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Reasons to be Greatful - Music

Yettie One


I was thinking to myself as I lay in bed this morning, listening to some music sent to me for consideration for our station, how lucky we really are to have music in our lives.


As part of my therapy I've been tasked with focusing on the good things in our lives, the things we can and should be grateful for, and my choice for today is Music.


I greatly admire and respect anyone that has musical ability, not only because I tend to scare people off when I try to string a few notes together, but more so because of their ability to move and enhance our lives in special, meaningful and dynamic ways.


I only have to think about the music from my favourite band Keane to know that it makes me feel good and strikes a special accord with me. The beauty of music is that there is something there for everyone.


I've learnt working with music in my daily life how important it is to each of us. Try if you will imagine a world without music. It would be lifeless, morbid and difficult to bare. I'd even be so bold as to say there would be little reason to live without music.


Maybe that is being overly dramatic, but think about how much music impacts on our everyday lives. It is intertwined with our thoughts, our memories, our emotions, our happiness. It makes special moments more powerful, breaths life into boredom, gives hope in dark times, entertains and inspires our mind, oh and so much more.


So for today, my happy thought is about this thing which is such a constant in my life, and which helps me to cope with the ups and the downs each and every day.


Thought for today - "I think music in itself is healing. It is an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture or creed we come from, we all love music." Billy Joel


Song for today - Stop for a Minute - Keane -


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