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  1. Estiveo

    Sad News

    Healing thoughts heading his way. ❤
  2. Estiveo

    Chapter 3 - Tanner

    Dammit, now I want a caramel tart.
  3. Estiveo

    Healing 1

    Good ol' Stoker U! With the J. Harker School of Law & the Renfrew Hospitality College, there's something for everyone. And I hear Pledge Week is a scream.
  4. Estiveo

    Chapter 40

    Whew, OK, read from the beginning starting last week and am now up to date. I'm enjoying the story very much & am looking forward to reading on in real time.
  5. Estiveo

    The New Normal

    I was so happy to see this I almost had an annerism thingie! Great first chapter, glad the gang is back.
  6. Estiveo


    I hope you have your power back. Mine came back up about an hour ago after 41.5 hours. And power or not, another excellent chapter.
  7. Estiveo

    Chapter 35

    Great chapter, as always, and happy anniversary!
  8. Estiveo

    Chapter 33

    Awesome chapter. Nash's closure was especially nice.
  9. Estiveo


    Congratulations on your wedding! I'm so happy for you both!
  10. Estiveo

    Chapter 31

    Not that the whole chapter wasn't great, but the fart at the end? *chef's kiss*
  11. Estiveo

    Chapter 26

    This was an extra happy chapter. Your characters, as always, are people I'd like to know IRL.
  12. Estiveo

    Chapter 23

    Laughter is such an aid to healing.
  13. Estiveo

    Chapter 21

    Really well written. Easing Nash & Jarren into the aura club was done just right. And Liam is on to the fact that something's going on, but seems to trust that his grown-ups will let him in on it eventually. (Although I wouldn't bet on his patience lasting more than about 5 minutes.) While I'm sure there will be hurdles, there's an underlying joy just waiting its time to manifest.
  14. Estiveo

    Chapter 18

    This has been a great story so far. Every bit as good as A Tattoo for Lex, which was excellent. I'm always looking forward to the next chapter.
  15. Estiveo


    It's been a helluva ride! Thanks for a wonderful story, great characters and a positive portrayal of gay men, and their straight family, friends, & allies. I'll miss 'em.
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