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Warning about psych meds

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Even if you're not a teen, psych meds can make you have suicidal thoughts. I found this out recently. For the past week or two, I'd been having suicidal thoughts from a medication called Buspar. I have since stopped taking the drug after researching whether or not there were any kind of withdrawal symptoms. If you're taking psych meds and experience suicidal thoughts, either go to the hospital (if you're in immediate danger) or schedule an appointment ASAP. That is all.

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I'm glad that you are hopefully going to be on the upswing from this now dear. :hug:

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Suicidal thoughts are one of the side effects of my epilepsy meds. Haven't had any so far, at least I don't think so... do homicidal thoughts count :)


Glad you've caught on to this sooner rather than later hun. Hugs

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glad your feeling better. After I stopped one med, around springtime, I quickly spiraled down into withdrawal so bad I had to go to the hospital. You'd have thought I had done meth or something. ( that was a joke, I don't do drugs and have never even SEEN meth in my life ) I didn't research it before I stopped so I'm glad you did and are warning others :)

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In addition, the psych med Seroquel can not only cause weight gain very quickly but can raise your cholesterol and triglycerides to dangerous levels. I learned this the hard way. Before going on it, I had my blood work done and my levels were perfectly normal. Within six months, my levels had shot through the roof and I had put on twenty pounds without eating more than I normally did. I immediately called my prescribing doctor and weaned off them. Be careful with psych meds and their side effects. And thanks, Tiger for bringing up this topic.

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