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    Wayne Gray
  • Author
  • 5,319 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Bluegrass Symphony - 12. Boyfriends

Sheriff Keen left Wren and Caleb to their upcoming demolition project, turning down the road leading to Rachel's house. He, Adam and Rachel were all close to the same age, and they went to school together, so Casey knew Rachel well.

When Adam had disappeared a decade ago, Casey was sure he'd be found. Adam's vehicle was still parked so he couldn't have gotten far. At least, that was what they had thought. As the days went on, all of them began to accept that Adam was gone. After weeks of effort, the search was called off and a year after he vanished, he was declared deceased.

Ever since that day Sheriff Keen had wondered. He and Adam weren't exactly close, but it was a small county, and they knew one another. Casey respected Adam's ethics and his resistance to his brothers' practices. For him to just disappear, it certainly drew the sheriff's scrutiny.

He pulled up beside Rachel's place, where Rachel was already out and working on her farm. She had a basket on her hip and was walking in from the chicken coop. Her smile was visible from the path and she threw up a hand in greeting.

Casey grinned and returned the gesture. He'd always liked her. The thing with Adam's disappearance was made all the harder watching her go through hell and, over the weeks, seeing the hope in her eyes slowly die.

He walked to the corner of the house and tipped his hat. "Miss Rachel."

She still had a hint of a smile. "Sheriff Keen."

He knew he was grinning like an idiot, but he couldn't quite help himself. "Ah, can," he motioned at the basket, "can I help you with that?"

Rachel looked down at the basket with its twenty or so eggs. They both knew it wasn't heavy. She handed it over. "Why, thank you."

He followed her around to the side door. "I was just around, an' wanted to make sure you're well."

Rachel climbed the steps and opened the door. She looked at him, her head tilted a bit. "Well, I'm doin' fine. But with Beecher's passin', things could be better." She nodded. "Though it's real good to have Wren back home."

"I can imagine. He's a good boy." Casey handed the basket over to her. He put his hands on his hips and looked toward the road. "I suppose I'd best get to movin'." There was a hint of his reluctance to do so in the tone.

"Well, I'm sure yer a busy feller." Rachel eyed him. "Think you could take a few minutes to sit, have some coffee, an' catch up a bit?"

Casey's grin had returned. "Well, I think maybe I could find the time."

Sheriff Keen followed Rachel inside, the door gently shutting behind him.

Caleb watched as the front corner of the old house leaned under the force of the excavator. Matt expertly handled the machine and that section of the home got to the point of no return, then slumped over with the sound of breaking wood and a rush of air. Dust rose up around the pile of debris, and then the only sound was that of the excavator's engine. There was more to do, but after Matt repositioned the excavator, it would be a simple matter to knock down the rest, piece by piece.

Matt hopped out of the idling machine and stepped over next to Caleb and Wren. "Well, that's a start." He eyed the jumble of wood, plaster, and roofing material on the ground. "Want me ta break things up some and lift the bigger bits into the garbage as I go?" He jerked a thumb at the big metal waste container sitting nearby.

Wren grinned. "Well, sure. If it's not too much hassle." He nodded at Matt. "I'll pay you for the trouble."

Matt waved a hand. "You already paid for a hour." He climbed back up into the seat of the excavator and spoke louder so he could be heard over the engine. "Let's see what we can get done in that time!" With a grin, Matt began scooping up entire chunks of wall. Then he turned the bucket of the excavator and dumped the pieces into the trash.

Caleb found it oddly satisfying to watch the machine at work. Matt was saving them a tremendous amount of time by helping with the disposal as well as the demolition. He put a hand on Wren's shoulder then, leaned and raised his voice so Wren could hear him over the machine. "I'm going to call Charles!" He flinched at the sound of scraping metal on wood as it lifted another bucket-full of stuff.

Wren turned toward Caleb and wiped his face. Tears had tracked down Wren's cheeks, and he smiled sheepishly at Caleb. Wren nodded at his friend.

Caleb patted Wren's shoulder and gave him a sad smile. He knew the moment was one that needed to happen, yet it was still painful for Wren. Caleb walked over to the edge of the garden, away from the noise of the machine. Charles expected to help them with the work, and after Matt finished Caleb was sure they could use the extra pair of hands. Caleb pulled out his phone and called his brother.

