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  2. Just a reiminder about Chapter 1 of Life Beginning. Also, I've been working on a new project that is a little bit different. How about a character with two first names? :)

  3. Chapter 1 of Life Beginning has been posted!!

  4. Be ready for more Will, Sam, and Blake. Time to see where they are after the events in After Life.

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      Looking forward to it. :)

  5. In full writing mode for the next story to tell

  6. I've been seriously writing the next story. We follow up with some of those from After Life. Too much to put here. But one tidbit: No Supernatural entities in this one! Stay tuned!

  7. Happy Birthday, liukas! I hope you're having a great b-day!

  8. Dear Reader, I am so happy that I have been able to bring you comfort through this story, including this chapter. Originally chapter 6 was going to be split into two, yet my beta insisted that one big final chapter was best. I am glad that I followed her advice. It is very tricky to allow larger chapters to flow and keep the reader interested. I am so glad you enjoyed this. I enjoyed writing it and gaining the closer I needed. Thank you for reading!
  9. And Chapter 6 is posted! After Life is Complete! Go and Check it out!

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      I couldn't go to sleep without reading chapter 6, but the review will have to wait until after I've had some sleep. That was a wonderful final chapter liukas. I'm out of likes, so I'll do that later. :)

  10. Chapter 6 – Dedicated to The Sport *Paul's POV* I'd been keeping a watchful eye on everyone for a considerable amount of time. I was particularly impacted by Will's trip to Florida. Will definitely did not deserve what had happened to him. However, the lesson that Will would eventually learn because of it would be an important one. In addition to that, I was happy that he found a new friend in Blake, with potential for more. My thoughts about Will's situation were short lived, though. The final soccer match of the season was going to occur. I felt like I needed to be there to cheer the team on, even though they'd never hear me. I'd make sure that they’d at least feel my presence and know that I was still there with them in spirit. The team deserved that much from me. I turned away from the wall and stood there in silence. I looked around at the hallway, admiring its beauty that seemed to become better and better each time I saw it. I found myself thinking that I could get used staying here, then reminded myself that this was Limbo; I didn't actually want to stay here forever. I started thinking about my eventual need to cross over. I stood there and thought long and hard. Was I ready yet? What else did I need to do on Earth before I crossed? There were many thoughts that crossed my mind. However, I knew deep down that I was almost ready. It was going to be soon. I just knew. “Eddie. Grandma. Grandpa,” I said to the silence around me. Instantly, as usual, a bright light engulfed me. When it cleared, there they stood, beaming at me. “Hello there, dear,” said my grandmother sweetly, coming towards me to give me a hug. 'Hey there, son,” said my grandfather, shaking my hand. “Paul,” replied Eddie. “Hey guys. I've called you all because I've been doing some serious thinking.” They all nodded their heads, waiting for me to continue. “There’s a soccer game tonight at school, the final one of the year. I'd like to go to that. Then, I should be ready. I think it's time.” My grandparents looked at each other, their smiles widening. Eddie studied me for a moment and then smiled warmly and nodded his head. “I think that a very wise way to finish up,” he said. “I agree,” said my grandfather. “I am so happy for you, Paul,” said my grandmother. “Thanks guys,” I replied smiling. “I love you all so much.” “We love you too,” said my grandmother. I stood there for a moment smiling at them. Eventually, I bid them farewell and went over to the wall looking at the stadium full with people. I was filled with excitement for the game as the light engulfed me, transporting me back home one last time. ~*~*~*~* I arrived at the soccer field to a scene that left me in awe. The stadium was packed! There wasn’t a single open seat in the stands! As I surveyed the crowd I noticed that there were many people holding up signs. I walked around to get a closer look. I was struck with even more emotions as I noticed that they were tributes to me. “Rest In Peace Paul!” “We love you, Paul!” “#42 - Always in our Hearts and Memories!” I was so shell shocked at all of the tributes; I couldn’t begin to comprehend how I was feeling at this moment. All I knew was that I wanted to find my family. I knew they had to be here. I continued walking around the field, pausing every now and then to read more signs, all of them for me. I arrived at the guest box, an area within the stand reserved for special and VIP guests only and looked up. There, in the guest box, were my parents and Dana, Will and his parents, and Sam’s mom and boyfriend. All of them were dressed in my jersey and holding signs. They all looked excited to be there, to see our team play the final game of the school year in my memory. I studied my parents, feeling the sadness behind their excited smiles. I stood there for a long time, my thoughts interrupted by the booming voice of the announcer. “Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the final match of the year! Your Brentwood High School soccer team faces Franklin High School. May the best team win!” Applause erupted around me. The energy of the crowd, mostly Brentwood supporters, filled me with a new sense of elatedness. I was ready to see a good game of