost him, they were clearly mistaken. The dragon prince gently set Honey down onto his feet and used his own arms to lift and estimate his measurements. He barked out a size to the tailors as he went along, stopping when he wrapped his arms around Honey's waist to simply hold the Omega in his arms.

When the tailors scampered off with the information, Jedrek leaned down to nuzzle the back of Honey’s ear. “Do you want to see more of the fortress? We can start with the kitchen and get you something to eat and drink while we’re down there…” He suggested. “What do you say?”

"First, can I…" Honey blushed pink. "Maybe borrow a robe and a shower? I think I still have a few porcelain shards in my hair. Your mom got most of them. And the dried blood is itchy."

Jedrek didn't even respond. He lifted the Omega back into his arms and marched his way right to his bedchambers. They were greeted politely as they passed a few dragons, but the prince ignored them in his single-minded focus to get Honey to the restroom and to find him spare clothes. “I’ll find you something decent until your custom clothing is completed,” he said as he started up the fancy tub. He was hit with a moment of deja-vu as he peered back over at the blond.

“Honey...those words I said...when I was cursing the moon god,” Jedrek explained. “They weren’t because I didn’t want you...they were because I was afraid for you. My people can be fun and boisterous and kind. But, they are easily ruled by emotion and can be absolute brutes, myself included...so, when I was shooting off my mouth, it wasn’t because I didn’t want our bond. I never not wanted you.”

"It hurt when you rejected me." Honey fiddled with the torn hem of his shirt until Jedrek stripped it off him. "I won't say it didn't. And I don't care if every other dragon is awful to me." He held a clenched fist to his chest and looked up at Jedrek with tanzanite blue eyes that sparkled like gems. He took a deep breath and squared his shoulders, his brows furrowing. A wisp of violet fire licked from the corner of the Omega's mouth. "But if you ever push me away like that again, I'm going to be mad." He leaned forward and poked Jedrek's chest. "Like, really really mad. And I'll probably cry and embarrass myself, and Regan will yell at you." Honey gave his dragon's pec another poke, more to enjoy the delicious feel of the muscle, this time. "And my cousin will probably shave your head in your sleep." Honey looked at his mate seriously. "And I won't try to stop her."

His mate was absolutely beautiful, even while in the midst of scolding. For the sweet one, Jedrek would walk around bald most willingly. He took hold of the blond’s hand and pressed the palm to his chest, right over his heart.

“Understood,” the dragon responded as he knelt down on both knees before his mate. “Can you forgive my stupidity?” He begged. “My angel, I thought that you would be safer without me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I deserve any punishment you wish to bestow upon me.”

Honey leaned forward, sliding his cheek against his mate's, scenting him.

"I think you've been punished enough," Honey said gently. "Come in the tub with me, let me feel your arms around me, make me feel safe, and I'll forgive you anything."

Both of Jedrek's natures couldn't have been more relieved. His inner beast was more pleased than Jed had ever felt in years prior. He helped the wolf out of his clothes and rid himself of his own before leading Honey into the massive tub. The edges were ornate and intricate with embedded gems. Though the water bubbled like a hot spring, Honey merely felt it as lukewarm. Afterward, they found that it was the violet flames they shared that protected Honey from fire and heat of any kind.

Honey was smiling widely by the time Jedrek had finished washing him from head to toe. He'd been gentle, thorough, and methodical. The careful touches had begun to excite Honey more than soothe. Still, the wolf hadn't wanted to interrupt his mate when Honey suspected Jed was reassuring himself that Honey didn't have any hidden injuries. The Omega was relieved when Jedrek put the washcloth down. Honey promptly hugged the dragon and rubbed their slippery bodies together, delighted at the sensation.

The dragon prince let out an embarrassing sound, which was a mix between a rumbling purr and a squeak. He had been so focused on his task that the fact that the two of them were naked hadn't quite registered. The warmth of his mate against him, coupled with Honey's distinct scent, caused another embarrassing sound to fall from his lips. His inner beast couldn't have been more pleased.


But, Jedrek himself had to force himself to think through the haze of lust. "Fire...the fire we share," he explained. "It's traditionally shared between mates, and it opens up a brief mental connection between them." He lifted Honey's chin. "I have never shared my flame with anyone but you. Do you understand, Honey?" He continued. "You are it for me, and every aspect of me, man and beast, are in agreement. I want to spend the rest of my life with you if you'll have me."


"I will," Honey answered with a tremble in his voice. "I'll have you forever." He wrapped his legs around Jed and pressed his hardness against the ridged abs if his mate's stomach. "Show me how much you mean it."

Jedrek’s smile became sensual as he held Honey up, effortlessly with his hands. He leaned down to take the cherub's lips with his own, coaxing the soft mouth open until he was able to stroke the blond’s tongue. He released his flame deliberately that time, in a controlled and gentle stream.

