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Writing Prompts #176 & #177



I recently read a great short story that originally started as a Prompt response. These prompts have helped generate some fantastic reads - and with this week's prompts, I'm looking forward to some more great responses. Try one (or both) of these prompts and please share them with the community in the Writing Prompts forum.


Prompt 176 – Creative
Tag – The Mythical
Your child has just told you they found something and want to keep it as a pet, but as they describe it to you, you smile thinking of all the stories you read as a child. Positive they are just imagining things you follow them out into the yard where you see it. What is it your child has found?


Prompt 177 – Creative
Tag – Thief
You went to the grocery store to pick up the essentials. You walked into the middle of robbery. What happens now?


As I mentioned up top, I read a great prompt response recently. The Prompt was one of our Special Anniversary prompts: "You knew you had been asked to save that date for a special occasion, but so many things have come that you forgot why. What was the reason you were to save that date?"


So, one fantastic writer took this and came up with a great short story called Time Out For a Life - here's the beginning of it...

Time Out for a Life
My life has been on fast forward ever since I turned twenty-two; I graduated from college and found a job right away. Being single, I became super-focused on getting ahead and taking the corporate world by storm.


It didn’t take long for me to pass the guys who were getting married, having children, or taking time to have a relationship. While they took time off for events, I went full blast through weekends, holidays, and just about anything else, climbing the corporate ladder. Things probably would have continued that way if it wasn’t for Robin.


Robin had been my best friend since I was five. She was always there to keep me grounded, and keep me from losing my way. We went to colleges that were literally only a half hour from each other, so we saw one another all the time. It was nothing for one of us to finish our classes for the day, and then drive over to have dinner or spend the evening talking. However, after we graduated, we sort of lost touch. She met Mark while in school, and it wasn’t long till the two of them were an inseparable couple. It was only natural when they married that I was in her wedding party. It didn’t even come as a surprise that they married within that first year after we graduated. Seven years later, she was happy with her life in Connecticut, while I worked down here in Philadelphia.


My life was my job, and now that I was thirty, there was little thought of changing how I lived. Then came that invite from Robin.




I want you at my house. No excuses and I don’t want to hear about your job needing you. Save the date of October 6th and be there by noon!




So I marked the date on the calendar and promptly forgot all about it. I was handed the Henderson Account on the first and told to have it done by the eighth. I was smiling, thinking about how easy it was going to be to get this done during the weekend; then I spotted the calendar with the date circled in red.




So - what do you think Raymond will do? Check out the whole story here!


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