soccer tonight. I still could not get over the amount of love the fans were showing towards me! What an awesome gesture! “And now, please join me in introducing your 2013 Brentwood High Soccer Team!” echoed the announcer around the stadium. More applause erupted as the players began to file out onto the field. The announcer named each player, causing more applause from the fans. As the team filed onto the field, a group of people where pulling a small podium with a microphone towards our goal end. I scanned the team looking for Sam. When I saw him, he was standing there looking calm, holding a piece of paper. I could tell that he was a little nervous, but to those who didn’t know him, they’d never see it. Once the podium was situated and the microphone was hooked up to the speaker system, the announcer spoke again. “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce player number 7, Samuel Adamson, to the podium to deliver a tribute to the Late Paul Goodman, player number 42. Tonight’s match is in memoriam of Mr. Goodman.” Sam left the team and ran over to the podium. Our coach was standing by the podium and patted Sam on the back as he stepped up to the microphone. Sam quickly surveyed the crowd and began his speech. “Good evening Bruin family and Rebel neighbors. Tonight is a bittersweet moment, sure to go down in our memory, especially mine, as one of the best moments of our lifetime. We gather this evening to share in a sport that has brought the Brentwood and Franklin High School communities closer together. Sure, we despise each other during football season, but soccer always seems to soften us up.” There was light laughter from the crowd at Sam’s statement. Sam smiled and then continued. “Tonight, we play our final match of the school year. This alone, is already a bittersweet moment for many of us, as for some, this is our final high school soccer game before we continue our education at institutions of higher learning. However, as bittersweet as that is in itself, we enter our final match of the year without the presence of our star player. “Paul Goodman lived and breathed soccer. Soccer was the one thing in his life that made him happiest. He was truly at his peak when on the playing field. To put it simply, he was dedicated to the sport. He never missed a practice, always showed up early, and always played hard. I can remember always being in awe at his skill on and off the field whenever he had a ball at his feet. I can clearly remember myself aspiring to be at his level someday. Paul pushed me every single practice and game to do just that. And while biased, my mom would likely say he succeeded.” There was more laughter from the crowd followed by a shout from Sam’s mom from across the field. “I love you, baby!” “Thanks mom, I love you too,” said Sam before continuing his speech. “Off the field, Paul was the absolute best friend in the world that anyone could ever ask for. His charm, his sense of humor, his maturity, his passion for life; they all combined to make him someone to be proud of, someone to be in awe of, and someone to, without hesitation, love with all of your heart. “I loved Paul Goodman. He was my rock, my anchor, and my savior from some pretty rough times in my life, especially when I lost my dad to cancer when I was nine. Paul taught me that I could truly love someone with no boundaries. The fact that he had a better body than me, the fact that he was better at math than me, and the fact that he beat Legend of Zelda before me, didn’t matter.” There were more chuckles from the crowd. Even I was chuckling as well, while beaming at Sam with the strongest surge of pride I’d ever felt. Sam continued after the laughter died down. “What also didn’t matter to me was that Paul was a man. I had fallen in love with another man, and found it to be completely acceptable. My mom and dad had raised me to be who I was without hesitation. So when I came out to my mom when I was 13 and told her about my feelings for Paul, she was right there with me and told me it was ok. To my mother, all I can say to her is that she has no idea of how much I truly love her. To Paul, I would say the same thing.” Sam paused for a moment as he was beginning to become emotional. Tears started flowing from my eyes at this point. I wanted nothing more than to let Sam know that I loved him too. Sam continued his speech when he gained control of his emotions. “To Paul Goodman, you were everything I ever wanted and needed in my life. Even though your heart belonged to someone else the last 3 years, I never stopped loving you for who you were and who I thought you’d eventually become. My love and loyalty to you will never falter. The strength that you send me everyday from the great beyond keeps me going and keeps me pushing through the often tedious task of merely navigating the winding road of life. Without your presence in my life and your spirit to guide me, I would be lost. My life up to this point would have been as black as the ink in a pen; without color, without brightness, without purpose, and without meaning.” Sam was crying by this point. The coach came up to him and started rubbing his back. At first I thought he wouldn’t be able to continue. Sam looked lost and brittle in that moment. However, he suddenly wore a determined look on his face and continued. “In closing, I just want Paul to hear this message. Paul, if you are here with us tonight, which I have no doubt that you are, please know this. Your school loves you. Your team loves you. Your family loves you. Will and his family loves you. And finally, I love you. Thank you for being a friend, a companion, and a knight in shining armor. “Thank you. May your memory never be forgotten and may you rest in peace until the end of all days. Until we meet again, my friend. Thank you all so much.” The crowd cheered. The strength of their cheering was a dull roar. I looked over at the guest box to see everyone that was there standing and clapping with all of their might, Dana jumping up and down. I joined her in jumping as well, as Sam, shaking hand with the coach, exited the podium before it was wheeled away. I could see the still fresh tears in his eyes. What an excellent speech. