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  1. Indeed not the Guards regiments are trained to withstand any tourist frivolity and they are extremely adept at so doing. The other sight so well worth seeing is the Horse-guards of the Household Cavalry Made up of the Blues & Royals quite a sight when on parade and guard duties. Peter
  2. Hello yes, very definitely so. I've been with this story since book one, chapter one. I was hooked, can't say how many reading hours have gone into it but three laptops later ( reading on trains is hazardous). I'm still at it and awaiting updates as they come. Regards Peter@theloft Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.
  3. peterattheloft

    JV Chapter 7

    Well now as a Brit I can say thast the last serious flood of the River Thames was in 1928 ... So, I doubt they need to worry. Ohhh and Vegemite is called Marmite in the UK and we thought of it first then it travelled across continents and became Vegemite in certain former colonies😄
  4. My secomd reading of 'The Castaway Hotel' I find it just as fresh and totally absobing as I did 'first time round'. The characters have depth and the storylines are just so good. Being a Brit I'm not all that familiar with the American Education system but I get the basics and I'm sure I'll learn more as I go. I've read it all once a few years back perhaps when it was still coming out. I do recall waiting for the next chapter!! Regards Paul Jamison DD P.S. I've written two stories myself, they can be found on the Awesome Dude site.
  5. peterattheloft

    Chapter 12

    There's something gone wrong with the HTML typesetting here in this chapter. Really hard to read
  6. I can wait... I think the story so far is just amazing . Peter
  7. They were excellent. I have discovered that all the pictures for the first 68 chapters are missing they are not in the gallery. From Chapter 69 onwards they appear in the text as one would expect and the previous chapters indicate they should be there but they are not as the link ( picture description ) just does not work anymore. Shame as it would seem I've missed quite a bit of the story and explanations of the navigation. Peter
  8. Hi Many thanks. I've just discovered the story and it seems there were pictures included but they are no longer there in the chapters, just a description of what the pictures showed, Yes, the Atlantis page link seems to just loop back to what seems to be an abandoned old site. I hope that CJ, now he appears to be back and active, might know what's gone wrong? I am only on chapter ten so think I have a week or two'w good reading ahead, Peter Milton Keynes UK.
  9. Can anyone help me? I am reading 'Circimnavigation' and at the end of most chapters there are links to the Atlantis Boat pictures page. these seem to lead in circles to a site that does not seem to work anymore. There are also 'posted image' announcements with a description, but again no picture ? What's happened? is there a glitch with the link? Peter
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