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I for one welcome our alien overlords...

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Let's face it: humans are petty, vindictive and just plain mean.


As we trundle towards extinction with enormous problems that we don't have the economy, science, technology or will to face, the best thing for us would be a beneficent alien takeover.


No- not the nuke your planet to radioactive slag and drive on alien encounter. Cool aliens that show up, take over, get the trains running on time and then teach us some of that alien voodoo.


Fat chance of course but we can wish for it.


We are a remarkably stupid race. We know that fossil fuels are bad for the planet yet we drill baby drill. We're scared shitless of nuclear energy, the only technology that has a zero carbon footprint and actually has the wattage to power our grids.


Our political processes are so mired in incompetence and blatant corruption that many people don't vote simply because it's often just a choice between a criminal and a religious nut.


It would sure be nice if some benevolent aliens showed up to lend us a hand. Maybe show us how to make fusion work and not blow up a few countries. Help us transition from the arms race which everyone but the billionaires lose to a science and technology race that the species wins.


Instead of politically appointed bureaucrats running important things like the Dept of Energy or the Bureau of Land Management we have artificial intelligence oversight that won't put up with corruption. 


Can you imagine getting a galactic level education? Could you imagine what we could do with it?


I can and it would never be allowed. No sane alien would ever trust a bunch of dumb ass primates like us with any technology more sophisticated with a zippo.


I think that we as a species have reached a point to where we simply must grow the fuck up or go extinct.


It's really that simple folks.


We face our problems and handle them or they will end us.


There is coming a point when we will kick the can down the road one more time and it will explode.

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Only the restoration of the Galactic Empire can restore peace, prosperity, and hope to the galaxy!



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