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be keeping tabs on Sam for the rest of his life in any way that I could once I crossed over. As soon as the cheering died down, albeit slightly, the announcer introduced the Franklin High School soccer team. I then made my way to the guest box, observing an empty spot with my name written on a piece of paper next to my family. Wow! A spot just for me! I took my seat and cheered my team on as the game got underway. Man, was I ready for an excellent game of soccer! ~*~*~*~*~* I road home with my parents and Dana after the game was finished, their excitement fueling my energy levels. I wanted to spend some time with them before I crossed over, waiting for them to eventually join me in the afterlife. Everyone was talking about the excellent match, how our team played a hard game to eventually emerge victorious. The atmosphere was alive with such positivity that hadn’t been felt here in so long. Eventually, my family went into the den to watch a movie together. Mom was searching the many DVDs we had of our movies while Dad and Dana sat on the couch, waiting for her to join them. “What shall we watch this evening?” mom asked them. “Aww mom, can we please watch Harry Potter? It was Paul’s favorite!” exclaimed Dana. Mom looked over her shoulder at Dad who smiled and nodded his head. “Harry Potter sounds terrific, hun,” he said to my mom, earning a beaning smile from Dana. “Ok, Harry Potter it, then.” I walked over to the middle of the room, standing close to my mom as she put the disk into the DVD player. I really wanted to speak with them. I knew I had the energy to do so, their happiness and the excitement at the game made sure of that. I closed my eyes and focused really hard, willing myself to be seen. “Hmm, the DVD player won’t turn on. I know it’s plugged in,” said mom, sounding frustrated. “Here,” said Dad. “Try the remote.” Mom had just started to head over to Dad to get the remote before Dana suddenly stopped her in her tracks. “PAUL!” I looked up at my sister and smiled warmly at her, her eyes wide with amazement. My parents looked at her intently, their expressions showing their bewilderment. “What, baby?” asked my mom. “What is it, pumpkin?” asked Dad, staring intently at Dana. “Look guys, it’s Paul. He’s standing right there,” she said, pointing her finger at me. My parents looked at me, while I said hello, at the same time. Immediately mom screeched and jumped backward, nearly falling on the floor against the couch before catching her balance. Dad looked frozen, like he couldn’t move. “W… what the f… huh?” was all he could get out. Mom was staring at me, now unable to speak. “Paul, you’re here!” exclaimed Dana as she got up and came to me. I motioned to give her a hug, worried I’d just go through her or something like that. However, when my hands and arms made contact with her small body, I felt comforted. I drew from some of her energy to make sure I’d feel warm to her. “Hey, kiddo,” I said to her. “I knew you weren’t really gone,” she said, smiling. “Yep, I’ve been here all along.” I said tussling her hair, causing her to giggle. Dana went back to sit on the couch and put her hands on her cheeks, her eyes still transfixed on me. I looked at all three of them and smiled warmly. My parents seemed to finally digest the sight in front of them. “Paul, you’re… you’re here,” said my mom, still slightly unsure. “W… we found you dead in your room. We had a funeral for you, we buried you. How are you here? “What the hell is going on?” asked my dad. “It’s me Mom, Dad, Dana. It’s Paul. I am dead, but you’re seeing my spirit. I’ve been watching you guys ever since I died. I’ve never fully left your sides.” My parents were still trying to grasp what was happening, but considering they were essentially looking at and talking to a ghost, they were handling this rather well. After a few moments, Dana finally spoke again. “Guys, say something. He probably doesn’t have much time with us right now, do you Paul?” “No, I don’t have much time. I’m about to fully cross over to the other side. Once I do, you won’t see me anymore. You’ll feel my presence, but you won’t see me.” “Cross over? Is that like, going to Heaven?” asked my mom, finally calming down. I smiled at her and nodded my head. “Yeah, something like that. I’ve been with Grandma and Grandpa. They’re doing great!” “Oh my god…” said my mom before beginning to cry. I went to her and took her hand in mine. She flinched slightly before she realized what I’d done. “Hey hey, it’s ok. I’m ok, Grandma and Grandpa are ok. Even though we’ve died, we’re still here with you, always. We will always watch over you all. Then, when the time comes, we will meet you and lead you to the other side. “I… I just never thought I’d see you again, you know? I’ve regretted not being with you when you died, to hold you, tell you it was gonna be ok, to tell you I loved you as you passed,” she said. I touched her face and wiped her tears away. “You stop having those regrets this instant. You had no way of knowing what happened to me until it was too late. I was never angry at you, Sam, or anyone, well, except Will.” Mom smiled at me and nodded, knowing what I was referring to regarding Will. “Oh my god, Sam,” she said. “Did you, I mean, were you there when he gave his speech at