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Gay Authors 10th Anniversary Special Anthology: Secrets Can Kill NOW LIVE!

Renee Stevens


First off, I would like to wish GA a happy 10th Anniversary and a special thanks to Myr for creating GayAuthors.org in the first place! I just happen to be one of those crazy straight women (or as Myr calls me: Crazy Mountain Lady) that Myr mentioned in his interview, but I am so glad to have a place to post my stories where I know they are enjoyed. As most everyone should know by now, we released the 2012 Fall Anthology: Friends and Enemies just a few short days ago. I hope everyone has enjoyed them and has finished them because now you have even more stories to read and review!!


For your reading pleasure, GayAuthors.org 10th Anniversary Special Anthology: Secrets Can Kill has now gone live to celebrate Gay Author's ten year anniversary. Writing another story on top of everything else, plus the other anthologies, can be tricky but we have 4 entries ranging from horror to fantasy. Thank you to the authors participating!



by Cia


by Dark


by Dolores Esteban


by W_L



Don't forget to leave a review (or two!!) to let the Authors know how much you enjoy their hard work. Enjoy the stories and once again, HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY GayAuthors.org!


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