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Happy and sad moments-mini-cat's kitten



Around four pm, mini-cat became restless. She wandered around the house and followed me everywhere. Then around ten, she had her first contractions. The first kitten, a large black and white, was born at 11:15. Sadly Alpha was dead by the time it was finally born.

The second (Bravo) came an hour later. It was barely alive and we quickly cut the umbilical cord and rubbed it dry with a towel. For a short time, we thought we would lose it too, but it got stronger when we fed it with dry milk for kitten. Whew!

The third, Charlie, and fourth, Delta, came really quick. We had to cut the umbilical cord and rub it dry because mini-cat was busy with giving birth. After Delta mini-cat and her kitten went to sleep in one of three very cozy cardboard boxes and we slept on the couch beside her. You never know...

Around three am I woke up because Nox barked in the next room. He was thirsty. When we looked at mommy and the babies, we found a fifth baby, Echo, lying before the box, crying pitifully. Obviously, mini-cat secretly had another one and left it outside because the others started crying. So, once again, cutting the umbilical cord, rubbing it dry and back to mommy.

All is well so far, they are drinking and sleeping and mommy only leaves them to eat and drink. So cute.

We hope it stays well and nothing more happens. Fingers crossed.


I woke up this morning and Echo was really bad. On the way to the vet, but it doesn't look good.

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I'm so sorry about Alpha :(  Mini-cat looks like she's a great momma and the kittens are so cute!  Congrats and keep us updated.  I expect lots of pictures of the little fluffkins. :hug::kiss:  

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Hi, the little ones are so lovely. And it is sad, that one died. I hope the others will be well. I loved the pictures.


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Sorry about Alpha :(  I Think it's cute that you call them Mini-Mini-Cats :P They are adorable ! Can one of the black kittens have a second name, Penguin ;):heart: 

Good luck - I am keeping my fingers crossed for Mini-Cat and the Mini-Mini-Cats

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Momma did good. Four healthy kittens is pretty good for a new mom. Sad to lose one, but be thankful the rest came out without problems. 

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Talked everything through with the vet. All seems well. Tomorrow we try to determine their gender. So curious.

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Really sorry to hear about Alpha. And I am glad and happy that rest are fine along with their Mamma. They are all look so cute and especially the red-headed. I am curious about the gender determination too... :D

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I'm sorry about Alpha. It's sad but often one dies, particularly with the first litter. It's like the mother's body has to figure out what to do during pregnancy and delivery, according to a friend who is an amateur breeder (not puppy mill).


As soon as you can, have echo checked by a vet.  Animals, particularly mothers, have strong instincts. Mini-cat may smell or hear something off with Echo, and pushed him/her aside to focus on the kittens that are strong.


one other thing, next litter, don't dry the kits off. If you need to, do a rub down to help one breath, but let Mini-cat get to the amniotic sac on the kittens and afterbirth. As gross as it sounds, mother cats, and dogs, need to eat that stuff. It helps them recover from birthing and start milk production.

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Thank you, Dyno. Echo died this morning. About the rubbing, we did it only to help them breathe, as you said. She ate the whole afterbirth. It was gross but I know it's good for her and for initiating milk production.

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I am very sorry about Echo. Unfortunately not surprised. Concentrate on the healthy ones you have. The next birth will go much better.

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