Tracy scrolled through the choices on her phone. She bit her bottom lip, searching for the perfect solution to Caleb's date conundrum. Charles had already left to go help Wren and Caleb with the tear-down of Beecher's place, and that left her and Oliver at their home. That suited her fine - it meant she could plot in peace.

Oliver burbled and wriggled around on the couch beside her. Tracy smiled and patted his little body. "Are you a good baby?" She leaned over, and his tiny hands gently pushed at her face. "Momma's gonna git em!" She mouthed his soft belly through his jumper, and he tittered with laughter. Tracy raised up and looked at her happy boy. His sea-green eyes were wide, excited, and unsure at what she would do next. He continued to giggle and thrash his short, chubby limbs.

She laughed. "Oh, you are momma's good little man." He was fed, had been changed only a few minutes before, and he had a happy start to his day. "Such a helper." Tracy pushed his growing, dark hair off of his forehead. "Helpin' momma get uncle Caleb's date planned." He grunted in response and was distracted by a fly as it buzzed through the room.

Tracy knew that she was lucky to have such a healthy and happy baby. She and Charles were further blessed to have Caleb nearby who loved and doted on Oliver. So she would do everything in her power to help Caleb have a great and memorable date with Wren.

The fact that Caleb had now accepted himself enough to allow for a date was progress. Tracy had a knack for seeing things in people, and she had known both Wren and Caleb were gay for some time.

When she had first brought it up with Charles, her husband had been a bit stunned by the revelation, but it wasn't long before he too accepted how things were. Together, they decided that they would be as supportive as possible to both of them. That Caleb and Wren would fall in with one another had always been a happy little fantasy in their discussions. That it seemed to be happening was a great source of joy to both Tracy and Charles. Tracy knew there were some bumps along the way, but she was confident the pair would find their path.

Tracy went back to her phone. Finally, her eyes rested on what she had been looking for. She grinned.


Wren looked at the photograph on his phone. The camera at his mother's house had snapped a picture of Sheriff Keen's patrol car in Rachel's drive. That in and of itself wasn't cause for concern. Casey was a vigilant guy, and he often checked in on the various folks in the county, so when Wren got the notification of the sheriff's visit to Rachel he wasn't worried. He had put the phone back into his pocket and got on with the clean up with Caleb and Charles.

Then it vibrated again when the sheriff left - forty minutes later. Wren wiped his face free of sweat with one dirty hand and frowned at the back end of the vehicle in the picture the camera had taken.

"What's wrong?" Charles stopped beside Wren, leaning a little on the shovel he was using to scrape up some of the smaller bits of wood leftover after the demolition.

"Oh, it's just Sheriff Keen." Wren shrugged. "Caught him on camera. He must have gone to check on mom after he took our statements about the vandalism." Wren was careful to avoid the other business the sheriff was now investigating as well. He also didn't reveal that the sheriff had spent the better part of an hour at his mother's home.

Charles nodded. "What'd he say 'bout that?" Charles scooped up a shovelful of debris as the men spoke.

"He seemed pretty happy to get it on paper." Wren grimaced and bent to pick up a loose board. He tossed the wood off to the side, close to the dumpster. "Probably should have gotten him involved sooner."

Caleb picked up the board Wren had tossed over, and he lobbed it into the trash. "Eh. Sheriff knows we wouldn't call 'im for no reason now." He caught his breath and put his fists on his hips. "The trade-off now might not be worth the trouble to the uncles. Sheriff seemed real happy to believe they're up to no good. Now we've got it on record that we suspect them of mischief, we can call him up if we have anything else happen."

Charles smiled and appeared satisfied. "Yup. That's good." He jerked his head at the camera mounted next to the driveway. "I'm likin' those. They make things harder on those three."

Wren agreed. "Yes, for sure." Wren patted Charles's shoulder. "They were a good idea, Charles."

Charles nodded and looked around for more to haul over to the dumpster. "It was yer money. I'm glad they're a-workin'."

