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Saying ****



As literate, creative people we should be able to say **** in all sorts of interesting ways.


Romance and drama would be pretty boring if there was only one word for ****.


Granted, **** is a multi-function, multipurpose Swiss Army Knife of words. It can, depending on usage, be a noun, verb, adjective and even an adverb. The problem with **** is that it gets overused and loses its  potency. There is definitely a time and a place for ****. We shouldn't dilute it or wear it out with overuse.


Words like **** are supposed to have sharp edges. It's supposed to make you blink, raise and eyebrow or wrinkle your nose. The reason it doesn't anymore is that it has been overused to the point where it's shape edges are dulled. It is a word that is actually improved by its rarity. Seeing **** in a sentence should elicit a reaction other than -meh- or you are using it wrong.


If you are really good at it, you can say **** and no one will even notice at all.


The craft of writing isn't about the power of ****, it's about the power of the other words and ideas in that sentence.



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This is interesting. Obviously, I would only use the **** word in dialogue and certain characters demand it because that's how they talk. A lot of them are based on real people, but I still wouldn't use the word as often as they do in real life. There are a couple of words which I hear quite a bit, which I will never use in any story but **** is necessary.


Because I'm sad and got nothing better to do, I checked a story and I've used the **** word  or variations of it, 184 times in 40 chapters with a total of 227,000 words.

I don't know whether this is good or bad but I do know that I need to get out more!

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I have one story, that the main character is a Teenager in the US. I've had to remove some of the Fracks and Fracking and frackity frack frack from the story, as I write the chapters, as both I and my Beta Readers felt it may be a bit much. However, recently, I had to go to a cousin's High School, to help move stuff, for a science project. I'm now in the mindset, that I don't have nearly enough Fracks in my story, compared to what I heard.

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I worked for 20 years in a factory as the only female in a support union, alongside a manufacturing union.  When they closed that facility I spent the next 15 working in the school system as a before and after care provider to age 11, and in the lunchrooms at all levels.  Guess where I heard more use of **** and other "offensive" words?

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5 hours ago, Kitt said:

Guess where I heard more use of **** and other "offensive" words?

Most likely at the School.

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