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Weekly Wrap Up (Jan 14 - Jan 20)

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Renee Stevens


Hard to believe that another week is already over!  I hope everyone has had a great week and a great weekend so far. Let's take a look at what happened in the blogs for this week.






  • 2018 Spring Anthology: Now or Never - Due May 15th
  • 2018 Spring Anthology: Encounters - Due May 15th
  • 2018 Fall Anthology: Fight Back - Due Nov 15th
  • 2018 Fall Anthology: Good Intentions - Due Nov 15th


Blog Opportunities

  • Story Critique: Open to all GA authors. Sign up here.

  • Ask An Author: Send your questions for your favorite authors to @Carlos Hazday (no questions = no Ask An Author)

  • 3 Story Promo: Open to all GA Authors. PM Renee Stevens to participate.

  • Author Interview: Open to all GA Authors. PM Renee Stevens to participate.

  • Favorite Self-Written Story: Open to all GA authors. PM Renee Stevens to participate


Premium Updates:

Strawberry Chapstick by Comicality *Premium*


Classic Updates:

The List by Dabeagle


Signature Updates:

A Love Story by CarlHoliday; Book 2 of Warnton Stories

Black Widow by Mark Arbour; Book 16 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

Cozy Contemplations by Headstall

Denied by Cia

Mojo by AC Benus

Northern Exposure by Mark Arbour; Book 8 of Bridgemont

On The Outside by Comicality

Shelter by Comicality; Book 1 of Shelter


Promising Updates:

Here Kitty, Kitty by Caz Pedroso

Only Prompts by Mikiesboy

The Poetry of D/s by Mikiesboy


***Check out this GA Classic***
Buy Me A Drink

A Friendly Face


Aaron doesn't get involved in drama. Instead he prefers to sit back night after night in the local club and watch OTHER guys become ensnared by life, and the A-gay's, little games. All that unexpectedly changes one night with four simple words, "Buy me a drink?" Now all Aaron can do is hang on and see where this ride takes him.

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Ohh, I know this GA classic, it was fun, especially the first chapters. Hmm, can't recall how it ended...

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