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Featured Story: Confide/ant

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Renee Stevens


Monday, Monday, Monday. What could we possibly have for you on a Monday? Oh yeah! We have a new featured story for you. This week, courtesy of Lisa, we are taking a look at Confide/ant by Sasha Distan. Remember, if you're reading a story (or have read one) that you'd like to see featured in the blog, simply write a review and send it to me!




Sasha Distan


Reviewer: Lisa

Status: Complete

Word Count: 47,554 


Sasha’s third most recent story centers around Marty, a sexy high school rock star (Hrishi’s words, not mine) and Hrishi, a short, geeky high school nerd computer freak (Marty’s words, not mine).  :gikkle:

Can these polar opposites find a common ground? Besides all the hot sex they’re engaged in. Oh no, not sex, “sexy stuff” is how Marty justifies it.


Marty and Hrishi have this chemistry that jumps off the page. Even when they’re fighting and exchanging words (which is extremely often!), their chemistry is palpable.


There is conflict, of course. It wouldn’t be a great story without conflict. Hrishi never hides who he is. Marty, on the other hand, spends his whole life hiding who he is. Hrishi refuses to be anyone’s dirty little secret, and he lets Marty know that in no uncertain terms. He is adamant they will never move forward physically, until Marty proves to him he’s not afraid to call out people who make homophobic slurs.


Marty has a hard time doing this because he doesn’t want people to even think he’s anything but straight, and defending Hrishi against disparaging words might make others question him. Naturally, it’s Marty’s best friend and band mate, Leon, who makes the most homophobic comments.


Can Mr. Rock Star defend Hrishi in front of others? Can he ever come out to his friends ─ to his family? Can the rock star and the computer nerd find happiness? Will they ever stop arguing? Inquiring minds want to know!  :lol: And you will too if you read the story. 


Confide/ant is one of the most enjoyable stories I’ve read. I loved it so much I never wanted it to end. In fact, I purposely waited seven months to read the last few chapters just to prolong the ending. This is a story I could read over and over ─ not because of the scorching hot sex, but because of the amazing chemistry Marty and Hrishi have together. If this were a published book, I’d be the first in line to buy it. 


Thank you, Sasha, for another awesome story!  :worship: 


Category: Fiction   Genres: Romance   Tags: young adult, adult, gay, fighting, parents, interracial    Rating: Mature

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Great review, Lisa. Those two had a dynamite relationship, always blowing up in different ways. :lol: 

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I love Sasha's stories and this is no exception. I would say it's one I like the most. So go read!

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