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there's something about Charlie.



so, I was thinking about this new writing idea.


it's nothing all that special, and I probably won't even post it to GA, but I was thinking about doing a series of tongue-in-cheek vignettes based on popular tv shows.


in particular, popular formulaic tv shows. CSI, Criminal Minds, Hot in Cleveland, How I Met Your Mother, that sorta stuff. anything that's cliched or follows the same episode structure every week.


to start you off, this is one I've done for the popular CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men:


(Charlie Sheen walks into loungeroom with messed-up hair)


Charlie Sheen: "Hello Jon Cryer, I had sexual intercourse last night."


(laugh track)


Jon Cryer: "Hello Charlie Sheen, I did not have sexual intercourse last night."


(laugh track)


Fat kid: "Dad, what is sexual intercourse?"


Jon Cryer: "I would not know, as I did not have sexual intercourse last night."


(laugh track)


Charlie Sheen: "You never have sexual intercourse, Jon Cryer. It is because you are sensible."


(laugh track)


Fat kid: "Housemaid, what is sexual intercourse?"


Housemaid: "Ask your mother, fat kid."


Fat kid: "Oh, bother."


(more laugh track, then ad break)



as you can see, it's a very literal form of humour, highlighting the cliched nature of the subject matter. other parodies might reference the off-screen lives of particular actors (eg: Charlie's fascination with porn stars), but I thought I'd stay in character and play by their rules for the first one.


anyway, let me know what you think.


if enough people like them, I might actually bother to put some up in eFiction or something.


in other news, blew my knee out last weekend. nothing particularly special (playing basketball - don't even remember when it happened, frankly), but it's swollen as all hell, and walking in anything other than straight lines is pretty much a no-go. fun times. doctor's thinking torn cartilage, so I'm looking at at least six weeks on the sideline if it able to heal by itself.


otherwise, surgery.




anyway, could tell you a million other wonderful stories, but I'll save those for another time.


needless to say, life is pretty good.


hope you're all well.



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Yay for new blog and the writing idea of yours that I like.





But big NAY for you knee. Hugz. :hug: Hope you get better soon.~



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