They continued to work over the next few hours. Thanks to Matt's excavator, most of the heavy lifting was done. All they had left was clean-up of the smaller bits. By lunchtime, almost all of it was in the garbage. The three men now stood and appreciated the sight of the cleared houseseat. The only things that remained were some cement pads that were almost level with the earth. Back when the house was built, they had bricked up supports to rest on the pads. Thanks to a lack of earthquakes, the foundation relied on gravity alone to hold it all together.

Wren tapped one of the mostly-buried pads with the toe of his work boot. "I think I can use these in my foundation." He walked the edge of the now-demolished house and nodded to himself as he got to the corner. "Yeah. I can at least use the ones in the corners."

"What kinda foundation you buildin'?" Charles picked up a few loose nails on the ground. "Doin' a concrete pad, or what?"

Wren shook his head. "No. I'm doing something called a rubble trench foundation. It'll have drainage at the bottom, be really cheap, and works well." He chuckled at Caleb's and Charles's expressions. "Just trust me. I've done these out in California when I did the workshops on strawbale builds."

Caleb shrugged. "All right. Long as you know what you're doin', we can help get it done."

Wren nodded. "Thanks." He glanced at Charles. "Hey, can I talk to you real quick?"

Wren saw Caleb frown as the two men walked away. Wren slowly led them along the path toward the barn. Once they were out of earshot, he sighed heavily. "Sorry."

Charles blinked. "Fer what?"

Wren clenched his jaw. "Ah, for the whole arm lock thing, and just… for not hearing what you were saying about how I was treating Caleb." Wren nodded as they arrived at the barn. "You're right. I knew better than to expect him to play by the same rules I'm used to."

Charles turned and gazed out over the field. "Wren, the only things that matter ta me, are that you an' Caleb are happy." He continued to look at the tilled earth and sighed. "It's just, you know things ain't gonna go well with mom an' dad. The way things are with Caleb. So I want you an' him to be as right as you two can be, no matter what that might look like. Just so he has somethin' good in life, other than Tracy, me, an' Oliver."

Wren grimaced. He knew that Rebecca and Joshua Shaw were old fashioned, conservative, and unlikely to accept anything about Caleb's sexuality. It didn't seem to be in them. "I… I wasn't really thinking of your folks."

Charles smiled sadly. "Yeah." He looked at Wren. "Well, at least they're in Lousia. They're pretty happy ta stay away from the farm an' do their own thing there."

Wren sighed. "Yeah." He thought of his own mother and her acceptance of him. "Well, I'm sure Mom can make a little room for another kid."

Charles grinned and patted Wren's back. "She already has. Takes good care of 'im, an' me too." He laughed. "She don't know how to see us without feedin' us!"

Wren laughed along with him. That much was true. He shared the moment with Charles, grateful for his friend and his continued support and understanding. "You are both part of the family, you know that." Wren put a brotherly hand on Charles's shoulder. "Thanks. Just… thanks for everything."

Charles smiled, the expression reaching all the way to his eyes. "Yer welcome. An' we know. Same fer you, Wren."

Wren nodded. He and Charles looked over the field at Caleb. The younger Shaw made himself busy and continued to pick up debris left behind by the excavator. Wren swallowed as some of his nervousness returned. "I just don't want to fuck up, you know?"

Charles nodded. "I do." He had a satisfied air as he stepped away. "That ya care, that's enough. Means the right thing'll happen in the end." Charles walked back toward Caleb and the now bare houseseat.

The way Charles said it, the confidence in his voice, made Wren smile. He followed along behind his friend to rejoin Caleb. The three men spent another hour picking over the property, until an utterly clean and cleared rectangle of land lay before them.

"You don't have to, Wren." Caleb sat propped on his elbow and smiled at Wren as he undressed. "I'm tryin' to not expect anything of you, and this is a part of it." He motioned at their sleeping area. Wren folded his jeans on the end of his cot, and Caleb gazed at him. He was now just in briefs, and Caleb would never tire of seeing his slim, toned body.

Wren looked down at him, a half-smile on his lips. "We got our date in, what? A couple of days?"

Caleb nodded, and frowned slightly, not quite sure how their sleeping arrangements and the date related.

"Well, as long as you promise to be a gentleman until then, I'll sleep with you." Wren crossed his arms over his chest and grinned down at Caleb.

Caleb laughed. "What? You're worried about bein' too easy?" He smirked. "Little late for that, isn't it?"

