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Featured Story: The Comfort Of A Blanket

Renee Stevens


First off, sorry about the lateness of today's post! Makes me extra glad that it will still have all day tomorrow to be up! Since it's review day, we're bringing you a review of Promising Author Jack Frost's story "The Comfort of a Blanket" reviewed by Comicfan!

by Jack Frost


Reviewer: Comicfan
Status: Complete
Word Count: 7,217


As someone who has written a number of short stories I know how hard it is draw the line and attempt to stay within a tightly woven tale. Jack not only writes an interesting take on a young man just figuring out who he is, he also does so while writing it as a historical piece.


Welcome to the world of the 1600s in Canada. The town is ruled by the French and the church is an all powerful presence. Into this setting we encounter three young men from the upper reaches of society. Nicolas Lapointe is the main character of this tale. It is from his position as a spoiled young man that we are taken through what is just a short period of his life but a pivotal one. Through the course of primarily one day we are shown around a provincial town that is slowly becoming something more as the simple wooden structures are upgraded and fortified in case of attack.


The day shows Nicolas from the time he gets up in the morning, his schooling, his trek through is home area, and his friendship with Michel. Then he keeps encountering Julien Boucher who is from an even richer family. What happens when the two young men begin to act on the sparks that both seem to feel? What repercussions could this have for both of them, when the church rules everything? Read on and find out for yourself and discover the comfort found beneath a blanket.


Recommended Comments

Jack's always been one of my favorites. His use of an old-world style of writing set the tone for this anthology story.

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