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Chris is home! And stuff..



8:18AM! Thats when the door opened this morning and Chris walked through!


Ben I took you advice and did the Post It note thing. I layed a trail for him last night, little post it's stuck to the walls and doors telling him which items of clothing to remove and when to remove them :P


Reaching the bedroom he was down to just his boxers, laughing hystericaly. The last note on our bedroom door was the important one telling him to drop the underwear. Entering the room (Naked) he lept the remaning 4 foot to our bed landing on me with a massive thud. lol


Im amazed how much Ive missed just having him lay next to me, his arm wrapped around me. I know its cliche but I felt all safe, warm and fuzzy for the first time all week.

After many appologies for missing valentines day, he sure made it up ;)


No word from Viv, which im guessing means she has no cell coverage in the mountains. If she gets in touch I'll let you know :D


Bye for now




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awww that's just so teriffic! I'm glad for you guys :)


....I was just thinking, that would never work for me though, I mean I'd love something romantic like that, but as soon as I get home from a trip (long or otherwise) the first place I HAVE to head is the bathroom. :P


Oh well If I ever get a fantastic, romantic boyfriend and expect a similar game awaiting me, I'll stop at a gas station or something on the way home.


Anyway: :D:2thumbs:


Take care and all the best to you guys,


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That's awsome! I still have a smile on my face from reading that!!! :2thumbs: It sounds like you guys had a great "late Valentine's Day"!! :D


- Kaiten

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I'm taking she has no coverage because I'm certain she would contact one of us... mostly you :P


I think that's funny the post-it note idea. I have to remember that one... Thanks Ben for suggesting it to David.


Take care

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