Wren shook his head. "Hey, you're the one who wanted to reset and try dating." Wren pursed his lips, and Caleb saw the stubbornness on his face. "Those are the terms." His eyes glittered with playfulness. "Do you accept?"

Caleb rolled his eyes. "Fine." He patted the cot. "Come on."

Wren got in and Caleb pulled himself right up against Wren's warm, smooth back. Wren sighed, and the two men each wiggled a little to press as much of their skin as possible together. Invariably, Caleb began to harden, and he grimaced as his penis filled out between them.

After a moment Wren turned his head. "Are you naked?"

Caleb bit his lip. "Uh. Yeah." He shifted, trying to get his erection into a more comfortable spot. It now lay in the groove of Wren's ass, warm and unmistakable to his slim companion. "It seemed like a good idea until you suddenly decided to play hard to get!"

Wren snorted with a laugh. "Well, 'hard' is definitely a great word to describe this!"

Caleb grinned and nuzzled Wren's neck. "You got a boner?" His hand began to slide from Wren's hip toward his groin.

Wren grabbed his hand and put it on his belly. "That is none of your business, tempter." He sighed and gripped Caleb's hand. "Goodnight."

Caleb chuckled. "Goodnight, Wren."

It took quite a while, but eventually, Caleb slept, his erection still nestled against Wren's warm, inviting body.

The next few days passed. Wren had yet to hear back from Sheriff Keen, other than a short check-in, to say that he was still trying to find someone from the EPA to talk to him about the old investigation a decade past.

The uncles had all been quiet. Wren wasn't sure if they had caught wind of the visit by the sheriff, or if they stayed away due to the cameras. Either way, he was glad. Wren didn't want trouble, he just wanted to be left alone. Since installing the devices, there had not been a single unexplained incident on the farm.

He and Caleb had got the tractor going again yesterday. Well, Caleb had, and Wren had handed him things as he needed them. Wren was thankful for Caleb's mechanical skills and his strong back. His friend was a real asset on the farm, and as the green starts of their crops appeared in the field, Wren realized that there would be a lot of work harvesting too.

Yesterday after a test run on the tractor, Wren had gone to the library in Grayson. There, he used the connection to print out his plans for the strawbale house he planned. Though he modified the original vision a bit and expanded the footprint to fit that of the foundation outline left by Beecher's old house. They'd have to build the rubble-trench foundation between the cement pads left over, but Wren was happy to reuse what was already in place.

That night after Wren's return from town, they had again spooned. Caleb breathed steadily behind him, his strong arm across Wren's middle. Wren lay there and attempted to ignore both Caleb's persistent hard-on and his own member which had gone three days without attention. It was getting more difficult as the days passed, but Wren was determined to wait until their date.

Details concerning said date were kept closely guarded by Caleb. Wren had tried to wrest information from him earlier, and Caleb only shook his head. "Nope. You said it was on me. You just need to be dressed, ready to go by five-thirty tonight."

It was Saturday evening and the time approached the appointed hour. Wren looked at himself in his phone's camera. He wore an elegant dark blue shirt, patterned with little white diamonds all over. Tan slacks that fit his body well covered his bottom half. A black belt and black leather shoes matched one another well and added to his mix of dressy and casual. Wren checked his hair and pushed at a stray bit that was sticking out. It was longer than he liked, but he hadn't gotten the chance to get it cut before their date. While he was messing with it, he caught sight of the ring on his finger.

Wren smiled at his grandfather's ring. It fit perfectly on his right ring finger, the silver and hammered copper glittered handsomely on his hand.

Wren's phone vibrated in his grip, and he saw a picture of a familiar pick-up from Charles's camera as Caleb's truck left their house. Wren's date was on the way. Caleb had changed and gotten himself ready at Charles's and Tracy's place. For some reason, the man wanted to get prepared apart from Wren.

The phone sent another picture as Caleb turned down Wren's drive, then another when he pulled up in the drive in front of the house.

'Cameras definitely work.' Wren grinned. He picked up the envelope that lay on the cot, took a final look at himself with his phone, then he tried to calm down as he stepped out of the tent. He walked quickly toward the truck in the afternoon sun. 'Relax. Why am I nervous?'

Wren opened the truck door. He blinked, and he gave an unconscious smile at the sight of Caleb.

