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1 hour ago, Mikiesboy said:

I'm home sick...so i could read all of these and review them.  :) 

Get well soon x

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    • By Myr
      Who can participate in the Gay Authors Anthologies?
      Details can always be found in the Anthology forum, that all author groups have access to:
    • By Myr
      Each year, Gay Authors sets a number of themes for stories.  Typically, there are 4 themes during the year.  An author writes a story that is related to that theme and the story is posted as group with the anthology. 
      These are GA sponsored events.
      More extensive details can be found here in the Anthology Forum:
    • By Sam Wyer
      Can there be a single place to track/organise/link to/or otherwise collate the current (structured) opportunities for engagement with GA?  For example, today, there’s (at least) the Halloween writing competition open for judging, the 2018 novella contest, and the anthology theme voting all open, but it’s not ‘easy’ to know that, or find them all.
      Of course you can use the search box, but then, you’d have to already know they existed in order to search for them, and even then, it’s not massively intuitive to get to the ‘right’ post.  I’m sure that all of these things have appeared on the front page previously, but quite understandably, they also ‘fall off’ relatively quickly and before the respective events are over.
      Edit: I realise that every such new feature requires time and effort to implement, and for something like this, ongoing effort to maintain.  I think I’m a relatively engaged user of GA, and I’d happily volunteer some time if I can help.
    • By Cia
      How can I announce my story?
      You don't have to. The site system will automatically post an update in the recent updates sidebars, the home page if you have over 200 likes, and anyone who follows your story or you as an author will get a notification. Your story is also moved to the top of your story listing on your profile.    
      There is a large author community on GA, and a lot of stories. How do I make my work stand out and get reads?
      Make use of the various author events available: 
      Weekly prompts: Create a flash collection story and then make use of the prompts to inspire short pieces that you can post direct links to in the Prompts forum and possibly get a feature in the weekly Wrap Up site blog. Anthologies: GA does several anthologies each year with specific themes. Each event has specialized rules, but all the stories are released on the same day and promoted on the site blog and forums. This is a good way to get dedicated anthology readers to see your work if they might not otherwise.  Contests: Every so often GA will host anonymous short story, novella, or novel contests for readers to enjoy. These get a lot of site promotion, and there's a chance of winning a prize.  Premium: GA purchases stories of various lengths to post chapters on a weekly basis for our Premium subscribers. Anyone can submit a story for consideration, but the stories must be well-edited. *Submission is not a guarantee of purchase*  
      Make use of the various ways to engage readers:
      Always reply to comments and reviews left on your stories.  Post a story sample/excerpt in the Sneak Peeks forum prior to posting a story to garner and gauge interest.  Post a topic in the Stories Discussion forum to engage readers, post pictures, ask questions to a general readership, share links to inspirational items (music, images, etc--do not post copyrighted material) Add a link in your personal signature, or a graphic that acts as a link Mention your chapter or story update in a status update  
    • By Renee Stevens
      The theme of the 2014 Fall Anthology is Scars
      Feel free to interpret this theme in any way you want. The anthologies are not exclusive, but inclusive, so don't worry if you think your entry has only a tangential link to the theme. If you are inspired, then write a short story, poem or play, and submit it.
      Please read these submission guidelines carefully.
      You may address this theme in any style or genre you choose. Be as creative as you want to be with the theme. However, please note that this anthology is an anthology of short stories. By definition, a short story must stand alone and not require reading a prior story. It therefore cannot be a chapter in a serial.
      Who may participate
      Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. However, submission to GA Stories requires that you be a member here at GA so you can be assigned as the author. If you have author status (which is free and you can get after five posts in the GA forums), you can submit stories.
      Submission Guidelines
      Submission Date: September 3rd, 2014

      Please Note: Submission date is for submission to the Anthology Proof Team. Proofreads should take no more than 72 hours once you have been paired with a proofreader, if you have not received your story back within 72 hours, please contact Renee Stevens via PM. Once your story has been sent back to you, you will be given a date to have your story uploaded into GA Stories. It must be uploaded by that date in order to be included in the Anthology.  
      Minimum Word Count: 250
      Maximum Word Count: 20,000

      Up to three poems of a minimum of 5 words each
      Posted as a single submission (a collection)
      Each poem can be posted as its own chapter

      Submission Procedure *Please read carefully*
      Once your story is complete and has gone through your beta and editing team, please complete the following steps:
      Contact Renee Stevens via PM. Include in the PM the following information: Title, original editor, genre, synopsis, word count, and excerpt in the body of the PM. Attach your story file. You will be paired with an editor from the Anthology Proof Team who will perform a final proof for the anthology and return the file to you. *Please Note: The Anthology Proof Team is not meant to take the place of an author’s normal editing team so all entries MUST be edited prior to contacting Renee Stevens.*
      Once you receive your proofed file, complete your edits and submit your story into GA Stories, for help, please visit the FAQ. Make sure the story is unpublished by unchecking BOTH the publish boxes, one for the chapter and one for the story itself
      Select “Fiction” as the category. It will be moved to the correct category by the anthology team.
      Mark your story as COMPLETE. Only completed stories are allowed in the anthologies
      Please note that once you submit a story it will NOT show up in your list of stories until the anthology has gone live.
      Copy the URL for your story and provide Renee Stevens with the URL via the announcement thread so that your submission may be checked to ensure it has been submitted correctly and meets submission guidelines. This also ensures that it will get moved to the anthology category.

      Story Titles
      Please do not use the anthology theme or your GA Username as a title. Be as original as you can. In case of duplicate titles within the anthology, we will request that titles be changed.
      Unacceptable entries & Content Warnings
      Entries that are obviously unedited (containing many errors), are overly graphic, or which are deemed to have unacceptable content will be either declined outright, or changes may be requested as a condition of entry. For information on what is considered to be unacceptable, please see the Story Content Rules FAQ. If you still have questions, ask.
      Please include a Content Warning in the story notes if your story contains sensitive content. Examples of sensitive content: abuse, especially graphic/extreme abuse or child abuse, in-scene graphic violence, suicide attempts/themes, allowable incest, etc... if you're unsure that your story falls within this type of content please alert Renee Stevens when you send the PM requesting the final edit.
      All entries must be edited prior to being sent to the Anthology Proof Team. If you need an editor, please visit the Writing Support Requests forum to request one. There are editors who prefer to edit only one shots, such as anthologies. Please make sure to state that your story is for the upcoming anthology. Also, please make sure to follow the guidelines when requesting an editor.
      As with all content in GA Stories, the rights remain with the individual authors. Your story will post with a simple 2014 copyright notice, using your GA user display name. If you have another preference (for example, a different name, or a Creative Commons license, or specific copyright wording you'd like to use), please include that with your submission.
      However, with this anthology, by submitting your story, you are giving GayAuthors.org first worldwide rights with 14 days exclusivity. What that means is you are giving GayAuthors.org permission to archive your story on its website, distribute it via RSS, kindle, iphone, ipad, eyeball…. And you agree not to publish it anywhere else for 2 weeks.
      If you later decide to post your story at another site, please mention at the beginning or end of the story that it was first published as part of the 2014 Gay Authors Fall Anthology: Scars, and include a link back to GA if possible.
      Contact Information
      We are now using the 'my media' system. Therefore when you post your story it generates a story in your media area. For you to interlink the forum thread and the story you have to create both. Some people do not want a forum thread. If you want one, create one. If you want the two linked, PM either Renee Stevens or A.J. and they can help you link the two.
      If you have any questions, please contact Renee Stevens via PM or via the Anthology Blog or Forum.
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