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The inn of Sixth Happiness (1958)

old bob


The Inn of the Sixth Happiness is a 1958 American film based on the true story of a tenacious British maid, who became a missionary in China during the tumultuous years leading up to WWII.

The film culminates with the column of children marching into the town, singing the song ‘This Old Man’ to keep up their spirits.


I love watching old movies, which remind me of my youth, soon 60 years ago.

In the evening, when bringing the kids to bed,, we sang together the song that accompanies the end of the movie.







It's an example of the pleasure I find to go through my memories. I just wanted to share it with you thumbsup.gif .

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One of my favourite oldies. Ingrid Bergman is so excellent in this. Very fond memories of watching it over and over as a kid. Sat with old farmer Sam and his missus. I know i'm only 19 but I love old films they are the only kind I got as a kid, my hero used to be James Cagney lol.

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This was my favorite film when I was a child (in the early 80's). I had a VHS tape and watched it so many times I lost count. Ingrid Bergman played the lead part and I just loved her. A couple of years ago I saw it again (on dvd my husband gave me), and I still think it's a great film.

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We watched this at school during our Religious Education class - I remember having to create a poster about it... and i decided to draw each and every one of the children. The first project i ever handed in late....

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I love the movie too not just because it was a great movie, but because it addressed mixed race problems and racism before it was popular to do so. Another great old China movie was 55 Days at Peking.

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