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Second Guessing



I was writing yesterday, and I hit a place in a chapter where I stumbled and had a hard time continuing on, not because I didn’t know what was supposed to happen there, but because I was second guessing myself and what had come to me while I’d been outside thinking earlier in the day. I do this a lot really, second guessing myself when I write, stopping myself from going to the place I was headed out of fear that I might be going too far or that it won’t sit well with others. I’ve found that when I second guess, I’m not usually as happy with how the thing turned out as I am when I just go with my gut, and let the story go where the characters wanted to take it. I found myself wondering how many others out there do the same thing when they write, and if it was just a common thing in writers, or if I was spending too much time ‘thinking’ and not enough time just going with the flow. I recently read over the first story I posted here to GA, Cold Confusion, and I could actually count all the places where I second guessed myself and didn’t go where I had intended to go. I like the story, but I think it could have been a stronger one if I’d written what had come to mind, rather than downgraded, downplayed, shortchanged, or downright did away with some of the thing that I’d had planned. One day maybe I’ll re-write that one and add in all the things I left out.


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It happens to me sometimes, but usually because someone says something like "I don't really like how you did this, I think you should have done this" and I start thinking everyone reading my stuff thinks the same way, then I start changing things until I get a new complaint :P It's never anything major, but it does effect the tone of some chapters. When people don't say anything though, I can usually stick to what I have planned. Unless something better pops into my head or I get to the part where something is supposed to happen, but it doesn't fit with what I just wrote. Then I'll change it, and usually for the better. I try to keep telling myself that I'm writing the story for me, and if people like what I'm doing then awesome, and if they don't then I'm just not for them, but it's hard not being loved by everyone sometimes, lol.

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That's sort of what happens to me too, someone will say something while I'm still unsure of a piece, and then all of a sudden I'll lose all momentum and never finish it. Sigh, so many unfinished projects lying around, I tell myself one day I'll figure them out but it gets harder and harder to revisit them.

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