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  1. bignick

    Chapter 65 Engaging

    Mother Nature may hold the reins, but we find the way survive. She may freeze our flesh, bones and blood, but never our spirit, nor our will to conquer that new day. Alone? Never.
  2. bignick


    I'm pretty sure Laura still has a couple surprises up her sleeve. 😉
  3. bignick


    The mother of all cliffhangers. Hats off to you, Laura! I haven't read any of the previous comments, but I'm willing to bet some of them promise all sorts of retributions. LoL!!! Nah, don't worry. Us readers can get a little crazy from time to time. But we're harmless... mostly. I'm glad Simon's blindfold has slipped (and hopefully, it stays that way). It seems he's done with the douchebag's games. For good this time. Who knows? Maybe David can introduce him to someone who will treat him with love and respect... the kinky kind, of course. Aron. Oh my gosh!!! He won't give up on Carter a second time. If that means he'll have to move heaven and earth just to be together with our guy, so be it. If that's not true love, I don't know what that is. Carter's faith and trust in Aron is unabated. His man (I loved that part!!! ) asked him to wait for him. And that's what he did. He never mentioned not to confront Alex though. Good for you, Carter!!! Face that douchebag and let him know you'll fight for Aron until the very end (which, unfortunately, is almost here ). That was low, even for Alex!!! How dare he throw Carter and Aron's past in his face!!! This is something I read on another story: "You never saw his love, because he didn't want you to see it". And that's exactly what I feel happened between Aron and Carter. Carter wasn't oblivious. Aron was just too careful to show his true feelings. But now, a bright future awaits for them and that's all that matters. A future where the douchebag will not be welcomed. I have my theories about the accident and the body swap. Can't wait to compare notes. Until next week, Laura.
  4. Happy Birthday, Dugh!!! :hug:

  5. Happy New Year!!!! ^_^

    1. Reader1810


      Happy New Year, Nicky! :hug: 

    2. bignick


      Happy New Year, my lovely bookworm!!! :) :hug: 

  6. bignick

    Sometimes, It’s All About The Plates

    I knew it! I just KNEW it!!! That DOUCHEBAG!!! 👿 Trust me, if there was an emoji with a certain finger, it would be here too. He's going to pay for this, right? Everything is a game for him and he must be the only winner, is that it? What does he want now? More money? The house? Aron and Carter not being together and happy? And Simon. Poor guy. Just when he seemed to feel the happiest. Maybe he'll start to realize some people only love themselves and no one else. Apparently, both guys are hungry for each other. Cool!!! But sooner or later, they'll have to define what's going on between them. Communication and honesty are always the best policy. Things our two studs seem to be avoiding right now. Let's hope their new home can provide enough opportunities for them to have "the talk". When they're not busy, of course. Laura, I won't be able to thank you enough for writing this amazing story. You rock!!! Happy New Year!!!
  7. bignick

    Happiness Practice

    I have the feeling Aron marrying Alex was a desperate move intended to turn the page and forget about Carter. Crazy, huh? Or... is it? And that brings us to my second point. Did Aron really had a crush on Carter? Or was he deeply, undoubtedly, crazy-head-over-heels in love with him? I enjoy trying reading between the lines. Simon? Yeah. I didn't see that coming! Hehehe. Told you. He started as a jerk, but now he's showing us he's a cool guy. He earned two points for being nice. I suppose his love for Instadouche clouded his true nature. Let's hope he'll be a good influence on our resident little devil. Simon thinks Carter is cute. David says he has sexy bones. Aron sees he's more than sexy. The only one who seems oblivious to his good looks is Carter. I can tell that's just part of who he is and that makes him even more attractive. Speaking of Carter... I failed to notice how lonely he had been feeling, especially without Aron in his life. Now it's clear he won't settle for only their friendship, but for a future together. Go for it, Carter!!! I'm rooting for you. That's just a taste of happiness. I recommend the whole menu. A late review, I know. Sorry about that. I needed to give my two cents before moving on to the next one. By the way, Carter wasn't the only one smiling at the end of this chapter.
  8. @Laura S. Fox Your words are very kind. Thank you. Hehehe. I cracked the code, huh? Cool! To tell you the truth, I am not one bit disappointed I got one detail wrong. I love when I say "I didn't see that coming". And, just so you know, Carter got a number two fan. Hugs!
  9. bignick

    Castle Dark

    Thank you for letting us know this is not about Randy and you. I was beginning to imagine the worst. If I'm honest, I was hoping for a happier ending, but I know life doesn't always work toward that goal. You moved on and that's what matters. Another flawless piece.
  10. You have a captivating story here, Laura. The body swap is something I've never read before and that was what got my attention. A homophobe in the body of a gay man? Top material. Once I realized what kind of man Carter is, I couldn't help but love him. I believe he has loved Aron for as long as he's known him. First as a best friend, then as a brother. But some time along the way, that loved evolved into something deeper and more meaningful. The kind of love you feel for someone "who gets you and has always been there for you". And to think he had to experience a supernatural event to remember why Aron was/is his whole universe. The tittle fits perfectly this story. Carter's heart is the only box he's never allowed himself to open... until now. Let's wait and see if he listens to his heart for once and not his brain. Although those discussions are worth to read. It seems Aron's crush came back with a vengeance. That made my day. Carter offers him something his cheating soon-to-be ex-husband never will: unconditional love. I'm pretty sure Aron is just giving him time, because who knows Carter better than himself if not Aron? I have a hunch that we haven't seen the last of the douchebag, aka Alex. He's probably plotting another of his devious schemes. Frankly, I wouldn't put anything past that snake. Poor guy. He doesn't need a therapist. What he needs is a priest with a master in exorcism. That dirt in your soul ... Yep. Precisely. And Simon would be playing the obedient pawn. Love is blind. My favorite part is when Aron and Carter (the real, body/mind/soul Carter) made love for the first time. It was what we all had been waiting for, amirite? The second time was the romantic version. Now, we only need: the wild, the make-up, the honeymoon, the mile high... and any other I may think of later. Already counting the days until next chapter. 📆
  11. bignick

    Chapter 1

    I feel guilty for giving this a funny like, but Martin's antics were priceless. Everyone had a happy ending, even Nana. Does that mean fixers have fixers too? Thanks for sharing this, comicfan. I had a blast!
  12. bignick


    Friendships like this will last forever. Both knew they would lose something more precious than a relationship by acting "on the spur of the moment". As soon as I saw your name, I knew I had to read it.
  13. bignick


    I agree. A little jealousy won't hurt in a relationship. As long as there's respect and trust, nothing will keep two lovers apart. Grayson's insecurities about why Wyatt chose to be with him are adorable. But he forgot love comes from the heart and Wyatt's heart loves what it sees. Do you think Max and Drew will follow their example? I wouldn't mind reading that story. Well done.
  14. bignick

    Ugly Davey

    @Bft It's a funny story. To me anyway. The situations seem out of the ordinary and unexpected. Give it a try, if you can. About the ending... Let's hope everyone lived happily ever after.
  15. bignick

    Chapter 1 The Tree

    We always hope that love conquers all. But sometimes, love is not enough. Chester is one of the strongest characters I've ever read. He could have left many times, I'm sure, but he chose to stay and commit himself to Mark. Even if that meant his demise eventually. Unfortunately, Mark's love wasn't strong enough to overcome his inner chaos and, in the end, he did what he felt would be his last attempt at making amends for his transgressions. I feel sorry that their love couldn't survive the storm. Chester getting a second chance truly gives a happy ending to this story. Let's hope this time love conquers all. Thanks for another beautiful story, Gary.

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