the game tonight?” “Yes, it was so moving and totally perfect. I also sat in my seat to watch the game with you.” My mom let out a mix of a sob and laugh as she grabbed me and took me into her arms. “Oh my god it IS you! You were there; at the game! Oh, and we can touch you! You guys, it’s our baby!” Mom and Dana busied themselves touching my face, chest, and back; their way of making absolutely sure it was me. They were crying, tears streaming down their faces. Dad didn’t move; his expression was one of confusion mixed with disbelief. “Come here and give your old man one last hug,” said my dad a few moments later, reaching for me. I went over to him and embraced him warmly. He began to sob on my shoulder, something I never witnessed him do. “It’s ok, Dad. I promise, I’ll always be here with you. We WILL meet again someday, I promise.” “It’s just not been the same without you. The world just seems much bleaker without you here with us,” he said, sobbing uncontrollably. “The house it too damn quiet these days.” “I know, I know,” I said soothingly. “But you all should be happy, move on, live your lives. Remember the good times, don’t dwell on the bad. Please, for me.” I left his embrace and looked at everyone, mom dabbing her eyes with a tissue. I backed away from the couch, towards the TV. I looked over to the DVD player and made the little light on it illuminate, signifying power had returned to it. “I need to go now. I have others I need to see before I depart this world. Just please believe and have faith that we will see each other again when your time comes to pass. I promise you, we will all be reunited some day. But until then, live your life to the fullest. Be happy and always keep my memory alive. That’s all I ask.” “Of course baby, we love you! Don’t you ever forget that!” said my mom. “You know I won’t. I love you guys.” And with that, I disappeared, leaving my family behind for the last time. ~*~*~*~* I stood in Will’s room. He was sitting at his desk staring blankly at the computer screen, looking at nothing. He seemed hollow, like a shell. His facial expression showed very little emotion, if any. I gathered my energy and spoke. “Will.” He twitched and spun around to see the source of the disturbance. When he saw me behind him wearing a sly grin, his eyes bulged. He began to shake fiercely, causing himself to tumble out of his chair and onto the floor. He laid there, seemingly glued, not wanting to get up. “Get off the floor, Will,” I commanded. Will jumped up and stood there looking at me absolutely mortified. “Wha… W… What are you doing here?” he asked. I stared at him, my expression reserved, but riddled with anger. “You can’t be! You’re dead! I… I saw you in a coffin… dead!” he shouted. “Surprise,” I said with a rueful grin. “Sit down. Now.” Will slumped back into his desk chair, his gaze not leaving me. “Yes, you saw me dead. Dead, I am, but gone, I’ve never been.” “T… this is not happening,” said Will, looking positively frightened. I saw his look and took an opportunity to have some fun. I rushed towards him in one fluid moment and grabbed his shirt, pulling his face mere centimeters from my own. “You should be frightened,” I spat. “You know you’ve been quite the pompous asshole ever since I was gone!” “Y… you can… get off me!” he screamed. “Oh no. I’m not going anywhere,” I said, tightening my grip on his shirt. “I’m not leaving until I make my point.” I let go of him and started pacing in front of him, ready to respond in case he tried to run out of his room. “What do you want, Paul?” he asked. “To finally rest in fucking peace, Will. I can’t do that until I’ve spoken to you. Now, are you going to make this easy and listen, or are you going to puss out and make this so much harder on yourself for the rest of your life?” “P… Paul, you c… can’t be here right now, y… you’re d… de… dead,” he stammered. “Hell yeah, I’m dead. And fuck yes, I’m here. Now look here, you little shit, it’s your turn to listen. You haven’t exactly done that very well the last little while, so I guess I finally need to give you the business.” “Say what you want, Paul,” Will said angrily, resuming his place in his chair. I continued pacing, thinking about all the things I wanted to say, fully aware of my limited amount of time. “Will,” I began. “You’ve really disrespected my memory. Going after Sam for sex, saying those horrible things to him. You really pissed me off.” “I’ve said nothing about you!” shouted Will defensively. “I’ve done nothing but try to remember you for who you were in life!” I grabbed his shirt again, fury in my eyes. “Don’t you dare lie to me! I’ve seen everything since day one! Your petulance at my wake, your episode in Sam’s bedroom, your phone call to him while he was at my house, your escapades in Florida; I’ve seen it all! I’ve been right there with everyone this entire time. Don’t lie to me now.” Will sat there stunned and broken. In a way, I felt sorry for him, however, my anger clouded over that feeling. “You apparently didn’t see where I apologized to Sam,” said Will. “Oh yeah, I saw that,” I said. “But you didn’t mean it. You still don’t get it, Will. You still don’t understand exactly what you’ve done to disgrace me. You only apologized to Sam because you knew that was what he wanted to hear from you, knowing he desperately hates being at odds with people.” “Yeah, exactly, I wanted to give him the ability to rest easy. So I apologized, for his own sake. I know I still have shit to deal with, Paul. The incident in Florida brought that all to the surface.” I thought for a moment at his words before facing him. “Then prove it. If you want to get on my good side in death, prove it.” “How do I do that?” “Oh I don’t know, Will. You have your whole life ahead of you to