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Renee Stevens


It's Wednesday! You know what that means, two more Author reviews. First off, we are bringing you a story from our Promising Author: JWolf called "The Funny Thing Is" reviewed by Percy. Based on the wonderful review given by Percy, I will be checking this story out in the very near future. Our second review is an in progress story by Author: Naptowngirl called "Hello, My Name Is..." reviewed by K.C.. When KC sent me his review, I read through it and what he wrote sounded like something that I would normally read. I immediately went and checked out the story and my only gripe is that I want the next chapter!!! If you like what you read here, then why not go check out the stories and let the authors know what you think!




Reviewer: Percy
Status: Complete
Word Count: 173,709


I went searching through the story tags looking for a good read with characters dealing with the complexities life brings once the college years have passed. JWolf’s “The Funny Thing Is” looked like a good fit. I was hooked after the prologue. By the end of chapter two, I knew I was in for a rollicking ride that wouldn’t disappoint.


Cooper Carpenter should be enjoying all the rewards of mid-life in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. He’s married with two bright, well-adjusted kids. He’s an acknowledged success as both an author and tenured professor. He’s discreetly bisexual and lucky enough to have a wife who understands his occasional truancy from the traditional “forsaking all others” wedding vow. Despite it all, Cooper is simply going through the motions of living. He has barely had time to acknowledge the cracked foundation of his current existence when Chase Pallendrino shows up in Dallas.


Chase was the proverbial "one who got away", and the rekindling of their college romance upends Cooper’s life in both expected and unexpected ways. Relationships with those to whom he's closest start changing with machine gun rapidity. Cooper finds himself facing a host of questions about the direction he wants his life to take going forward. Fortunately, Cooper’s friends are around to offer support, whether that be a couch to crash on, a boozy weekend brunch, or delivering the harsh news that he’s behaved like a total jackass. Readers are drawn in to the inner circle of friends, cheering Cooper's victories and wincing at his mistakes.


JWolf’s writing is clever, crisp and often very funny. Each chapter is a well-balanced meal of character development and plot advancement, and the reader is treated to some wickedly satisfying sex for dessert. You don’t have to be married or middle-aged to enjoy this book. I would also note that while this was written as a sequel to “The List”, I read it without reading the first story. It works perfectly well as a stand-alone novel. My only warning is to block off a few hours of time; once you start reading, you definitely won’t want to stop until you’ve reached the end.







Reviewer: K.C.
Status: In Progress




Right now we are 10 chapters into this story and I hope there is still a lot more to come. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have to be really intrigued to get wrapped up in an “In Progress” story, but this one caught my attention after the first few lines. Worries about will this author finish the story or stop posting halfway through, always linger, yet the pull of this story won over my fears.


Christian Beck has everything. A wonderful husband that loves him, two great kids, and a fabulous home and job, what more could a guy want? How about remembering any of it? After a near death accident, Christian wakes up from a coma in the hospital unable to remember anything about his life from the last few years. Worst yet, he doesn’t remember being gay!
Homosexuality is a sin. His devoutly religious father has preached that sermon to him for as long as he can remember, so there is no way that he can be gay, right?


Scared and confused, Christian agrees to go home with his husband, David. The doctors at the hospital believe that returning to familiar surroundings will help Christian regain him memory, but he’s starting to believe that maybe his mind is blocking out his memory for a reason.


Like the rest of the reader’s, I can’t wait to find out what is locked inside Christian’s head. Will he remember the love of his life? Can he recall the joy of the lost time with his children? I hope we find out right along with Christian. This story is the right mix of funny and fear, hope and sorrow. It’s exciting enough to sit patiently and wait for the next installment.

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Great reviews for both these amazing stories. But with "The Funny Thing Is" you HAVE to read "The List", because "The List" is the backstory to "The Funny Thing Is" and the reader may not understand all the characters, references to the past, etc. if they don't read "The List". And besides, "The List" is an awesome read! :)

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two awesome stories and two great reviews. if you haven't read them i definitely agree you should :)

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WOW!!!! totally blown away by this...and honored.. Blushing over here. Thank you so much for the Great review KC. And I loved Teh Funny Thing Is. I was totally Team Kyle all the way...lol I also read The List and agree with Lisa its an awesome read... Thanks again KC you are Amazing....

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