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Featured Story: Terran Confederation - Jeremiah

Renee Stevens


It's Monday again, and not just any Monday! Today starts the Gay Authors 10th Anniversary Week here on the blog. We will be changing it up a bit from the normal blog entries, so we hope that you enjoy the content just as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together. To start us off, Cia has written up a review of a story written by the man who started it all. I hope you enjoy this look at "Terran Confederation - Jermiah" written by none other than Myr!

by Myr


Reviewer: Cia
Status: Complete
Word Count: 7,834
2010-2 Anthology Entry


I'm not exactly an impartial reviewer of this story, as I beta read it for Myr back when he first posted it as part of the 2010 anthology 'Out of This World'. A science fiction story set in space, revolving around young teenage officers and cadets, this story can appeal to many. The lead character, Jeremiah - or Jerry to his friends in private - has been trained as a soldier since he was born with active psi powers.


That's right, this story doesn't just involve space and soldiers, but paranormal psi powers as well. They usually don't show up until adolescent years, but Jerry is a very special case. He's finally been pulled from the ultra secret base he was raised at that, a place full of hidden military secrets that not even the conspiracy theorists believe. The powers that be decided that it was time for Jerry to move into the world and mingle with other soldiers his own age in an experiment on a different aspect they believe his psi powers work within.


To that end Jerry ends up collecting a few friends and junior military members as part of his group. They have a few exciting happenings as their involvement deepens, which culminates in an explosive climax. No, not the kind between the sheets though, so get your minds out of the gutter. To tell you more would be spoiling.


A single aspect of this story left me dissatisfied as I read it, however. It is simply too short. Fortunately, I have heard that this is part of a larger series where the individual stories will be linked together and expanded to create a flowing timeline where we get to see all manner of psionic powers coming into play. While we wait for that, make sure you check out Psionic Corp-No Return featuring another special young man, Mike Valdius. Don't forget to leave reviews as well, maybe if he gets enough readers asking for more we can get Myr moving to finish off these stories and linking them together!


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