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Writing Prompts: End Of Year Edition

Renee Stevens


Well, I can't believe that it's already the last prompts of 2016! Rather than do our regularly scheduled prompts, I thought that we should do some kind of special prompt edition. I wracked my brain for a couple of ideas, and in the end, Cia and I banded together and came up with a couple of End of Year / New Year prompts for you to try your hand at. We look forward to seeing your responses!!!!



Special Prompt: End of Year #1
Tags: New Years Resolution
The clock strikes midnight and the ball drops in Time Square. I look at the people around me, laughing and drinking, and wonder if, like me, they make New Years Resolutions. Do they keep them? This past year, I accomplished some of mine, but others were utter failures. This year, things will be different. Where I have failed in the past, I'll succeed in the future. Now, I just have to decide what this years resolutions are.


Special Prompt: End of Year #2
Tags: The Envelope
A random envelope appeared on my plate. I looked around, but I couldn't see anyone else with one. I sat and opened it. "I've been waiting for this chance to accomplish last year's resolution, so please meet me on the patio at 11:59". It wasn't signed. A secret admirer? Should I meet them... or not?


For today, lets take a look at the prompt prompt responses for Prompt #544:



MetaPrompts: Lure by JohnAR


“It’s time to bury the hatchet,” a husky voice whispered hopefully, in its best baritone.


“Unlikely,” a female soprano answered in a way that made Brian was nervous. It must have been the accent.


He couldn’t even really see the girl behind the glass; his wolf ears could pick up every word, though; and his wolf instinct got roused: available female.


It made him even more fidgety.



Rob on a Mission. A Nelson POV Chapter by Timothy M.


“It’s time to bury the hatchet.” Rob’s voice was low but firm.


Jasper gave me a small jab with his elbow, and we shared a quick grin. The blond Perry brothers had marched straight up to Ryan, who tried to look unconcerned as he sipped his morning coffee. The café had its usual crowd of early Monday morning coffee-buyers, but since there had been no baseball game over the weekend, none of the players were present. However, Rob knew Ryan would be there, because his dad dropped him off early every morning on his way to work.


Eric had been convinced by Rob that they needed to take the initiative. Now that Chris was gone from the team, Rob wanted everyone else to move on and forget the fight.



Truth over Drinks by Jamessavik


"It's time to bury the hatchet."


Colt looked stunned and said, "Maybe in that rat bastard's head."


Jerry said, "Oh come on Colt. I know he's a rival but.."


"Rival? You don't know what Frank did to me do you?"


"I know it goes back a long way."


Colt sighed and said, "Frank cost me..."

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Thanks for the feature, Renee. And I can't help chuckling over John and James both having Colt as their main character. :lol:

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