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Reviewers Needed - Short & Long term

Renee Stevens


As many of you know, we have an absolutely wonderful team of reviewers here at Gay Authors. The are the ones responsible for all the wonderful reviews you see at least once a month, sometimes twice!

Sometimes real life gets in the way and our reviewers struggle to provide more than a couple of reviews a year. We're looking for some more reviewers to help us out! This is open to all GA members. 

Can't commit to reviews on a regular basis? That's perfectly okay!  Maybe you've read an awesome story recently that you'd like to direct more readers to. This is your chance, as you can provide a single review for the blog.  

Think you want to provide a couple reviews a year, that's great too!  You can join the review team on a long term basis!

We currently have all of the 2021 dates available for reviews.  

Feb 8

Mar 8

Mar 22

April 12

May 10

May 24

June 14

July 12

Aug 9

Aug 23

Sept 13

Oct 11

Nov 8

Nov 22

Dec 13

If you're interested in helping us out, just send a message to @Renee Stevens or @Timothy M.. If you just want to provide a single review,  just let us know that, but please pick a couple of dates in case one of them has already been filled. 

We try and not focus too much on a single author or do repeats of the same story, though it does occasionally happen. If you let us know what story you're interested in reviewing, we can let you know if that story has been done or if that author had been featured recently.

Thank you everyone!

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