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Writing Prompts #544 & #545



Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. It is I, bringing you the prompts again this week. It's always fun to put myself in Renee's boots (she has a LOT more snow at her place) for a time. Fortunately, she makes it easy peasy to do this post--certainly nothing like a nightmare such as prompt #545... yikes!! (Does it make you feel better about your holiday plans though? LOL)



Prompt 544 – Creative
Tag – First line
It’s time to bury the hatchet.


Prompt 545 – Creative
Tag – Party Nightmare
Every year, your family has a different member host the holiday party. This is the first time you are to host it. Unfortunately, your cesspool is backing up, a wicked storm is due to hit, and you in laws arrived four hours early. What happens next?



So what shall I feature today...? How about a long-awaited return to his prompt story with Timothy's Terrible Prompt Stories.

“I think it is time for you and I to have a little talk.”


Rob turned around to grin at his brother, who had walked into his room with a quick rap on the open door. Eric closed it behind him and strode over to perch on the bed next to the older teen.


“Of course, bro. Any time you want; but tell me first, did you have a good time last night?”


“None of your business,” Eric growled.


“That’s not what you told Mom.” Rob pretended to be puzzled, but when Eric punched his leg, he started laughing. “Ohhh,” Rob gushed in an all-too-accurate mimicry of Eric telling their parents about his date with Nelson. “We had this amazing Italian food, and on the way home we met some of Nelson’s friends. Later we watched a movie, and this morning we went to see Carolyn together with Jasper.”


“If you already know what happened, why ask?”


“Those are just the official parts of the date. I’m more interested in the important stuff.”


“I’m not telling you any intimate details,” Eric began and then blushed as Rob leered at him. Yup, he’d more or less admitted to having sex with Nelson.


You can read more here!

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Aww, thanks for the feature, Cia - and for the answer to my grammar question. Oh, and :thankyou: to comicfan for a prompt which inspired me to take up the challenge of Rob & Co again. :D

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  • Site Administrator

Aww, thanks for the feature, Cia - and for the answer to my grammar question. Oh, and :thankyou: to comicfan for a prompt which inspired me to take up the challenge of Rob & Co again. :D


You're welcome! Your editor was right. :)  As with many questions we have nowadays about grammar rules, it's often a mistake that can be chalked up to written rules versus common usage. It's drilled into our heads that a person should list themselves last and use 'I', and the distinction of subject versus object is rarely considered. That leads to a lot of people, including you and me, having to look up these rules to make sure, if we don't know the tricks to figure it out without the technicalities. Though, I actually knew this one off the top of my head, but that's because I'm a giant grammar geek, lol. ;)

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