right your wrongs. Learn from your mistakes and live your life by what you learned. Then, when your time ultimately comes, we will talk.” “What, you’re going to talk to me when I die?” he asked, confused. I smiled. “Precisely.” I then vanished before his eyes to head to my next meeting, the most important of them all. It was time to go to Sam. ~*~*~*~* **Sam’s POV** I had the entire house to myself tonight. Mom was working late, as usual, and going to Andy’s after work. Once again, as usual. Mom always seemed to make a point, in one way or another, to spend as little time at home as possible. It didn’t matter to me a whole lot, I just wished I saw her more. I grabbed a spoon and bowl and decided that I wanted some ice cream. I looked at the ice cream options in the freezer and decided on butter pecan, once of my absolute favorites. As I spooned the ice cream, my thoughts began to focus on the speech at the game. I thought about how many hours it took me to write it, how much emotion went into the speech, how much energy went into it. It was at times, rather overwhelming. I thought about what Paul would say to me about the speech if he could. I thought about the things I wished I’d gotten to say to him before he died. I thought about Paul all of the time. He was never far away from my mind. My only comfort the past few months was faith in the belief that he was also never far away from my side either. There were, at times, instances where I could swear I felt him next to me, as if he were literally in the room. I held on to those moments whenever they occurred. It was those moments that were keeping me from going crazy over losing him. I tried my hardest to be strong in the days, weeks, and months since his death. However, in private, I allowed myself those brief moments to just let go and let all the emotion pour out of me through my tears. I took my now full bowl of ice cream and went into the family room. I thought about watching TV, but decided to eat my little treat in silence in the dimly lit room. I savored the flavor of the sweet, creamy, cold, substance. It was perfect. It was amazing why I didn’t get fat. Between me, myself, and I, I ate a ton of ice cream, something I promised never to tell the coach about. I sat the bowl down on the end table once I was finished. I sat on the leather sofa and continued to think about Paul and all the time we spent together over the corse of our lives. There were many memories, pretty much all of them good. Paul and I almost never got into any sort of argument or other altercation. We meshed together so well. We were so perfect together. “I miss you so much.” I jumped at the sudden sound of a voice next to me on my right. Immediately looking over I was caught by complete surprise and total fear and confusion. There, sitting next to me, was Paul. I tumbled off of the sofa and onto the floor. I heard a laugh. I was scared shitless. I got up and looked back where I thought I saw Paul sitting. When I was able to focus, he was still sitting there. I blinked hundreds of times, trying to force my brain to process what I was seeing. My heart was thudding against my chest, ready to burst out of it at any moment. “I’m dreaming! This cannot be real!” I shouted. I began to pinch myself and slap my face in order to wake up from this dream. “No, Sam. You’re not dreaming,” said Paul calmly. “N… no. No! You’re dead. Y… you’re dead, Paul. There’s no way you can be here right now.” I was trembling in fear at this point. I slowly began to back away from the couch. Paul got up from the couch and moved towards me slowly, a slight smile on his face. I was transfixed on what I was seeing in front of me, my eyes not leaving his gaze. I continued to back away from him until I suddenly backed into a wall behind me. I was so paralyzed in fear that I could not move. The nearer and nearer Paul got to me, the heavier my breathing became and the faster my heart beat. “Paul, please… stop… go away. You’re g… going to give me a… a… h…heart attack,” I said, my voiced strained. Paul stopped, inches in front of me. He raised his hand and moved it slowly towards my chest. I was becoming more and more petrified as his hand got closer. Then, I felt his hand on my chest over my heart. Holy hell, I could feel him!. Suddenly, a soothing warmth spread through my body from his hand. My heart rate lowered and my breathing subsided. Instantly, I felt calm, almost serene. Paul began to smile warmly. “There now, that’s better isn’t it?’ he asked. He removed his hand from my chest. I stood there, staring at him, gazing into his eyes. I was perplexed at what I was seeing, but I was calm. My calmness allowed me to think much more clearly. “Is it really you?” I asked. I wasn’t fully convinced it was him. This had to be some sick trick by Will. “I swear on our entire friendship that it is,” he said. “Knock it off, Will,” I said angrily, causing whoever was in front of me to laugh. “This is something he would likely do, isn’t it?” “Perhaps. I have a question for you. If you’re really Paul, you’ll know the answer to this,” I said. “Go on.” “Okay, what was the first thing I ever said to you when we first met when we were toddlers?” I asked. Only Paul would know this because no one else witnessed this exchange. We also promised we’d keep it a secret from everyone. “The first thing you told me when we first met was ‘you’re pretty’,” he said. “You said that to me in preschool. No one was around and we promised it would be our little secret for our whole lives.” I stood there stunned. He was right. He was right! “Oh… my… god! It is you, Paul!” I rushed forward and gave him a hug, his embrace feeling so warm against my body. When I pulled away, he had a single tear falling out of his eye that he quickly wiped