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Feature Story: Seeking Nirvana

Renee Stevens


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Even though the weekend is over, there's something good about the new week starting. It's Monday, which means, that we are bringing you a new featured story!!! Thank you to Mark92 for writing this review for us on Hosted Author: LittleBuddaTW's story "Seeking Nirvana." Hopefully this review will pique your interest and convince you to go check out the story and if you enjoy it, you might even leave a review!!




Reviewer: Mark92
Status: Complete
Word Count: 12,713


I began reading this story with a sense of “let’s get this over with”. All my life I have hated religion, my mother had, let’s say a weird sense of god. To learn that Buddhism isn’t a religion, totally floored me. Then, I couldn’t stop reading.


The descriptions of the monastery were so vivid, the scenery surrounding it captivating. A teenager’s angst, sits soundly and squarely with meditation, calm, and serenity. Then we meet Nicky, A young gay boy totally at ease with his sexuality, without the need to broadcast it. With a sense of wanting to be away from the rat race with such urgency, it became anger.


The first time in the shower with Calvin, Nicky’s anticipation, was tangible. And then the first night is so descriptive. You have a sense of being there, sharing the feelings, and sharing the night with them.


This story is an awe inspiring lesson in Buddhism. Descriptive isn’t a good enough word for the lessons I learned from it.
There is a riddle, near the beginning that runs through the entire story, and further riddles frustrate to the point of insanity. Do you find the answer to the riddle? I am not telling. You really need to read this most excellent story.


The antagonist in this story is Vic, excellently portrayed from the beginning, but not having a part until the middle. Going into this with any detail will merely give too much information, instead of recommending a damn good read.


It is thought provoking, calming in a sense. Anticipation is felt one second, and sighing serenely the next. Questions asked at the beginning of the story by the reader, are answered at the end, but only after participating in the Buddhist lifestyle so expertly written. Thrills and spills of a gay relationship build up through this tale, a sense of excitement ever present.


The one shocking thing about this story is: I am the only one to have reviewed it. This wonderful piece of literature just needs to be read. It is a most excellent read for every type of reader. There are no limits or restrictions on any reader, lifestyle, orientation, age, even religious belief. It is a story anyone can read, and should.


I have to say this is one of the best things I’ve read here so far at GA. LittleBuddhaTW is an exceptional author, and should have much more of a following, just from this piece. I highly recommend this read to all at GA. What are you waiting for?? Go read!!!

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