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Weekly Wrap Up!



If you didn't see yesterday's blog entry, the Fall Anthology: Friends & Enemies is now live. Thirteen great new stories for all to read - check them out!


Also, on Thursday, we put out a new inquiry from Podiumdavis. PD has been fantastic in compiling various responses toautors on questions like How would you cast your story? and others. This time, he has a one for anyone who wants to reply, not just our authors.


So the inquiry is:

Given the modern climate in our society, constantly hearing of another gay teen committing suicide across our television screens, how would you, given the chance, save someone’s life? Yes the Trevor Project is amazing, as is the ‘It Gets Better movement.’ So in as few words as possible, how does it get better and why does it get better?


If you're interested, send your response on this to Podiumdavis and in a short while, we'll post the best ones.


And now - on to the rest of our week in review...


We started the week with Hosted Author C James's For The Love, reviewed by Wildone. This was one of CJ's early stories, from the days when he was still just a Prince of Cliffhangers.


For our Toss Up Tuesday, we were treated to a great Interview with Cailen, conducted by Comicfan. Great new insight to this author/graphic artist.


Wednesday, we saw in the Author Showcase a review by Radiant Renee Stevens of A Day in a Life of Misery by Promising Author Skylights, as well as Sidlove's review of Author lilansui's Bovian Image.


We had a wonderful contribution on Thursday from Dark on Why a Beta? Dark also included some outside articles that helped on this subject.


For our weekly Prompts, Comicfan (who never disappoints), provided us with two really interesting creative prompts. We also looked at three different responses to the previous week's Prompt 165.


Lastly, in place of our normal Saturday blog entry, we had the announcement of the Fall Anthology.


So - how was your week?


Anthology Announcements:

  • Winter Anthology "Desperate Ends"- Due Dec 8th
  • Special Mayan Tribute Anthology "End of the World"- Due Dec 14th



In Premium this week:


Chosen of Honorus by Quonus10, Book 1 of Champions of The Gods (TWO chapters this week)


By our Hosted Authors this week:


Paternity by Mark Arbour, Book 12 of Chronicles of An Academic Predator (CAP)


Role Reversal by Bill W


Legacy by Altimexis, Book 29 of Naptown Tales


Adverse Effects by Cia, Book 2 of Saving Caeorleia


Circumnavigation by C James




By our Promising Authors this week:


The Prompt You Say! by comicfan


Reach by CassieQ


Protector of Children by David McLeod


Murder in the City by CassieQ


The English Year by Jwolf


Have a great week everyone! Read, Write, REVIEW!!!


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