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On 12/23/2023 at 6:58 AM, Perenga said:

Hi everyone, finally got around to posting in this thread. I want to tell a short story of how I started writing and how I met my husband. We went to the same gym for several years and saw each other, but never got to know each other. But one day when I decided to try steroids, I started asking everyone I knew from the gym and everyone advised me to ask Mike (My future husband). I decided to approach him. We had an awkward conversation and he recommended Primobolan for sale (I still use it by the way). That's how our communication began. Later on I started to approach him for advice. And after our first walk, I wrote my first poem about him. So I started writing about my first true love.

Welcome to GA. That story of how you first met is lovely. You’ll find many other writers, readers and friends here. 

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On 8/5/2023 at 5:17 PM, SilentandBroken said:

piercing hot boy GIFMy name says it all but I’m 43 now and living a very different life in the real world. I’m a suicide survivor and narcissist abuse victim and rape victim at 13 by said narcissist. I cannot thank you guys for this free group enough. This is finally what I’ve been looking for. A safe place to be open but still incognito. Much love to my closeted pansexual, gay and bi folks here. Hugs and peck on the cheek.



How I missed this, I don’t know, but let me extend to you a big hug of welcome. 

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8 hours ago, GoldfishBW said:

I joined this site to look for more good gay coming-of-age stories. For years, my favorite story has been "For the Love of Pete" by Dewey. I read it when I was much younger (late 90's or early 2000's) and it has always stuck with me. I recently reread it and it's just as good as I remember. During the reread, I noticed there was a crossover with another series called "A New Life" by TheEggman. So I recently read that series for the first time and I liked it just as much as FTLOP, if not more. A third story that I read recently and really loved was "Tripod" by Jay Gilbert. These stories are all well-written and intelligent with good characters, realistic dialogue, etc. I'm looking for more stories like these. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Until then, I'll keep poking around myself to see if I can find any gems.

I do wonder if I've actually read the entire FTLOP and "New Life" series. FTLOP has a sequel called "Brian and Pete," and I've read all the chapters that are on Nifty. I wonder if there might have been additional chapters that didn't make it to Nifty, especially since Dewey had his own web site (deweywriter.com). That site is no longer active, and I can't find it on the Internet Wayback Machine. I believe there may have been a couple of other sequels ("Brian's Destruction" and/or "The Power Within"). I can't find these anywhere. Regarding "New Life," there is a sequel called "Life Goes On" which I've read all the chapters on IOMFATS. But it doesn't end in a tidy spot, so I wonder if the author intended to write more chapters. If anyone has any information about these two series, I would love to know.

I was sad to hear that Comicality passed. "The Secret Life of Billy Chase" was another one of my favorites. I never made it all the way through, but what a fun series and definitely a talented writer.



Welcome to GA @GoldfishBW, I hope you have many years of happiness reading the stories available in our happy community. We will all miss @Comicality as he was a very popular member and author. We are blessed that his stories will live on here and all of the stories he published here are still available for us to read, including many of his incomplete works which are still a joy to read, his incomplete works allow us to use our imaginations to complete his stories in our minds.

@ReaderPaul is a mine of information about other sites that include stories from other good authors, I'm sure he will share his knowledge if you ask him. As for good stories to recommend on GA, the list is endless as others will confirm. As an author, I could just recommend my stories which you may enjoy but to be totally honest and fair to all authors I'll make the following suggestion. Click the stories tab at the top of the page, scroll down slightly until you see the widgets and allow your cursor to hover over them, they are a means to allow you to refine your search to category, genre/subgenre, tags etc. and will help you narrow your search to what may interest you most. Other members will happily give tips to find good stories too which will include checking out which stories have received recommendations, favourites and reviews. Whatever way you choose to search for the stories you choose to read I hope we will hear from you again and you will join in by commenting and leaving your own reviews on the stories you read.

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