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Writing Prompts #512 & #513

Renee Stevens


Happy Friday, Y'all!!!!! Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend, I know I am! To help start your weekend off right, it's time for some new prompts. Hopefully one of these great prompts will inspire you, and don't forget to share your responses (at least a link) so that they can possibly be featured next week. Also, as always, remember that prompt responses under 1K have to be posted as part of a collection.

Prompt 512 – Creative
Tag – List of words
Use the following in a story – a snake, a thunderstorm, a muffled cry, a pink flower, and a towel.

Prompt 513 – Creative
Tag – Marked for Death
You have been having issues with your roommates. It has only gotten worse when you won the lottery last week. Needing some time to yourself you go for a drive. As you begin to head toward the mountains as you usually do, your brakes fail. Luckily, you just had a minor accident, but the mechanic tells you the brakes were cut. Who is trying to kill you?

For this week, I decided to feature the responses from Prompt #510:

“Do you really think he did it?” CE asked, staring a bit shaken at the security camera footage.


Brian looked up from the screen, pensively. “You just told me that the program suggested a 99.94% probability? I guess we can rely on FBI tools.”


CE frowned. He knew. But he didn’t know how to process this sudden certainty. How would he ever be able to reconcile the fact a vampire saved his Meta’s life with his hate for vampires? How would he ever reconcile the fact his Meta lived with his Alpha’s decision to kick him out of the pack? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. There was good and evil. Now everything was so confusing. “So you think it’s blood in that carton?” CE’s thick index finger covered that important part of the picture.



"Do you really think he did it?"


"Yeah but I can't prove it."




"When you try to pull up Gorman's file, you know what you get?"


"I haven't tried."


"I did. It says he was assigned to SoCom from 2004-2010. He processed out of the Army at the rank of a Captain. All his jacket says is that he went to Ranger school as a 2nd Lt, was assigned to SoCom and processed out as a Captain in 2010. That spells special operator and that's exactly the kind of skill set we are looking at."


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