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Writing Prompts #142 & #143



It's Friday AND it's JUNE!!! Be sure to change your calender (people still use calenders, don't they?!?) and then settle down and try one of our prompts, supplied by the ever inventive Comicfan. Be sure to share what you do with the community in the Writing Prompts forum!


Prompt 142 – Creative
Cue – First Line
“Because … how could you not know this was done to me?”


Prompt 143 – Creative
Cue – Superhero
Don’t they only exist in comics? Who expected to run into a real life superhero? What were they like?


Both of these sound great - I can't wait to see what people come up with. Speaking of great, we had a simple premise for Prompt 128 - use the following words in a story: fog, bus, newspaper, coffee roll, and toilet paper.


Dolores Esteban took this and ran with it. Here is her "In the Dark" - um, which you might want to read in a well lit room...




In the Dark


I looked out of the window. It was a rainy day and fog lay low and heavy. I was lucky. I had a day off. I would definitely not leave the house today. I went back to the table and resumed reading the newspaper while eating a coffee roll and having a cup of coffee. I would have a good time. I would spend a lazy day at home. My happy mood, however, changed when I found that I had run out of toilet paper.


I looked at my watch and decided to go shopping. ‘Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today’, I thought sullenly. I put on my coat and my boots, and then I left the house. Rain fell in a drizzle. I opened my umbrella and sullenly walked down the street. A bus passed by and drove through a puddle. The water soaked my jeans. I let out a sigh of annoyance.


And then, from one second to the other, or so it seemed to me, night had fallen and a chilly wind was blowing. It was dark.


I felt cold and I shivered. I looked around in the fog-shrouded place. The dark trees and the bushes looked threatening.


I winced at a sudden rustle. I turned around, yet I did not see anybody. I stood motionless for a while, feeling totally numb. And then I noticed the shovel in my hand. I gazed at it in utter confusion. Fear took hold of me. I looked around again. My heart started to beat faster when I realized that I didn’t know where I was.


I turned my eyes back to the shovel. It was dirty. My hand seized it tightly. My thoughts started running wild. While my mind desperately tried to make sense of this all, cold fear crept up my spine. I was in a dark and empty park. Night had fallen. How had I come here and why?


Like that? There's more - here is the rest of her story.

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I did one for 142. Hee hee! Great prompts, as always. Dolores' prompt gave me the willies.

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