Caleb stared at him from behind the wheel with a smile of his own. He wore a gray, denim shirt with pearl snaps. New, dark jeans were on his legs, and Wren saw the low shine from his brown boots as the light landed on them. His short hair and blue eyes accented his look perfectly. He seemed like a dream come true for anybody searching for a handsome country man.

"Hey, Wren," Caleb said as Wren slid onto the seat.

Wren openly appreciated the sight of Caleb. "Hey." He grinned. "You're looking good."

Caleb swallowed. "Thanks. You too."

Caleb started to put the truck into gear, then cocked his head as he considered something. Wren watched him. "What? What's wrong, Caleb?"

The big man eyed Wren, smiled, then he leaned over.

Wren let Caleb pull him in, and their lips met. Caleb smelled of soap, shaving cream, and his unique, masculine scent. He tasted even better. After a long, leisurely kiss the men gently drew back. Caleb had a hand on Wren's face, warm and callused. Wren looked into those eyes and felt an impossible to describe sensation as he did. Something that started under his sternum, and spread in a band over his chest. Wren's heart hammered until he could feel it beating.

"You just…" Caleb appeared both wonderstruck and elated. "You just look so good."

Wren leaned a bit into that hand still on his skin. "I'm glad you think so."

Caleb spent another few seconds, then he grudgingly removed his hand. He gripped the steering wheel. "Okay. Onward." He grinned as he turned the truck. "Our date awaits!"

Wren was genuinely curious. "Where are we headed, anyway?" He frowned. "I'll be honest, I am not looking forward to keeping my hands to myself."

Caleb smirked. "Then don't." He got to the end of Wren's drive and turned left, toward the end of the holler.

Now Wren was confused. "Err, where are we…" Caleb pulled onto his brother's drive, that smirk still on his face. "Did you forget something at Charles's?"

Caleb parked. "Nope." He looked at Wren. "Come on." For the first time that evening Caleb seemed nervous. "I hope you like it."

The two men got out. Wren followed Caleb, around the house. There, half-way to the barn he saw Tracy. She was on the way back to the house, and she grinned broadly at them. "Howdy, guys."

Wren was so lost. "Uh, howdy."

Tracy put a hand on Caleb's arm as they passed. "Everything is ready." She patted him. "Y'all have fun."

"We will. Thanks, Tracy."

By now it had darkened a bit, and a strange, yellow glow leaked out between the gaps in the boards of the barn loft. Wren stared up at the building. As Tracy walked away, Caleb took his arm. "Come on."

Wren let his date lead him to the barn. Once there, Caleb began to climb the ladder to the loft. Standing underneath, Wren saw a rope of lights around the edge of the loft, and then up the poles inside too. It lit the place in a muted and warm glow. The smell of something savory also hit Wren's nose as he followed Caleb up the ladder.

He got to the top. Caleb stood beside a little patio table set up in the loft. A single candle was unlit on the middle of the table, and two covered plates were there as well as a bowl of salad. Place-settings for two, which included a couple of wine glasses and a bottle of red wine, completed the treasures Wren could see.

Caleb gulped with nervousness. "Uh," he waved a hand over the table. "I… I know it isn't what you're probably used to." He looked at the table, and Wren could see the anxiousness in Caleb. "Anyway, when Tracy suggested it, I thought it'd be the only way we could have a…" He frowned and slumped. "Ah. I'm sorry. You were looking forward to this, and…"

Wren took two steps and folded Caleb in his arms. At first, Caleb stood there, his hands hovering over Wren. Then he hugged Wren back. Wren smiled against him. "This is awesome. This is perfect."

"Really?" Caleb's tone was filled with both hope and doubt.

Wren leaned back to look at him. "Yes. Really."

Caleb stared down. Finally, he smiled with relief. "Okay."

Wren and Caleb took their seats. Caleb took the foil off of their meals and released steam into the air above the table. Wren took a look at them. Each plate held a ribeye, covered in a peppercorn blue cheese sauce, a brown sugar butter-glazed sweet potato, green beans with bacon, and a moist brownie. Wren's mouth watered when the food was revealed.

"Holy shit." It looked a little steamed, thanks to the foil, but the smell was amazing.