{Honey, my angel. My cherub,} Jedrek broadcasted to the wolf telepathically. {I promise to bring you home safe, and we’ll both live together there in Carnellia. Close to your family.}

Jed maneuvered them both until they were seated in the tub with the dragon's upper back leaning against the edge, and the wolf was still curled comfortably on his lap. His large hand didn't hesitate to reach down to stretch his mate in a very gentle manner. He continued the slow pace until Honey pulled away and frowned at him with tanzanite blue eyes that shone with their shared flame.

{You won’t hurt me,} the young wolf insisted. {Why are you h-hesitating?}

Jedrek’s inner beast gave the prince such a nudge that it took all that Jed had to remain in control. He did, however, work his length into Honey until he was surrounded by the Omega’s heat. It was slick, tight, and so warm inside his mate. Just as the blond began to move, Jedrek took a firm hold of his hips to keep him in place.

Whether his blue-eyed mate believed it to be Jed’s need to keep control, it had really been for Jedrek to keep from spilling his load before they could truly begin. He gave the blond another long, thorough kiss and then rained kisses down the side of Honey’s neck.

{Allow me to feel you for a moment, beloved.}

Honey shivered, tightening on Jedrek's hard length. It felt so good being filled by him, stretching and touching him so deeply. The Omega fought to stay still, unknowingly broadcasting his pleasure and need to his dragon mate.

Jedrek leaned back so that he could thrust upwards into his partner. His hands were still holding on to the wolf’s hips, using them as leverage for his movements. He never would have imagined that he’d be able to witness the beauty of the angel before him in the midst of pleasure again. The dragon had been a fool to think he could have been able to continue as he had before after having tasted Honey. As he tugged the blond into a rather lurid kiss, one of his hands slid up and down the wolf’s spine. That same hand then took hold of the Omega’s buttcheek as he grinded his way inside to the base.

Honey gave a guttural groan, his head falling back. His wet blond locks dripped lukewarm water down his heated skin.

"So good," Honey moaned. He rolled his hips, gasping at the pleasure. "I want this, want all of you."

A rumbling growl escaped Jedrek’s lips. His cherub’s words only incited his efforts to drive the wolf crazy with lust. “You have me,” Jedrek responded in his deep, dragon tone. “Every part of me, my beautiful angel.” He tugged Honey into each of his thrusts as he drove himself deep inside rhythmically. The movements gained in speed and precision as he studied his mate’s reactions with fervor.

Heat pooled low in Honey's belly then bloomed outward in a rush that had the Omega's back arching and a cry falling from his lips. His fingers dug into Jedrek's shoulders as Honey clung tight, splatters of white spilling to decorate the dragon's stomach, then sliding down to be lost in the bathwater.

Jedrek wasn't far behind. As he peaked, he tugged his blue-eyed mate against him and held him there. The bubbling water felt downright tepid compared to the warmth of their bodies, but the beast inside him wouldn't have it any other way...and neither would he.

"You are my cherub Honey," Jed rumbled in a gentle but deep tone. "Always remember that you are beloved by me above anyone else."

"Love you," Honey murmured, dazed from pleasure as he rested his cheek on Jedrek's shoulder and nuzzled into his neck. "You're my big, wonderful, sweet dragon." He closed his eyes, body melting against Jed's warmth. Contentment filling him as the rightness of everything sank into him down to his bones.

Copyright © 2019 Thirdly, HinderToyBL, Rambling Robin; All Rights Reserved.

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9 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

Aww poor honey all embarrassed about being half nekkid!

Good thing that shirt is huge.

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I have the feeling Honey will enjoy being cosseted and cuddled by his mate for a long time. And Jedrek's beast won't care if his human feels a little embarrassed over being both possessive and soppily romantic. :lol: 

  • Love 2

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Awww - that was lovely. 

Almost makes up for the prospect of lukewarm baths for evermore.  Although if they are shared baths like these, then maybe that's okay...


  • Love 2

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9 hours ago, Timothy M. said:

I have the feeling Honey will enjoy being cosseted and cuddled by his mate for a long time. And Jedrek's beast won't care if his human feels a little embarrassed over being both possessive and soppily romantic. :lol: 

Absolutely! Though, to be honest, Jedrek's beast only wants Honey to be happy and to pet him. He'd happily take over if Jed's not doing right by him! 

  • Haha 1

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3 hours ago, Brokenbind said:

Awww - that was lovely. Almost makes up for the prospect of lukewarm baths for evermore.  Although if they are shared baths like these, then maybe that's okay...

LMAO! Good point! Though, there is a version of a Jacuzzi for dragons and their mates...water boiled from an underground lava. 

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In the voice of Oliver Twist I want more I loved this so funny and exciting from start to now Regan and Gideon are so funny and I love Honey he is so cute seriously 

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On 6/28/2020 at 2:19 PM, Nana Atuwa said:

In the voice of Oliver Twist I want more I loved this so funny and exciting from start to now Regan and Gideon are so funny and I love Honey he is so cute seriously 

Glad you enjoyed this one so far.

  • Love 1

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