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Featured Story: Premium Stories

Renee Stevens


It has been quite a long time since we've looked at Premium Stories. Gay Authors has always managed to remain free to it's members, one of the ways that it has managed to do so is through it's Premium Subscribers. Members choose to help support the site and keep it going by purchasing Premium Content which consists of a number of stories that are only available on the site by purchasing Premium.




Cole Matthews


Description: What is the Barbed Wire Heart? Someone is responsible for the death of an innocent. They need to be brought to justice, but how? Join the hunt as those touched by the tragedy struggle to deal with life while the truth is obscured.


Flamingo136 said: Cole, thank you so much for this story.....just to think, it all started with a prompt response on Loring Lane. I guess it just proves that no man is a island.....so many connections....and I wonder where it might lead to next......Again, I really enjoyed this tale..5STARS !!!!!!


Valkyrie said: It was my pleasure to beta read this story, Cole. :) I'm going to miss it! I just adore Ben and Rush. They make such a nice couple. I hope we get to read more about them at some point...hint hint ;) Great job on your first murder mystery. I look forward to your next one! :hug:




Description: Dare gets lost in the music playing inside his head, so lost that the rest of the world melts away. Will giving up the music give Dare a chance at a so called 'normal' life and the love of the bandmate he adores, or will it cost him everything, including himself.


ShadowDancer said: I really loved reading your story, once started could not stop till finished, thank you for writing such a heart feeling story and posting it so all could read it :)


Carrie76 said: Seriously though, this story is so well written and has such a nice flow to it. I truly hope you get to publish it one day. I would be very proud to buy this book. I love the band you created and the relationships too. Hopefully there will be more one day soon.


So there you have it, just a couple of the stories that can be found in Premium! You can also find stories by: M.A. Church, Nephylim, Rob Colton, Renee Stevens, wolfwriter, Mann Ramblings, Cia, Lugh, and more!!!!

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Thanks so much for featuring Barbed Wire Heart!  It's an honor to be alongside Layla's Desolation Angels.  


Most welcome, Cole :)

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Hmm I was not so lucky getting a free month yet... ;)

So far I have  a good time reading here for free. 


Thanks ...  But I will think about upporting this site  with a paid membership.

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  • Site Administrator



Hmm I was not so lucky getting a free month yet... ;)


My story The Old Ways won third place in the Secret Santa story contest in December.  My prize was a free month of Premium.  :)  I am more than happy to pay for a subscription, though.  This site has given so much to me, it's one way I can give back.  :)

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I did pay for ad-free GA a few times (just renewed it the other day), and I really do have to pay for some kind of premium subscription. I would love to read Barbed Wire Heart; I have no idea why I never read it when it was free! Is it a spinoff of another story, Cole? Maybe that's why.


I loved Desolation Angels. Working with Layla was always such a pleasure. I didn't even realize the story was in the premium section now! :)

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I would love to read Barbed Wire Heart; I have no idea why I never read it when it was free! Is it a spinoff of another story, Cole? Maybe that's why.


Barbed Wire Heart is the sequel to Button.  I hope you get a chance to read it. BWH was my first mystery which is my favorite genre. I loved composing it. :)

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