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Latest Project and Updates



It has been ages since I've ever done any serious writing for GA. I feel bad - because for whatever reasons that could exist... I simply got bored... bored of the material I was writing.


I have, however, began a new project that I think is a compelling story and will probably eventually turn out to be one of my better works. I guess it helps if the story had huge personal significance. We write for so many reasons. For this project - my reason is closure... on two fronts. If, when this project starts being posted and you follow it, refer back to this post - that will be a hint as to the events in the story. Key phrase: closure on two fronts.


For those of you familiar with In Anticipation - I'm sorry to say that it will be scraped. I read and re-read it yesterday. I have forgotten what I was doing with it. So in the rubbish bin it goes.


As for How Nathan Saved the World - I intend to eventually start work on it again. I re-read it and got shivers over it's potential that I saw. I hope it's a good thing when a writer sees the potential in something they've written? :)


Enough about writing for now - how about an update on plain old me, eh?


I just celebrated my 23rd birthday on November 6th. My birthday was a quiet yet special one just the same. My friend Tom, in the UK (who I have the unfortunate yet fortunate crush on) decided that he'd waste some money on getting me a little present. When he informed me that he was gonna do it - I made it clear that I didn't want to. Naturally he said ok fine and did it anyway... I love him even more for it :)


I returned the favor and got him a couple of presents for Christmas/birthday since they are right next to each other. I hope he'll like them. They have to do with his favorite soccer team - Everton Football Club. One of them, I'm sure, will garner a slight chuckle.


Anyways - that is enough for now. I need to enjoy what little time I have left before I head off to work! :P'


Later Kids!



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Nice to hear from you. Glad that things are going well. Looking forward to reading your new project. I'm disappointed about Anticipation but hey... it's your story :)



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