away. Oh goodness was this amazing! “Um… surprise?” said Paul, shrugging his shoulders. “Oh my g… wow! How are you here right now? I mean, no offense, but I saw you um… dead in your room and in a casket. Paul laughed heartily. He looked just like he did in life. He seemed so full of life right now. It was amazing! “Will said the same thing; my parents too, sort of.” “You’ve seen Will?” I asked. “Yeah, I have, and my parents.” “Yeah, I’m not surprised you’ve seen your parents. But you actually spoke to Will? I mean, have you even seen how he’s been since you um, wow, died?” I asked, saying the last word in a whisper. Paul let out a sigh and began pacing, his mind deep in thought. “Yes, I went to Will. I’ve seen everything, including Florida and the phone conversation. I’ve not missed a thing, Sam, I swear.” “What were your thoughts about Florida?” I asked. “Honestly, he deserved all of it,” shrugged Paul. “The incident is the only way he’ll eventually learn from his mistakes and learn not to take people for granted.” I was confused. “What? You don’t think he’s learned already? He apologized to me, Paul, for everything.” “Yes he did. But, he only told you what you wanted to hear. He knew you hated being at odds with people, so he said what he said to allow you to move on.” I thought about what he said. I was upset with Will on one hand. But on the other, it made sense. I really was too quick to forgive people. “You really need to work on forgiving people too soon, Sam.” “Yes, I know. I need to grow some balls.” Paul smiled at me and began walking out of the family room towards the kitchen. “What? Are you like, hungry, or something?” I asked, puzzled. “No. I was hoping that we could go to your room; someplace a little more safe,” he said. “Oh, um, ok. But, I’ve got the house to myself tonight. Mom’s with Andy.” “Cool. Now come on.” I followed Paul though the kitchen and over to the stairs that led to the upper floor. I was curious why he wanted to go to my room, not that I cared, I mean, Paul was always welcome in my room, dead or alive. We entered my room. He went straight for my study nook and turned on the TV. “Game?” he asked holding a controller. “Um, ok wow, I’m about to play video games with the ghost of my best friend. “Sure, Paul, you’re on,” I said walking towards him. “Awesome,” he replied, smiling. We played a racing game for a while, laughing and bantering as we did. It really was just like old times. The entire time though, I was still a little sad. This time with him couldn’t possibly last for too much longer. When we finally finished after a couple hours, I laid there on the floor, a content expression on my face. Paul looked over at me and smiled. He turned off the TV and sighed. He then laid next to me, mimicking my posture. “This is nice,” he finally said after a few minutes. “Yeah? I’m having a great time with you, as always. But I’m a little sad.” “Why?” he asked. I let out a sigh. “Because I know you’re not going to be here with me for much longer. I think, if possible, after tonight I’ll miss you even more than I already do. I already miss you like crazy everyday.” “I miss you too, Sam. I’ve missed this. Us. I’ve missed… us.” I looked over at him, his expression showing he was deep in thought about something. “What are you thinking about?” I asked. Paul let out a sigh and looked over at me, a light smile on his lips. “Sam, I… um… I’m so very sorry that you and I did not get a proper chance at being together.” I was confused. “I don’t understand, we hung out all the time. We’re together now.” Paul chuckled. “You’re right. But I meant, a chance at being together, you know? As in, a couple. I’m sorry that you and I never had a chance to be a couple.” “Oh right. That. Well um, you don’t have to apologize. You were with Will, Paul. You wouldn’t have done anything to come between you two anyways.” “Perhaps,” said Paul. “Why are you apologizing? I mean, we’ve already had this discussion, remember?” “Yes, I remember. We talked that night right before I died. I just wanted to remind you that I was sorry, I guess.” “Well you’ve already been forgiven, Paul,” I said playfully. “Awesome, thanks.” he said causing both of us to laugh for some reason. Our laughter died down and left us laying on the floor next to each other in silence again. I kept stealing glances at Paul every now and then just to make sure he was still there. I didn’t know how much longer he had. “Sam,” said Paul some time later. “Yes?” “I saw your speech at the game. I was there.” “Y… you were?” I asked, stunned. “Yeah,” he replied, smiling perfectly. “You were brilliant. You were perfect.” “Thanks,” I said, blushing. “It made me realize something, something I always knew, but something I should’ve acted on a long time ago.” “What?” I asked. Paul looked over at me. His face bore a look I’d never seen from him before. If I had to describe it in one word it would’ve been ‘passion.’ Suddenly, Paul pushed towards me. I was momentarily worried at what was happening before I suddenly felt a warm and tingling sensation on my lips. Paul was kissing me, with so much passion and fervor that I was paralyzed. I laid there, letting him kiss me, trying to figure out what I should do. Should I stop him? Should I let him continue? Should I kiss him back? What the hell should I do? As if my body answered for me, I began to return his kiss, my body becoming charged with an energy I’d never before experienced. As the kiss continued, we began to moan, the pleasure of our mouths sending both of our bodies and beings into overdrive. My cock was completely hard within seconds. Paul began to move, not letting our lips disconnect. Before I knew it, he was on top of me, his arms at either side. I felt his hard cock pushed up against mine. I felt my arms leave the floor and make their way to his broad, muscular back. I momentarily allowed myself to be reminded that Paul was still dead before I finally gave myself over to him completely, letting him drive. Oh my god was I on cloud nine right now! As our making out continued, I began to notice the room around us was dissolving into some sort of mist, like we were literally on a cloud. Then, I felt my body literally leave the hard floor that we were originally on. Paul, seemingly oblivious to what was happening around us, was still on top of me, kissing me. It was amazing! My body, my soul, my entire being ,was riled up from this experience. It took everything I had not to blow my load right then and there. Suddenly, the kissing stopped. I was worried that he was gone. However, when I opened my eyes, I smiled widely, relieved to see that he was still there. What I also saw was that we were both completely naked, and definitely not in my room anymore. “W… where are we?” I asked, looking around. “Someplace safe, Sam.” “But, my room was safe. I told you, I have the house to myself.” “Yes you did. But now, we are someplace truly private. We have to be here. For this.” “For this? For making out?” Paul smiled at me and lightly kissed my neck, threatening to send me back into overdrive. “Oh my god,” I panted when he finished. “You like that?” he asked, chuckling. “Oh hell yes,” I responded, still panting. “We can do more, if you want.” “What do you mean?” I asked. Paul kissed my lips tenderly, the tingling sensation returning momentarily before he stopped. “Sam, I… I want to make love to you. I want to have your virginity. You deserve this. We both do. I love you, Sam.” Paul kissed me again, my soul on fire for him. We kissed for another long time, the most erotic and amazing feeling ever. I couldn’t explain why a simple kiss like this was sending me over the edge. It must’ve had something to do with the fact Paul was not actually alive. Whatever it was, I wanted more of it. Paul gazed deeply into my eyes when this kiss ended, the most angelic look on his face. At this moment in my life, I don’t think I’d ever seen anything more perfect. “Ok, Paul. For this moment, I’m yours completely. Take me. Make love to me.” My words ignited a passion within Paul I’d never experienced before, not even close to what happened just before. He began kissing me again. This time, there were absolutely no words to describe how it felt. The feeling, it was almost… other-worldly. His kisses left my mouth and began to make their way slowly down my body. He stopped at each nipple and sucked on them. The intense stimulation, aided by the tingling sensation I felt from him before, sent me to someplace beyond regular human comprehension. I looked up at him every now and then and met his gaze, willing him to continue on. Eventually he got to my pulsating cock, pre-cum leaking out of it in a continuous stream. When he began his administrations to my cock, my vision blurred and my head spun. This was insane! On and on Paul went with his administrations. If he didn’t stop soon, I’d blast my load down his throat, something I was more than willing to do if he allowed it to happen. The stimulation was simply beyond anything I would likely ever experience again. Eventually, Paul stopped blowing me, not wanting me to cum yet. He stood up, his magnificent, muscular body glowing in front of me. His hard cock stretched out beyond his body. I could not believe how gorgeous he was. He began stroking himself as he locked eyes with me, the love and passion evident in his gaze. “Are you going to get off now?” I asked, slightly annoyed. “No, I’m lubing myself up.” He finished stroking and knelt in front of me. He pushed my legs apart and began to finger me, loosening me up. I reveled in the pleasure he was giving me. The tingling sensation I experienced when he kissed and blew me, was now inside of me, loosening and lubing me up, ready for the certain penetration that would soon come. Paul fingered me for a long time, occasionally hitting a spot within me that just ignited me with so much more passion and love. I had to be careful not to cum when he hit it. When he finally stopped fingering me, he lowed himself to me and kissed me gently. His kisses were so perfect. They were amazing. “Are you ready? I love you so much, Sam.” “I love you too, Paul. Yes I’m ready. Fuck me.” Paul pushed his hips forwards. I could feel the tip of his hard cock poking at my entrance. I held my breath as the pressure increased. I was worried it was going to hurt. Then, I gasped as he entered me. He slowly continued to push into me, causing me to moan. I held onto him he pushed further and further, begging him to go on with my moans. Then, he was fully inside of me. We locked onto each others gaze, the passion in our eyes vibrant. Slowly, he thrust his hips back and forth, his dick moving in and out of me. It was amazing. On and on he went, delicately hitting that spot inside me with each and every thrust. Of everything else we did, nothing up to this point felt as good as this. “You okay?” he asked me some time later, still thrusting in and out of me. “Oh god yes.” “Good.” Paul began to thrust a little faster and with a little more force. I didn’t think it was possible, but the pleasure he was giving me was now even more amazing. He began kissing and lightly sucking on the right side of my neck, sending me even more into complete bliss. The pleasure was so intense that I couldn’t make any sounds. Paul’s breathing began to become more erratic. He was getting close. I was getting close. He picked up his pace even more, his mouth still on my neck. “I’m going to cum, baby. I’m going to do it.” he whispered quickly. “Oh… go on.” Suddenly Paul was gasping