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Well, here we are at Wednesday again, and it's time to look at something new. So, what shall we look at this time? Decisions, decisions...


How about a promising author? Quonus10, known affectionately as Q10, has been writing here for about eighteen months. During that time he has made quite an impression on everyone who takes the time to stop and say hi.


Well enough gab... here we go!


What people are saying about Q10:


TrevorTime on The Trial of Jordan Colmar:

If you have not read Second Shot yet, then read that one first, otherwise you will not know who the characters are.


Anyways, this is an excellent sequel to SS and delves into how a hate crime can go horribly wrong. There is also more detail about what happened on that fateful night that forever changed Pete Gregory's life.


Also, if you like Law and Order, then this story has plenty of legal "back and forth" as well.


And on Second Shot:

Okay, why did I gush over Second Shot? It's pretty simple.


(1) The 2 main characters had more depth than any other MC's in any gay story I have ever read, here or at Nifty.


(2) A good chunk of that story mirrored my own life, even though Andy didn't even know me when he started writing it. Therefore, I do believe in coincidences.


AnytaSunday on Q10's Stories in General:




Quonus10’s stories are a little like the chocolate covered strawberry marshmallows I keep stacked on the top-shelf of my kitchen cabinet. All. Goodness. Jam-packed with intrigue, romance, tension and all the good kind of drama, it’s impossible to stop munching through his work once you get started.


Totally irresistible.


I love the range of his work, from the serious and contemporary, to light-hearted fun, all the way through to the paranormal and fantastical. Best of all, though, his work delves into real-life issues and problems that adds realism and honesty to his stories and brings life to his characters, making them relatable and human.


Totally awesome.


Summing Q10 up? That’d be impossible. He’s . . .


Totally gushable.

There you go... as usual, if you would like to contribute to our "What's New?" page, just drop me a PM with your review and we can discuss it. Read - Write - REVIEW!
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Hey! Just wanted to drop by and thank my anon reviewer for this lovely commentary. I'm very glad to read you're enjoying the story so far. It's always nice to get a little more detailed review as the reason I'm sharing these stories are to hear what you guys think. As some of you may already know, it is completed but I do have to keep a regular posting schedule. I think I've become a bit sloppy in that regards. In any case, you can fully expect more complications, plot and character development. Like the review says, don't be shy and let me know what you think! I just love the feedback (general comments, questions, concerns with any part of the story)--good or not so good. :)


I look forward to posting more chapters, but it's difficult for me to determine whether people are enjoying the story or not so do not hesitate to speak up. I value all of your comments very much!

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