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Guest Prompts #11, #12 & #13

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So, I was really, really hoping that some new prompts would have rolled in. But alas, not to be :(

@aditus has been a real trooper providing us with some great prompt ideas. So to close out the guest prompts, unless some arrive before next Friday, here is the final Guest Prompts. All from aditus :worship:



Prompt #11 - Creative   Brought to you by @aditus

Write an instruction manual with a twist. (At least 500 words.)

For example:

How to put on a sweater with the left sleeve inside out.

How to herd cats, or make scrambled eggs without eggs.

(Don't use the examples :P )




Prompt #12 - Creative   Brought to you by @aditus (maybe this one will motivate @Myr)

A few people met for a round of Dungeon and Dragons. Snacks and
beverages are at the ready. Each player has several sets of dice in
front of them.

The GM (game master) clears their throat. "You are in the Thornflower
Pines forest."

Suddenly a noise sounded, as if many dice were rolled, and everyone 
impersonates their D&D character sitting around  a fire on a glade.

 From the off the GM's voice can still be heard."You hear thrashing and
stomping as if a large beast makes its way through the underbrush."



Prompt #13 - Technical   Brought to you by @aditus 

Write a short story, song, poem or vignette that ends with: If I were...(insert an adjective.)


Now lets see who comes up with some prompts after a long absence. ;)  All the topics have been already set up in the Writer's Circle to post your entries :D 

So git at em!!!

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