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  1. Good morning guys and gals! Sunny-ish, cloudy-ish, gray-ish here. Mother Nature is in a strange mood. Catch y'all later. And remember what I always say: keep your hands out of Val's herd (or at least wait until she's distracted ) See you around.
  2. Dude! You forgot to say innocent frog. Again. People will start thinking I'm not. Any you can't share? I won't tell. Promise. I won't be fooled. That's just their excuse for coming back. Tell them your herd is full and won't be taking any more applicants. But I'm sure Clo can squeeze them somewhere in her room. Is the guest room available? Mrs. Thor learned from the very best. Right, Val?
  3. No fair! She has more hair on her arms than me.
  4. I believe the guy on the right is ginger and I bet he's wearing plaid. Don't tell Dugh.
  5. You're two members short: Caz and Tim. Aditus is the coach.
  6. Hehe. No need to, Marty. And... B'day! Hope it will be a good one. Pagey!!! Something... or someone (not looking at Morgan ) is keeping us on different schedules. Yes, Xan. It'll last for a week.
  7. G'day, Dugh! G'day, Val! G'day everyone! Hot, humid, scorchy... Sounds like my weekend.
  8. Typo? I thought you meant Bon day. I liked it. Mind if I keep it? Hi, Caz! (who said wishes didn't come true)
  9. B'day to you too, Marty. Everything would be well if it wasn't hot, I didn't have a minor headache and had more time on my deadline. July, I'm sorry, but I won't miss you.
  10. I can say July hasn't been a good month to any us.
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