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No Baby Momma Update - Really

Andrew Q Gordon


Been working on the long promised companion to Second Shot - this would be Jordan's trial for those who followed the story. It is a bit harder to write than to visualize. Trials are actually rather boring, just ask anyone who's been stuck on a jury for a long case. The interesting exciting parts are few and far between. So that is proving a bit more of a struggle than imagined.


I submitted the Anthology work, but kind feel meh about it. :mellow: It seemed so much cooler when I was writing it than it reads on line. That and not many people are reading it. Oh I know that with 19 new stories, it is hard to get 'face' time but somehow it had 20 'reads' before going live and didn't get 50 in the first day. Lotta work for so few people to read.


Worst part of writing in being unable to get it out fast enough. I have a couple different stories I want to get written; A longer novel type story from the Antho, the end of Purpose and maybe book two for that, depending on reader interest, I have an idea for a companion to Sec Shot - basically some of the characters would be there in supporting roles but someone else would be the main character. There is also the longer Novel that grew from the short story Not For Hire.


Funny thing is I see myself moving away from stories like Second Shot, at least for now because it's hard not to regurgitate the same old story line. I find, however, that is one of the more popular genres and those stories are read far more than other genres. I find myself wondering if I will be like one of those great band that 'sells out' to make it's music more marketable and thus sell more copies. Of course I am not selling anything yet so I am free to follow my muse.


Then I read something really good like Nightowl's Indiana Summer and I feel inspired to try to write something that has the same real feel to it. If you haven't read I.S. yet, I recommend it. Really feels like you are living their lives. It is that 'feel' that motivates me to write in the genre. It is easier, in some ways, harder in others, to NOT worry about working an in depth plot or building a new world. stick the simple first love angst and run with it.


Who knows, this is rambling. Maybe I'll just read for a while instead. :unsure:


Okay, I lied, baby update - 16 weeks as of last Thursday til due date, if she isn't born by then, they are going to induce labor. Jeez, can't believe I have just a little over 15 weeks left. Scary business.


Yeah, maybe I'll go read for a while. :P


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For the first time the notification thingy worked! Good job I unliked and liked again!


Okay Andy, a couple of things.


1) Gawd do I feel you about having so many stories in mind and wanting to write them all. :P One by one does it, though, and you have been attempting a LOT in the last few months. Say, now that a few of your stories are almost sorted, why not take a week or so to feel out what story appeals most to YOU to write.


2) This sort of continues from the above--you mention that there are types of stories that readers like to read and how that differs from what you REALLY WANT to write. So, simple equation buddy ol' pal. 1 + 1. Why not create a story in the world you want, with the plot you want AND have a romance/angst story running through it? Either as a main story line or as a strong second story line?


3) Yes I.S is very good. I totally get you when you say it inspires you to write, and that is a mark of a good story--what exactly about it do you like so much? That it's deep? That the stakes are very high? Is it the feelings you get when reading it? Because, in my opinion, no matter the genre there is room to add depth, stakes and push for strong emotions. And, Andy, you can handle a challenge.


4) Antho stories are fun reads--I do try to read them, but honestly, I love a novel--there's more 'space' to really get to know and fall in love with characters. When I search for stories to read, I generally go for novel/novella sized ones. There might be others that do that too.

I do understand it was a lot of work--but if you DO write the novel to this, this story was good for yourself in terms of background and getting to know your characters--and possibly what this other story could be.


5) Oh my Gawd. You and Mike are almost papas!!! Ekkk! How cool. (Enjoy last months of freedom. *ominous music) :P totally kiddin' ya. Sorta. hahahahahaha.


6) :hug: -- 'cause you're cool.

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Reading is good! It calms me down from my hype. Gotta try that Indiana Summer soon.

You are not the only one to recommend it!


I can't believe you still get so much written! You better write as much as you can before the baby comes :P She might slow you down some... in a good way of course!

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  • Site Administrator

You're not alone there hun. So many stories, so little time - for reading and writing. Anthologies normally take a few days to get readers since I've found the vast majority of people who actually comment for those are the other writers and the active readers on site who review regularly. Give it time hun!!

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Oh Andy, don't you have the most reviews for the anthology? :P Hush, your stuff is great and people love it.


I know what you mean about the 'writing what the people' want thing . . . been thinking about that a lot as I get to the end of my first story. As a writer you don't wanna do the exact same thing . . . but you know that's what the readers are kinda hoping for . . . it's hard. Don't have advice b/c I haven't crossed the threshold yet :P But um I really like Purpose and as soon as summer break comes I'm gonna devour it :)

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You had better write fast because in 16 weeks you are not going to be doing much :P


If your try to write for other people and not for yourseld you lose 'it'

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