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Featured Story: Dare / The Life Of Him



Sorry, today's author showcase is a bit late this morning - was having crashes with my computer last night.


First we look at Promising Author KingdombytheSea's Dare and then LouisHarris gives us a great review of The Life of Him, by Author SidLove. Enjoy!





Reviewer: Trebs
Status: Complete
Word Count: 5315


If you couldn't tell from my reviews, I love a great short story. While novels are interesting and give us such rich texture, it is difficult to write a short story, to strike that balance between adequate description and overlong detail. Some of the classic tales that I remember reading are shorts - such as Arthur C Clarke's The Sentinel and The Star or Isaac Asimov's many Black Widower tales.


KingdombytheSea knows how to write in the long form, as evidenced by his fantastic Social Skills, one of the top reviewed stories on GayAuthors.org. But in reading Dare, it is obvious that he is equally skilled at the art of a short story.


At just over 5000 words, Dare is the story of Mark, who takes any dare given to him - as the very first line of the story sets the tone "C’mon, Mark. I dare ya. I triple dog dare ya."


Mark has a great constant group of friends: Derrick, Sean, and Phil. Throughout their childhood, they watch (and prod) Mark's various stunts, always daring him to take one more step. Of course, dynamics change as they grow up and new people interact with these friends.


KingdombytheSea weaves a enchanting story of these friends as they grow up and the bonds of their friendship is tested. I totally loved this story, told with a modicum of words but so rich at the same time.


I highly recommend Dare as KingdombytheSea has definitely mastered the art of the short story.


The Life of Him


Reviewer LouisHarris
Status: In Progress
Word Count: 100,509


Brilliantly plotted, rich in characterization, abundant in pace and passion, The Life of Him is the unforgettable story of a multifaceted love story that will hold you riveted until the final, devastating denouement. It is an adventure, a love story, a story of grief and loss, of betrayal and persecution, but, above all, this novel is about survival, deliverance and discovery.


Austin Reyes is a man with a past darker than a dungeon. Turn of events happen when a handsome man unexpectedly walks into his life. A porn model, who strives to give Austin a new life, tries his level best to break through his shell and in the process, falls in love with him. With Dylan, a beautiful future comes into view for Austin. But what price would he have to pay to get that happy ending? Austin works as a barman and, through no fault of his own, is raped, then fired. He discovers that his mother has committed suicide and leaves town. Without a job and a home, his purpose in life is threatened. He is insecure, and the hopelessness continues until he meets Dylan, a porn star. Their relationship is stormy, and it becomes more so when someone tries to kill Austin. Everyone is suspect, and it will take a miracle to bring the perpetrator to justice. A miracle that only Dylan can perform in his own, inimitable way.


Sid adds mood and layers to this story. In bucket loads. He weaves the details in and doesn’t add them in long blocks. He creates exciting sentences. Sentences that move the reader the way he wants them to be moved. Like an artist, he has taken his palette of words and his PC and painted everything down to the smallest detail.


This story took me on a journey. I encountered people and settings that I would never meet. He made this journey memorable for me. He created an image in my mind through simple, easy writing that flowed well and never let up.


His characters, Austin and Dylan, as well as the minor characters are true to the homo fictus definition: Readers demand that homo fictus be more handsome or ugly, ruthless or noble, vengeful or forgiving, brave or cowardly and so on, than real people are. Homo fictus has hotter passions and colder anger, travels more, fights more, loves more, changes more and has more sex. Although I must admit here and now that the sex scenes are appropriate to context, they are not placed willy nilly wherever and forever. Above all, his characters have status and stature, presence and flair. They are memorable.


This story makes use of the action/sequel chapter technique of writing. Each sequel moves the main character to create new short and long term goals, and this drives the story to it’s brilliant conclusion.


Recommend this story? Of-course. It is one of the best stories I have had the pleasure of reading, and I know that every reader who picks it up, will feel the same way.

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Recommended Comments

I loved every chapter of the life of him. Austin is truly transitioning in this story, so much happens to him and in the end he emerges stronger, and surrounded by people who love him. I loved it all. I look forward to Sid's new work. Glad to see this review here. :)


I'll definitely check out Dare.

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biggrin.png Thank you guys! It is all because of your love and support that I could write such a story. Louis, Trebs, GA team.. thank you for showcasing my story here!!


BTW Dare is awesome! I recommend it too <3 xoxox


P.S.: For people who want to read the stories that are complete, "The Life of Him" is actually completed. :)

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