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  1. Squirrels are rats with good P.R..
  2. Awesome story! An excellent handling of a sensitive subject.
  3. Estiveo

    Chapter 21

    Really fun, well told tale.
  4. Estiveo

    Chapter 18

    😂 my first car was a cousin of that bobcat. A 1972 Ford Pinto. My idiot father traded his 1967 Mustang in for it, and I ended up with it when my parents split up in '76.
  5. Estiveo

    Chapter 18

    some friends were walking their dogs in the Hollywood hills the other day and met a cousin of Zampa's. Luckily, the dogs like cats, and the bobcat was curious, so everyone walked away satisfied with the encounter.
  6. Estiveo

    Hellos and Goodbyes

    Okay, you made me cry.
  7. Estiveo

    Chapter 33

    That was fun.
  8. Estiveo

    Chapter 1

    Having cut my teeth on Encyclopedia Brown and the Hardy Boys, this was a joy to read. My youngest brother absconded with the extensive Hardy Boys collection that our mom maintained in her bookshelves long after we grew out of them. I may have to borrow a few of them back, now.
  9. Estiveo

    Chapter 26

    Really well told tale. I'll miss spending time with these guys.
  10. Estiveo

    Chapter 3

    Have you been taking cliffhanger lessons from Dahawk? Good chapter; I'm really enjoying this.
  11. A triumphant return! I even forgive the cliffhanger, which almost gave me an annerism thingy. 🤣
  12. Estiveo

    Chapter One

    Interesting start. I like the characters so far and am looking forward to future chapters.
  13. That was a hell of a ride. Nicely done.
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