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Just a Halloween Ditty



I rang the bell of the house next door and heard someone bellow out loudly, " you little shits, I have no more.'


Trick or treat I said in my sweetest little tone, he bellowed once again," you little shits go home."


Glancing in his yard I saw a large pile of crap. I gathered it up gently in my little nurse's cap.


Reaching in my plastic pumpin for a little paper bag, I emptied out the sweet , filling it again, while trying not to gag.


Carefully winding the top of the brown bag gift, I quickly grabbed my nose, when I got a whiff.


Taking out a lighter, I sat fire to the paper, laughing to myself at my own little caper.


Yelling trick or treat again, I ran to the shrubs, and this time he turned on the outside light bulb.


He stepped out the door, and ran out in barefeet, stomping on the sack, sqawling when he felt the heat.


I creeped out the gate and I ran down the street and yelled over my shoulder, once more," Trick or Treat!"

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Lordy. Who the hell pissed you off today? That's some serious shi :) That's some serious reaction, even to a grumpy bad tempered grouch. I hope the hairs on his legs got singed, though! lol

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Deary me. And here I thought I had an evil side :)


You really should start posting these as stories Joann. You are a really good writer, and your stories should be shared with the wider site.


Keep writing hun.

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