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Why I Wrote Last Run To Mosul?



I am post timing this blog entry to coincide with Secret Admirer contest, I don't expect to win, but if I did I am really grateful to all the readers that chose my story, despite how different it is from my writing style.


So the big question for all the readers, why did I write a story like this? It's so tragic, so detailed and impact with a subject matter that is definitely Left of even Bernie Sanders :P , and holds a lot of questions about the nature of national principles versus geopolitical strategies.


For me the Valentines contest at GA celebrate the concept of love, secrets, and adoring from afar, but what if the concepts were morphed into a narrative with bigger implications. I want to push my writing ability and go to new places that I have not yet explored stylistically, outside my recent series "0's and 1"s, few people have seen my writing on modern issues.


You might have picked up that I was using Boston as the center of my story, if you paid attention to details like the old Dockyards, Suffolk County morgue (where Boston is located by County in MA), mentions of the chase down Commonwealth Avenue, and the bitter hatred of the last generations fight between Steve's grandfather and White Roman Catholics (Busing battle and Race riots of Boston). I know the history and geography of my home very well, like many mainstream writers I have taken to add it to my story for flair.


There's a dark reality to the US dealings with the Middle East, a subject the book 2 of 0' and 1's, which this story has a tangential relationship to, will craft. I took bits from News and bits from imagination on the chemical weapons being used by terrorist fighters, plus the nature of clandestine operations within the intelligence community.


As for the tragic love story, it is basic Noir genre romance: think Maltese Falcon or Casablanca, which I referenced in this story. We're still human with our own emotional and sexual needs that make many things possible and many things ugly. Adam loved Steve as a partner and he loved Casey as a sexual partner after Steve died, you can't fault him for his frailty or his need for human attachment.


As for Casey, I'll leave his secrets to Book 2 of 0's and 1's, basically, he did love Adam, but that grew out of a lie and out of need as well to compensate.


LGBT relationships are not simple Boy meets Boy, boy falls for boy, and happy ending. We have different motivations for different things.


I hope you guys liked my story and stay tuned for future tales from WL.

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I completely understand your approaches with Last Run to Mosul. First, you were getting out of your comfort zone (so I believe) and second, you wanted to show another aspect of human nature: we all are capable of love both emotinal and physically, just not the same person (so I'm sure).

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