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Pooh-bah - Word of the Day - Mon Apr 12, 2021




Pooh-bah - (noun) - 1: a person holding many public or private offices; 2: a person in high position or of great influence

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Steve is the grand pooh-bah of the Forum Moderation Team, though he does not dress like the monopoly man, so far as I know.


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  • Site Administrator

Does anyone see this word and not think of The Flintstones?  :gikkle:  

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  • Site Administrator

Yes, as Dr.P said, don't forget that I'm the Grand Poo-Bah of not only the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes, but also too many other organizations to name in one post ;)


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G & S fans will remember that Pooh-Bah was the "Lord High Everything Else" in The Mikado.

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