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Once Upon A Time

Andrew Q Gordon



So as my little status update said, 'lil q will be 4 soon. Where did the time go? Where does my time go??


Despite the best laid plans (or is it overly optimistic expectations) I find I can not do all the things I used to do before she was born. I've finally given up on the notion that 'once she gets to "X" age, I'll finally have more free time again. That's a myth. I'll have my free time back when she goes to college perhaps, or when I retire, which ever comes first.


I'm not complaining, please don't anyone read that into this, because I wouldn't trade anything (well maybe Mike) for her, but I do miss my 'old' life, even if I can't remember what it was like some times. Watching her run toward the playground today I was reminded what a blessing she is and how I couldn't imagine my life without her again. (then she got to be an irritating 3 year old when it was time to go and I wondered what in the hell possessed me to give up my calm, carefree, homosexual existence to be a parent?)


I get here so infrequently anymore, you'd think I'd forgetton about Gay Authors. It's hard to forget the place you started; hard to forget the amazing people who gave me the courage to try; hard to forget the selfless people who run the place so everyone can enjoy what it has to offer. Despite my best intentions, however, I don't seem to get back here nearly as often as I want.


For those few who still remember who I am, I'll give a wee bit of an update. Mike and I got married two years ago (I'm reasonably sure I mentioned that at some point) after 18 years together. Since 'lil q was born, we lost one dog to old age, and had one become a champion show dog and have puppies. We've kept two. Mike name the male "Farrell" after the MC in the Last Grand Master.


Since she's been born, I've had 7 books published, two are free, one is currently being given away for free if you sign up for monthly updates. You can email me for details if you're interested.


I don't know how often I'll be able to return, I'd like to for sure, but I've decided to stop promising things I'm not sure I can deliver on. As a parent I've learned how truly stupid an idea that is. But if you see me pop up, say hello, (or tell me to F' off if you're made at me - I'm okay with that, I've got thick skin these days. :P)


Here's a link to a slew of picture from the last five months if you want to see what 'lil q is up to these days.




and my email if you want to get in touch and be sure I'll see it:




'lil q is about to turn 4. My god, how time flies.



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Good to hear from you.  Great pictures of Lil Q.  Thanks.


You will eventually have some time when she leaves home (to attend college or get married).  Until then, you need to be busy enjoying having her around.

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:hug: Being a parent is the biggest time warp EVER. My kids are in school full time, and I don't have a job like you do, so you'd think I'd have decadent hours of me time every day. Somehow, it never happens. I'm so impressed by all you do in life, but make sure you take the time you need now and then--even if it's only 5 minutes snatched in a locked bathroom where you look in the mirror and promise one day, someday, you'll get through twenty-four hours without "Dad!" shrieked out--even if it's a happy voice, damn, that's jarring after a while! ;)

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Great to hear from you! Congrats on your books being published!   Congrats on a busy life.  Time really is our most precious gift.  Cherish and enjoy your family.  Your daughter is a big girl now, and it all goes very quickly and she is adorable! DDK

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:heart: Good to hear from you here on GA. I "stalk you" on Facebook so I'm keeping an eye on you and your adorable daughter :P 

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Don't put your quill away just yet. My daughter is 12 and reaching the age where she is asserting more independence. She still loves us but increasingly time with friends is overriding time with dads. I see this trend continuing. Recently I met here after school and we went for a hot chocolate and then I was informed that I would embarrass her if we walked home together. I guess I am just her PayPal. The point is to keep up your writing because eventually you will have a bit more time whether you really want it or not. As my partner and I tell each other: the only thing worse than your child growing up is if they do not grow up.


So keep writing but don't waste a minute of lil Qs growing up.  Enjoy

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