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2020 Reviews Revisited

Renee Stevens


What better way to start the year than looking back at all these awesome reviews from 2020!  If you're looking for new stories to read, maybe one of these reviews from the last year will catch your attention.  Thank you to @Timothy M. for compiling the list of reviews, and thank you to the review team for writing so many great reviews for us to read!



January 13th: 2019 Reviews Revisited - Timothy M.
Review comment: I always look forward to reading reviews from the review team.
This feature is an invaluable addition to the many facets of GA.

February 10th: Josh.mp4 by Albert Nothlit - Puppilull
Review comment: You can't go wrong with any of Albert's stories.

March 9th: Nothin' Town by Sasha Distan - Timothy M.
Review comment: I read this ages ago and really enjoyed it. Definitely one of those where you want more.

March 23rd: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Dodger - Parker Owens
Review comment: Dodger's short story is funny, and sweet. It is the perfect way to take your mind off things. I enjoyed it very much.

April 13th: Myr feature - Timothy M. / Renee
Review comment: I binge read all of Myr's work awhile back. Once I started, I found I couldn't stop.

May 11th: Tales from the Sauna by Thorn Wilde - Puppilull
Review comment: I really loved those stories and it made me long for a nice hot sauna.

June 8th: Daddy Bears by MCVT - Aditus
Review comment: MCVT has a knack for characterization and writing emotional stories that pack a punch.

June 22nd: Yankee by TheZot - Timothy M.
Review comment: I'll add it to the list. Informative review.

July 13th: Songs of the Heart by Jordn87 - Spikey582
Review comment: For once a story I haven't read, so I'll have to give it a try. Great review.

August 10th: His Story by Drew Payne - Parker Owens
Review comment: One of the things that made this story so meaningful to me was the fact that the author admitted
he was writing about something that was deeply personal to himself.

August 24th: The Paladin by David McLeod - Timothy M.
Review comment: Sounds good. I like humans, elves, and dwarfs... and new and different worlds... and magic.

September 14th: Do You Remember by ObicanDecko - Spikey582
Review comment: Definitely a feel good story. And the few bumps along the road that is mentioned were part of what made it feel so good.

October 12th: The Answer by Wayne Gray - Parker Owens
Review comment: Wayne is a talented author and this story was an experiment he challenged himself with. It worked brilliantly.

November 9th: Rothenian Tales by Mike Arram - ancientrichard
Review comment: f you find you are at home with nothing to read at this moment, check it out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

November 23rd: How I Accidentally Slept With My... by Ethan - Aditus
Review comment: The story is a real page-turner, and I was riveted as I read it.

December 14th: Our Christmas Cookbook by Aditus, Cole Matthews and Valkyrie - Timothy M.
Review comment: This is a fantastic book, with great recipes. It comes highly recommended.

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