Caleb grinned and portioned some of the pre-dressed salad to them both. "Tracy is really going crazy with her recipes." He snickered. "She and Charles are having the same thing we are."

"Wow." Wren shook his head, impressed by the food. "She made all this?"

Caleb nodded and speared a forkful of salad. "Yep." He took a bite, and his tongue snagged a caper that had landed on his lip.

They both began to eat. The steak was a perfect medium, juicy and flavorful with the sauce. Wren's eyes rolled back as he chewed. He made an unconscious noise and swallowed.

Caleb grinned at him. He too was obviously enjoying the food.

They ate a sumptuous dinner and drank a great bottle of wine split between them. As Wren sipped the last of his wine, Caleb wiped his mouth with a napkin. Caleb smiled as Wren gave a contented sigh and sat back. "How was that for dinner?"

"Oh man, so good." Wren couldn't stop smiling. He laughed. "I don't know how you'll top that, mister."

Caleb chuckled. He stood, stepped over and pulled Wren to his feet. "Well, we're not done with our date."

Wren looked into Caleb's eyes. "Oh?" His voice was soft as Caleb held him. "What else do you have planned for us?"

Caleb grinned. He pulled out his phone, pressed a few buttons then put the device down on the table. Wren looked confused at the phone, then the first few notes of "I Hope You Dance" began to play.

Wren laughed in delighted surprise.

Caleb's face was alive with emotion as he wrapped Wren in his arms. Slowly, he swayed side to side with Wren in his embrace. The song played and Wren lay his head on Caleb's shoulder.

Wren closed his eyes, his skin tingling and heart thudding along in his chest. Caleb's strong hands rested on the small of his back, his body warm against Wren's.

The motion of their bodies in time to the music lulled Wren into a kind of trance. Caleb gently kissed his neck and chills chased over Wren's skin. Wren opened his mouth slightly and breathed. Slowly, Wren leaned more on Caleb, a desire to be close to the man ruling him.

When the song faded they remained together, both unwilling to part. Wren cleared his throat. "This was a nice date, Caleb."

Wren heard the small sounds of Caleb's face moving as he smiled.

"It's not over yet." Caleb's hand slid down until he pushed firmly against Wren's ass. The tall man ground his groin into Wren's at the same time.

Wren wet his lips. "Ah, this is cruel." He grinned. "Making me want sex when there's no lube in sight?"

Caleb smirked. He held Wren's hand and led him to the back of the loft. There behind a wall of carefully placed bales of hay a comfortable looking nest of sleeping bags and blankets lay on the floor. Beside that, very visible, was a bottle of lubricant.

Wren gaped. "Oh man. You planned well."

Caleb didn't answer. Instead, he began removing their clothes, while Wren touched, kissed, and played with him. By the time they stood naked in the cool air of the loft, both men were painfully erect, and each oozed precome.

Caleb lay Wren down on the bags. He followed him, his tongue insistent and needful in Wren's mouth. Soon, Wren felt the familiar sensation of lubricant, and Caleb took care of that while they made out.

Caleb pulled his mouth away and Wren stared up at him from his back as Caleb lined up. As he began to push forward, Wren lifted his hips slightly to help things along. The entry was smooth, and Wren's jaw dropped as he lay his head back on the pillow.

Caleb never stopped watching Wren's face. Wren looked at him and there was something powerful in Caleb's expression. It was the same thing he had seen that first night down at the tent.

'He looks like I feel.' The thought sprang to Wren's mind as Caleb sank into his body. Wren groaned, and Caleb slowly flexed his core, driving his hips in a sensual, steady rhythm.

'How I feel…' Wren's thoughts did their own thing and he couldn't stop where they went. Caleb began to stroke Wren, and his motion picked up. Caleb's breathing increased along with his movements.

Caleb clenched his jaw and Wren gasped. As the big man speared himself deep into Wren, they both groaned. Wren orgasmed and shot a thick, hot rope of semen up his front, all the way to his neck. Then he continued to fire in time to Caleb's hips. Caleb leaned down, panting as he got off inside Wren, and the men kissed, both passionate in the moment.

Caleb continued to pant and lay his head against the side of Wren's neck. When they had both recovered, Wren rubbed Caleb's back with a smile.

