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Blast From The Past!

Renee Stevens


Today for our "Blast from the Past" we are going to look at an old anthology story. Hope you enjoy this little look into "All I Wanted" by Viv and why not take a look at the story yourself!



Reviewer: Renee Stevens
Status: Complete
Word Count: 10,007
2006 Fall Anthology: Halloween


So, I was looking for an old anthology story and I came across “All I Wanted” by Viv from the 2006 Fall Anthology: Halloween. After reading, I decided that I needed to read more by this author. I went and looked at her profile only to realize that I had read her before.


“All I Wanted” is a Halloween story that starts out with the main character, Taylor, stuck doing the lesser of two evils: staying stuck at home and passing out candy, or taking his little brother out trick-or-treating. He chose the candy and boy was he glad he did.


After handing out candy bar after candy bar to dressed up little kids, a cute little lady bug shows up, and who is escorting her? The guy from school that Taylor constantly drools over and becomes tongue tied around. What shocks him even more, Blake actually knows who he is and invites Taylor to a party, with HIM! Looks like Taylor’s night just got a whole lot better, or did it? You’ll have to read to find out!


This story runs through a gamut of different emotions. The further I read the more I felt for the characters and the more I wanted to see what was going to happen next. Viv kept me on the edge of my seat as I alternately wanted to cuddle and then smack the characters.


This was an excelled short view into Viv’s work and I would recommend that anyone who likes reading high school age stories. I think Viv captured the two teenage boys perfectly and look forward to see what she comes up with in the future!


So, there we go! If you liked this, go take a look at the story and leave Viv a review! Also, we are in need of more reviews, all types! If you are interested in helping us out and writing a review for a story you have read or are reading, please contact Renee or Trebs!


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