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Writing Prompts #154 & #155



Everybody's working for the weekend! (urm, please tell me I'm not the only one who gets this reference)




We have our usual Friday writing prompts, again courtesy of the one and only (due to a restraining order against god) Comicfan! Take a look at them, try one or both out and share them with the community in the Writing Prompt Forum!


Prompt 154 – Creative
Cue – List of Words
Use the following words in a story: pile of books, swim suit, raccoon, cup of coffee, and black roses.


Prompt 155 – Creative
Cue – Prom Date
You really have had enough of being everyone’s perfect little teenager. So for prom you have decided it was time to be dangerous. Little did you know what you were getting yourself into with your choice of prom dates. What went wrong?


So - you ever wonder how this all started? Prompt #1 in June 2006 was:


Play descriptive Taboo: Pick an object in your living room, then list the five most obvious words you'd need to describe it. Then write a vivd description of the object without using those words. Repeat with an object from each room of your house.


This gave us a few very interesting prompt responses, such as this one from Adonelos:

sofa: old, abrasive, hidden, soft, brown


Something tattered, witnessing the foibles and triumph's of time with it's woven earth toned colors and still crutching along just fine. Even now it sits, watches, waiting to enfold you in its embrace, draped in colorful blankets and knitted throws. Something to pillow your head against in sadness curled on it's lap, something to embrace on urged ever closer to a loved one. It's there, never judging almost welcoming, that cantankerous couch that's seen oh so much.


or from Mattie:

Telephone: Voices,headache,loud,ringer,annoying
Microphone: Seductive,lips,moving,ears,listening.


LOL Though sexy coffee cups are my favorite:) Especially when you are in the coffee shop and the guy across the room smiles at you and you smile back then when he goes and waves at you you wave back and knock your cup in your lap and burn yourself. I knew right away he wasnt Mr Right or even Mr Right Now or he woulda bought me another cup of coffee. Instead he laughed and left.


which was partially inspired by this favorite From DomLuka

Coffee mug: hot, smooth, tickled, wet, filled.


Draw your own conclusions.


(And mine weren't perverted!)


Hope you enjoyed this edition of the way-back machine!


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