for air and moaning. His load filled me up, the sensation of his warm load sent me into overdrive. “I’m going to cum too; keep going.” I said. Paul’s hand then moved to my cock and began to stroke me. Ten strokes later, I was blasting my load all over our bodies, the feeling so intense. Paul nurtured my orgasm with his hand until its conclusion. When I finished he slowly pulled out of me. Tenderly kissing me, I felt the energy around us begin to loose it’s intensity. I looked around us, the white surroundings caused by the ‘mist’ was beginning to fade back into color. I ended the kiss to ask Paul what was going on. “Paul, what’s happening?” “Our time is almost up, babe. It’s almost time for me to go.” “No! No, not yet! Please stay with me a little longer. I want to hold you some more.” Paul smiled at me and kissed me. Looking back into my eyes with his smile, a single tear fell form his eye. “I’m sorry, Sam, but I have to go now. You know that I love you. I’ll always love you.” “I’ll always love you too, Paul, forever and always.” “Good. Can you promise me something before I go?” “Yes, anything.” “Promise me you will move on from me, from this.” I was hurt by his words. I was so sad. However, I knew he was right, even if I didn’t want him to be. “It will take me some time, but I promise. But even if I find a lover, they will not be you. They will not be perfect like you are.” “No they won’t,” Paul smiled. “That will be why you’ll love them, because of their imperfections.” “I suppose you’re right.” I admitted. “Of course.” At that moment, Paul began to become transparent and fade away. I could still feel him, but the feel of him was becoming less and less. “Sam, I love you. Please don’t ever forget that. I’ll see you again someday. I promise. We will be reunited.” “Oh Paul, I love you too. Stay near to me.” “You have my word that I will,” he said. Paul gave me once last kiss. Then, when it was over, he suddenly vanished. I blinked and then felt the sensation of falling. Before I could begin to panic because of the sensation, I closed my eyes to envision Paul’s face and body. I smiled broadly at the memory of what we had just done. Then I opened my eyes, finding myself back in my room, still on the floor where we were before. My clothes were still on my body. I rubbed my hands around my body for a bit and looked around. I wasn’t sure if what had happened was a dream or had been real at all. What I did know was, whatever it was, it was amazing. So, I resolved myself to have faith that it was indeed true. Smiling at that conclusion, I went up to use the restroom. When I finished urinating, I allowed myself to touch my rear entrance, just out of curiosity. When I felt that it was loose, as if something had been inside of me, I smiled widely, overjoyed. “Hell yeah!” I shouted to myself. ~*~*~*~*~*~* **Paul’s POV** I returned to Limbo, feeling refreshed, the encounter with Sam fresh on my mind. I walked at a quickened pace along the tunnel. I was finally ready to move on and leave this place. Everything I’d wanted to do was done. “Grandma! Grandpa! Eddie!” I shouted. The familiar light gleamed around me and dissolved, showing my grandparents and Eddie standing before me, smiles on their faces. “Paul, my darling!” said my grandmother, pulling me into a hug. “You’re finally ready? You’ve done everything you needed?” she asked me when she let me go. “Yes I have,” I replied. “Good,” she said. My grandfather stepped forward, his hands outstretched to offer me a hug as well. “Welcome back, kiddo,” he said with a smile. I hugged and thanked him. I looked over at Eddie who was looking relieved to finally be here with me at this moment. I walked forward and gave him a hug. “Eddie, thank you so much, for everything.” “Ah, don’t mention it.” I ended our hug and gave him the brightest of smiles I could muster. I was finally at this point. I was finally crossing over. It was bittersweet in a way. But I was more than ready. “Ok guys, I know I’m ready now,” I said. “We can tell,” said Eddie. “We think you’re ready too.” “Yes we do,” said grandma. “Yep, you're in for a treat,” said grandpa smiling. “Ok great,” I said. “So how do we do this?” “Simple,” said my grandfather. “Just open the door and walk through it. Me and your grandmother will go through first and then you and Eddie can follow. You see? Simple.” “Ok then. Let’s go,” I said. The four of us walked to the door, my grandparents holding hands as we walked. “How was your final day on Earth?” Eddie asked me as we walked. “Dude, so awesome. I’ll tell you all about it when we get over,” I replied enthusiastically. “Awesome can’t wait.” My grandparents stopped in front of the door. They both looked back at me and smiled, their hands still clasped together. “See you on the other side, dear,” said my grandmother. “We love you so much!” “I love you too!” And with that, grandfather opened the door. The bright light appeared. I noticed them begin to walk forward. When it dissolved, the door was closed and my grandparents were gone. “Wow,” I said. “Yeah, it’s pretty amazing,” said Eddie. “Ok, I’m ready to do this,” I said anxiously. Eddie took my hand in his. We walked forward and faced the door. Eddie then opened it, exposing the bright light to us one final time. “Paul, I can’t even begin to describe it to you. It is so beautiful here.” The emotion within me was overwhelming. I began to cry out of the sheer joy of what was happening. “I… I can only begin to imagine it,” I said through my tears. And with that, we walked forwards; our hands clasped together as we entered the After Life, our eternal paradise. ~*~*~THE END~*~*~*
  11. I am posting Chapter 6 of After Life as speak! This is the final chapter!

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