"I don't know if I can handle anything else if you have more planned for our date." Wren giggled, and Caleb pushed up to grin at him.

"No." Caleb bit his lip and reached to run his fingers lightly over Wren's face. "No, this is all of it." Caleb's expression shifted to something akin to reverence as he looked at Wren. "This… is everything." Caleb's Adam's apple moved as he swallowed and continued to look into Wren's eyes.

That same feeling was there, and Wren knew. He no longer had a doubt. Wren stared up at Caleb. "So, I think maybe, if you wanted, maybe we could try the boyfriend thing."

Caleb's face quirked into a surprised smile. "Oh?" He wiggled his hips a little, sliding his cock in and out a bit. "You gonna tie yourself down to a hillbilly like me?"

Wren laughed at Caleb's restless pelvis and smiled back at him. "If you'll have me, yeah."

Caleb's smile melted slowly and he continued to stare. Finally, he wet his lips and nodded.

"Yeah. Boyfriends it is."

* Sheriff Keen goes to see how Rachel fares - Wren notices
* The house is demolished. It's time for a new start
* Tracy plots for Caleb
* Wren and Charles come to something of an understanding. Wren gets a reminder that Rebecca and Joshua Shaw aren't exactly the most accepting parents
* Wren makes Caleb hold out for their date
* Date Night! The boys think it went pretty well, how about you?

As always I love to hear your thoughts on the chapter. Thanks for reading.

Copyright © 2019 Wayne Gray; All Rights Reserved.
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1 hour ago, Geemeedee said:

Just to make sure I understand — if the guys want to get clean, they have to go to Charles’ or Rachel’s. They haven’t rigged up a shower with buckets and a hose or something. So their normal mode of getting rid of sweat and dirt on their bodies is wet wipes? And they store their clothes in the tent, just folded up? Sorry, city girl here.

I just figured they occasionally hopped into the ‘crick!’

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Now I’m hungry for a steak dinner first thing in the morning (first thing in the morning for me, that is, with my weird sleep schedule). And there’s absolutely no room in the budget for steak.

I missed these guys! And Tracy came up with a great date for them. Such a romantic setting. With such a convenient spot to complete the evening.

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3 hours ago, Wayne Gray said:

Those uncles... maybe they decided to just leave the boys alone?  You know, a change of heart?  🤪

You have never dealt with backwoods farm boys who think they have been crossed, have you?  


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1 minute ago, Kitt said:

Wait, you are the author, you know exactly of which I speak!

Mmmm hmmm.  Yeah, "let it go" isn't really in the lexicon of backwoods boys.

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44 minutes ago, droughtquake said:

Now I’m hungry for a steak dinner first thing in the morning (first thing in the morning for me, that is, with my weird sleep schedule). And there’s absolutely no room in the budget for steak.

I missed these guys! And Tracy came up with a great date for them. Such a romantic setting. With such a convenient spot to complete the evening.

Hey, I want a nice steak dinner too!  By the way, peppercorn and Gorgonzola cheese sauce on a steak is amazing.

Thanks for reading and commenting.  And yes, I do think Tracy came up with a pretty good "Pinterest Date Idea".  😛

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37 minutes ago, FanLit said:

It seems like sheriff Keen is keen on Ms. Rachel and Ms. Rachel might not mind.

A respectable amount of time has certainly passed!

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This chapter took a looooog time to come along but itwas worth of it. Tkx.

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2 hours ago, Parker Owens said:

Oh, hell yes. They make a great pair, as you’ve written them. It may be fiction, but you give light and hope with it. Thanks. 

Thanks, Parker.  🙂  I like them.  They've each got their faults, but most interesting people do.

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1 hour ago, Tonyr said:

This chapter took a looooog time to come along but itwas worth of it. Tkx.

Yeah, I know.  Life is getting in the way of writing...


And Droughtquake is 1/2 right, in his next one.  I am writing Silverwolf, trading off with Bluegrass Symphony.  I was going to stick to Silverwolf, just to spite the haters, but I decided that'd be punishing myself.  I like writing both.  Though, it means longer periods between updates for each!  :-s

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23 minutes ago, Thorn Wilde said:

So cute and so hot! ❤️ 

I'm glad you think so, Thorn.  Again, thanks for editing.  🙂

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