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bunny health update



So we went to the vet, and I think I feel worse now than I did before. The bunny is basically a pus factory at the moment (I know that's gross, sorry, but it's true.) His nose and his eyes are leaking, and he's snuffling, and basically just sort of laying around looking pathetic. The vet isn't positive what's wrong with him; he said it's either a bacterial infection or a virus, so we've got antibiotics and we'll have to wait and see if they work. The worst part is one of his eyes, which is sort of trying to fall out of his head. Apparently bunnies are really prone to abscesses, and the vet hopes that's what it is, back behind his eye and caused by all the other infection floating around there. (He's got an oral medication but there's also some goo I have to smear on his eyeball twice a day. Can't tell ya how much I'm looking forward to that.) So, either it is and it'll get better in a few days with the antibiotic, or it's a tumor or something. Apparently there's an animal ophthalmologist around here somewhere, and the vet thinks we should go to him if it doesn't start looking better really soon. Of course, that's gonna cost a few hundred dollars more than I can come up with, but I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.


I'm really worried and freaked out, but mostly I feel like crap for being a bad "mother." The vet said that we really couldn't have done anything else, and that some people might not have even caught the symptoms as soon as we did, but still...crap. I just keep looking at him sitting there and not wanting to even hop around, and it's all I can do not to turn into a big blubbering mess.


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Aww Val :hug: , you're not a bad bunny mama. Being a bad bunny mama would be allowing your husband to build an outdoor cage for your four-year-old son's bunny. When you live on a farm. With foxes. :(


You're doing all you can do bring your bunny back to health...that's the best anyone can do.


I remember the last time our cat Rocky got sick...my mother and I had to pin down a 30-pound cat and use a pill syringe to shoot meds down his throat. He was not pleased :/

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Thanks guys!


We had the first medicating just a bit ago, and it went pretty well. Only took like a half hour. :blink: We had to wrap him up in a towel like a burrito to hold him still, with just his little face poking out...hehe. That was one pissed off bunny, I tell you. At least he wasn't too sick to try to get the hell away from us. And the putting the stuff on the eyeball...gross! That's love right there. I think he actually really liked the other medicine, it's liquid and it smells sorta like peppermint, and he finished it all no problem.



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We had to wrap him up in a towel like a burrito to hold him still


Just for possible future reference....this works well for small children too. :music:



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